DRM Still Has Some Legs

Sony’s Gift Cards for unprotected MP3 playersDespite the fact that several of the “big four” record labels have ditched DRM, some 80% still use DRM software. Namely Apple’s iPod, Iphone and iTunes store uses proprietary FairPlay DRM technology which has captured 80% of music sales. According to the article, record labels were allowing Apple to garner sales of their music but that may change. The next move for the “big four” might be to go around the iTunes store and release unprotected music that is compatible on the iPod. In the end, the move for removing DRM is to give music fans more freedom. Sony’s release of unrestricted music gift cards is a step in the right direction but only time will tell if this “DRM experiment” will lead to further abandonment of DRM technology. I hope so.

via Wired


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