HBO's The Wire: "More With Less"

Spoiler Warning: this commentary may have spoilers. You are warned to read no further if you have not seen this episode which premiered Jan 6, 2008.

Episode 51:”More With Less”. Everybody is asked to do “more with less.” The show starts off with the police department budget cuts. Morale is low in the police department with differed overtime and no pay raises as promised by the new mayor, over a year ago. Last season (4), the schools ran a deficit of 54 million dollars. So, fiscally, the city’s budget is tied up with the schools. That “new day” that was promised to the police officers has been temporarily delayed. Mayor Carcetti does go to the FBI for additional resources to help keep the crime stats down in light of the budget constraints, but learns that this move will cost him politically.

Meanwhile, Marlo Stanfield and his crew are still on the street and own a good market share of West Baltimore. They are the new power on the street since the Barksdale crew are no longer around. The 22 bodies that the the police discovered last season (4) in the vacants no has no man power behind it to solve it so it is on hold. With the budget cuts, the major crimes department has been disbanded with McNulty and Greggs assigned back to Homicide and Det. Freamon and Sydnor assigned to the Assistant District Attorney office to help with a ongoing case against a thieving legislator.


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