REVIEW:kimmie66(Minx) by Aaron Alexovich

kimmie66 by Aaron Alexovichkimmie66(Minx) by Aaron Alexovich brings readers to the 23rd Century where virtual reality(VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reality. If you’re a sci-fi fantasy fan then this story should intrigue you. Here is the plot description:

Navigate the neon-lit corridors of an online VR lair in this high-velocity, dangerous quest to locate the world’s first digital girl, written and illustrated by Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose, TV’s Invader Zim and Avatar: The Last Airbender)!Telly Kade is pretty much your typical 23rd century teen. She’s got impossible hair, misfit friends, a big sloppy brother…and a pair of VR goggles that lets her live among the vampires online, at least. She’s also got a problem: a suicide note from her best friend, Kimmie66. But if Kimmie is really dead, why is she still all over the net? Is it a ghost, prank, or something much creepier?To find out, Telly will have to dig through every dark corner of the Internet and uncover the truth behind the mysterious double life and death of the girl she thought she knew best.

In this futuristic, most people are living most of their life “netside” than in their real life, with the help of virtual reality (VR).  VR makes their online life even more “real” than the “real world.” What brings VR to life is the goggles that are equipped with these “nanites”that get released into the brain to control the five senses.  It’s online gaming stepped up a notch.  Netside, most people hang out in the “lairs” which are games where people of similar interests come together to hang out.

Goth girl, Telly Kade, who is the narrator of this story, hangs out in the “Elysium” lair with other “Gothy vampires” and loners like herself. She has an avatar that looks pretty much like her “real self.” It is in Elysium that she befriends kimmie66 and Nkekokat. In real life, Teddy stays with her father and brother and goes to school. She makes decent grades and has an interest in VR.

When the story opens, the news about kimmie66’s suicide reverberates around the net. Her best friend, Telly, digs to find out the true identity of kimmie66 and this requires her to break a law or two. She seeks out a drifter named Coil for help. Drifters are basically “hackers” and drifting from one lair to another is illegal. Since receiving her best friends suicide note, there have been rumors of seeing kimmie66 on the net. The plot thickens even further when Telly learns the truth about her “best friend” and meets the mastermind behind VR.

I really liked this story. Imagine a society where all you did was live out your fantasies online 24/7 with other people with similar interests to your own.  Well, some of you probably do that already. The science that is in here wasn’t too hard to follow. I didn’t think this story was too far removed from the technology we have today. Avatars, screen names, you know how it goes when you’re online. But honestly, I couldn’t spend my entire day/night online. In fact, I’m trying to better manage my time by decreasing my Internet time.

Anyway, sorry to digress. The story was pretty solid, characters were pretty well fleshed out. Artwork was decent but then I have an ARC which is not the finished version. I’ve enjoyed almost all of the MINX titles thus far in this line and look forward to reading more. My grade, B. If you enjoy sci-fi and virtual reality, don’t miss this one.

Available for pre-order at on, release date, Nov 7, 2007, in paperback, retail price $9.99

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