REVIEW: Blood Alone (Vol.3) by Masayuki Takano

Blood Alone, vol.3 by Masayuki TakanoBlood Alone (vol.3) by Masayuki Takano, March 2007 first edition, $10.95.  Rated +13 and up, published by Infinity Studios. Unfortunately, this graphic novel has been somewhat difficult to find. lists this manga as being currently unavailable while my local Waldenbooks had five copies sitting on the shelf. This is one of my favorite love stories. It’s about a young man who is guardian to a young girl who is a vampire. Her name is Misaki and she’s in love with him. Only he doesn’t seem to know it.

Blood Alone takes up pretty much where we left off in the last volume. Kuroe, who’s a novelist slash PI on the side is guardian to Misaki, a young girl whose vampirism is still pretty much dormant. Their relationship is somewhat cloaked in mystery. Their past  and how they met is still unclear.  In the last entry Kuroe and Misaki helped a father locate and remove his missing daughter from under the influence of some secret order of vampire assassins who had made her a Renfield. The missing daughter, Maria, is now under the protection of Higure, who is an elder vampire who looks more like Maria’s younger brother.

This volume seems to focus more on the complicated relationship between Kuroe and Misaki. It has always been perceived that Kuroe and Misaki had more of a brother/sister relationship but that doesn’t seem to be case. At least not for Misaki. We learn that she’s been keeping mementos throughout their relationship and has moments of jealousy. Readers had already surmised Misaki’s feelings about Kuroe from the start. However, Kuroe’s feelings for her seems to be pretty much well guarded. Kuroe is described as someone who is naive in the way women feel about him. We learn in this entry that there is more than Masaki vying for his attention.

There really wasn’t much suspense or action similar to the last volume. Kuroe and Misaki’s past is still left unclear. There were maybe a couple of revelations on a couple of characters but overall this was a charming story. I really like Kuroe. He’s thoughtful and very protective of Misaki. The two seem to have a really strong bond. Will there be something more between them? Will Kuroe one day see Misaki as a woman and not as his younger sister? And is Kuroe really in the dark about Misaki’s feelings? This entry leaves me with more questions than answers. Overall, good story, great artwork but nothing new in the way of plot development. My grade, B

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