Ebook Review: Boundless by Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee and Dionne Galace

boundless-by-galace-dean-and-dee.jpgBoundless by Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee and Dionne Galace is published by Liquid Silver Books, Sept 2007 as an ebook. You can read an excerpt here.

Seven Days by Annie Dean. Teresa intends to devote her life to faith and God and finds herself the target of temptation from a beautiful stranger. The rules of the game are simple: if Teresa falls for temptation her soul is damned or if she resists, she condemns her beautiful stranger to hell for all eternity. So, what is a girl to do?  Most of the book is spent with them getting to know each other. Secrets are revealed and something unexpected happens. Seven Days was a quick read. I really enjoyed the characters and the story. It would have been even better if it was longer. My grade, B.

The Straw Man by Bonnie Dee. It’s Halloween and Granny Goodwitch is passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Granny Goodwitch aka Marie is 32 years old and single. She runs the farm on her own and yearns for male companionship. Marie has had no luck with men save the scarecrow that sits out in her yard. One evening, Marie wishes for the perfect man to give her a night to remember. However, as the saying goes, one must be careful for what one wishes for…The Straw Man for me was predictable but well written. I liked the characters and the story was ok not great. My grade, C+.

Waking Kitty by Dionne Galace opens with Jack Ridley, a jaded reporter, who makes his living exposing frauds in the Chicago area. We learn that Jack has had a harsh life. He finds solace in his prescription meds, booze and women. Jack gets assigned to check out a sunken ship that suddenly appears out of nowhere at the Red Dragon Bar. He senses a hoax and meets his investigative team at the scene. It is at the bar that he meets an unusual lady who captivates him and who may or may not be connected to the strange events going on around Chicago. Waking Kitty had some funny moments but unfortunately, the story or the characters just didn’t work for me. A unique idea that needed to be longer. Great pacing but my least favorite of the anthology. C.

All the stories  had some commonality in that the women in these stories wanted something different, wanted something more in their life and they made it happen. All the stories could have benefited from longer length but I’m glad to have read Boundless. Ms. Dean’s story, Seven Days, was the best for me. At turns suspenseful and intriguing. I just wish it was longer! Hence the reason why I usually don’t read anthologies.

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