REVIEW: Letting Go by Sarah McCarty

letting-g.jpgAfter reading Sarah McCarty’s Letting Go, I have new found interest in this Spice Brief line. It’s a new line of erotica exclusive only at It’s a really good short story and here’s the brief plot description:

Marc and Becky leave real life behind for a remote cabin in the woods–no kids, no pets, no television…all they’ve got to pass the time is a roaring fire, their hottest fantasies and a box of naughty toys designed to please…

Letting Go is well written erotica “for the discerning woman”. It’s very hot and steamy. I bought a copy after Karen S rec’d it at her blog.  I had already put this in my shopping cart, I just wasn’t ready to read it. I wanted more feedback on it. I haven’t decided yet on Delilah Devlin’s Invite Me In yet. I may go ahead and read it while it’s on sale. Both these books are bestsellers and are on sale for $.99 each for a limited time only (after August 15, 2007 it’s back to $2.99).  I’d head over there now and grab a copy before the price spike.  Anyway, this line shows some promise. Good job, Ms. McCarty. A B+.

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2 Responses to REVIEW: Letting Go by Sarah McCarty

  1. RenéeW says:

    Well, you can’t beat that price. 🙂 I have enjoyed a couple other books by McCarty. I was also impressed with a couple books by Megan Hart that were published by Spice. I best go order before the price goes up.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    This is the first book I’ve read by her. Letting Go while short was well written. I’ll have to keep up with her work from now on. Yeah, you can’t beat that price. I just checked the site today and it’s still 99 cents.

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