No Updates This Week


I will be on vacation this week so no updates for those three or four of you who visit often. As to what books I plan to have read when I get back are: The Mirador by Sarah Monette whose voice is unique and one that I love like a fat kid loves cake (trademark Karen S). I realize that I am the only one who thinks that, too. Other books that I plan to have read include Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer and  Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice. Those are the main ones. Plus the books on my side bar. 

Hey, I’m getting better with reading faster.



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6 Responses to No Updates This Week

  1. Kailana says:

    I plan to read Eclipse next week as well. I am hoping that the bookstore will get it right away, but since the series is getting rather popular that might work out for me.

  2. AAR Rachel says:

    I’m slumping somehow, so I’m mostly re-reading my old favs.

    I do have The Tenderness of Wolves on hold at the library. I think I read a review somewhere that it was great. Could it have been People magazine? *blush*

    Have a great vacation!

  3. Li says:

    Hey – I like Sarah Monette too! Though I admit probably not as much as you do 🙂

    Like the new blog look, by the way.

  4. CindyS says:

    Have a great vacation!


  5. ames says:

    hope you have a great vacation! hopefully you’ll let us know what you thought of the dangerous lover. 😛

  6. jaq says:

    I’ll be interested in reading your review of the Lisa Marie Rice. Enjoy you break!

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