Avon Author, Judith Ivory


As I was perusing the web, I stumbled upon this bit of news about Ms. Ivory that doesn’t sound promising at all. Apparently, Ms. Ivory’s been estranged from her agent and no one seems to know how she is doing. No further projects seem to be forthcoming anytime soon either. I’m disappointed because Ms. Ivory was an auto-buy author for me. I see that her publisher, HarperCollins will be releasing three books from her backlist in ebook format soon. I’ve read almost her entire backlist with three that still remain in my stockpile: Black Silk, The Indiscretion (could finish this one) and Angel in a Red Dress (rewrite of her first book, Starlit Surrender).

Well, I’ll have to pimp the books that I’ve enjoyed from her and hope that she comes back to publishing soon. The first book I read by Ms. Ivory was Beast, a Regency romance that featured one of my favorite themes of May/Dec romance with the hero playing a dual role that wasn’t all that believable. However, Ms. Ivory writes romance the way that I like it and that is with strong, scorching chemistry along with deft characterizations. She does like to push the envelope just a bit, remember that chair scene in Untie My Heart?  Her novels are very intelligently written to me and I always anticipated a new book from her. The only book of hers that I couldn’t finish was The Indiscretion. Since Ms. Ivory is not currently writing I may have to find that title and give it another try. There are only a handful of authors who can write great chemistry, Sandra Brown, Laura Kinsale and Judith Ivory. Those three are the best. So, like my title says, Ms. Ivory, your voice in needed in romance! I miss you.

Anyway, here are my list of favorite titles from Ms. Ivory who also wrote her first three books under the name Judy Cuevas.

In order:

  1. Bliss (1995) and out of print
  2. Dance (1996) and out of print
  3. Sleeping Beauty (1998)
  4. Beast (1997)
  5. The Proposition (1999)

Judith Ivory, if you are out there googling yourself, know that you are missed. Peace.

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5 Responses to Avon Author, Judith Ivory

  1. Jane says:

    I think I am the only one who likes Black Silk with the passive aggressive heroine, Submit.

  2. Keishon says:

    I tried Black Silk and just couldn’t finish it. I will try again since she’s not writing anything new right now. I know Janine liked black silk too.

  3. Beverly says:

    Black Silk is my favorite Ivory, and one of my favorite romances.

  4. Angela says:

    Beast was set in 1902, so it wasn’t a Regency. But I “squee” over Black Silk. Just thinking about the gorgeous, sumptuous writing in that book gets me excited. LOL

  5. Janine says:

    Keishon is correct, I adore Black Silk. Such a shame about Ms. Ivory. I hope she is okay, and that she will return to writing someday. She has such a gift for it.

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