Dean Koontz Backlist Available in Ebook Format, Finally has 20 of Dean Koontz backlist in ebook format. This is progress. I didn’t see any of my favorite titles like Lightning or Dragon Tears in there but one can only hope. Looks like all the books in his popular Odd series is available. I did read and enjoy the first book in the series.


For those anxious readers who don’t have ereader, you can also purchase High Noon a few days early at Mobipocket and there is also a free sample chapter for you to download and read at your computer. You’d have to download the free Mobipocket Reader software in order to read it. One must ponder why it is that Mobipocket and are getting exclusive deals for content on some of the most anticipated books weeks in advance from everybody else. Anybody know? Anyone care to enlighten us?

In other news, I see Diana Gabaldon has been busy writing historical mysteries featuring Lord John. She has not one but two Lord John books coming out a month apart, the first in August and the second in November 2007. I have yet to read the first Lord John book. I must get started.


Last but not least, I see that Judith McNaught has a new book coming out in November 2007, title, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. It must be me because I haven’t had much luck with Ms. McNaught’s contemporaries as I did with her historical novels in the late 80’s and early 1990’s. You know. The classic novels like Paradise, A Kingdom of Dreams and my absolute favorite, Almost Heaven.

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7 Responses to Dean Koontz Backlist Available in Ebook Format, Finally

  1. Li says:

    I heard that one of the Diana Gabaldon books is an anthology, not sure which, but I’m looking forward to a new Gabaldon book, anyway!

    I still haven’t finished the last McNaught book (Every Breath You Take, I think) – just couldn’t get through it. It struck me as being rather dated, and a rehash of her previous contemps. I think she’s another of those authors whose style works better in historicals.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Li! McNaught’s contemporary voice isn’t as striking to me as her historical voice. Like you, haven’t had much luck with her contemporary work. I wish she would write historicals again. @Gabaldon, could you be speaking of Lord John and the Hellfire Club? I read it and liked it but not as much as Lord John and the Succubus.

  3. DS says:

    I really liked Lord John and the Private Matter– listened to it on audio while driving and I thought the narrator excellent. I hope these books will also be available on

  4. Avid Reader says:

    DS–were you in my mystery group? Your moniker is familar. Thanks for the feedback on Lord John. I plan to read it. Hopefully, sometime soon 🙂

  5. Li says:

    Sorry, could have been clearer! I meant that I heard one of the Lord John books coming out this year was a collection of three previously-published novellas. So two of them may be the ones you mentioned – have no idea which is the third though. And if so – is it worth buying a book just for one new (to me?) short story…

  6. Mr. Peabody says:

    Any new news on LIGHTNING, by Dean Koontz? I don’t know what gives on this particular title, but I’ve seen it on torrent sites, (locked PDF and .lit format), I would really rather buy it anyway, but can’t find it for sale in any eBook format at a legit store – go figure.

  7. Avid Reader says:

    @Mr. Peabody – no clue as to the release date of Lightning as an ebook. I would hope that his entire backlist will be made available to readers one day soon.

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