The Life and Times of a Ebook Reader

ebookreader.jpgJMC asked why Kushiel’s Justice by Jacqueline Carey was the only book released in ebook format despite the fact that it’s apart of a trilogy. Yeah. I run across that a lot.  Here is my laundry list of complaints to add to that one:

  1. Delayed Street Date: Hardcover released earlier than the ebook. Why?
  2. Lack of Visibility: New ebooks are not always featured on the Front page. You have to search for the title you want and often times, it’s not available yet. See above.
  3. Lack of Common Sense: Fictionwise still releases new ebooks on Mondays at 10 am CST while new products of every kind are released everywhere else on the planet on Super Tuesday.
  4. Incomplete backlists: Release the entire series in ebook or don’t bother
  5. Word Count: Novelette, Novellas, Short Stories, Heat Sheets: Novel please?
  6. Cover Art: spare me the hideous CGI effects
  7. Lack of Site Updates: Webmaster has either gone missing or quit

There are some bright moments in a ebook reader’s life—-really? What?

SimonSays and do release some ebooks a month early. I just don’t understand the resistance to this new technology. I think it’s awesome. I’m sure others think otherwise and that’s too bad. I like holding books, too, but I don’t miss it. I love carrying my library with me. Great space saver, too. The gist of this post is that I love reading ebooks but publishers don’t make it easy for us. 


maxed-out.jpgMaxed Out, a doc on the soaring credit card debt in this country and it’s negative effects on society. There is money to be made off of your debt. This doc almost made me want to cut up my one and only credit card. It gave me the chills. A must see. I plan to see “Sicko” too when it’s released this week to cap it all off right. Yes, I am a doc whore. I love to watch documentaries.


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10 Responses to The Life and Times of a Ebook Reader

  1. Tilly Greene says:

    I so don’t get it about Kushiel’s Justice being released in ebook but not Kushiel’s Scion – looks the publisher is showing how unaware they are of how readers behave.

    Not good for the bottom line.

  2. Barbara B. says:

    Avid Reader, which ereader do you use or recommend? I love ebooks but I’m stuck reading them on my PC because I don’t know which ereader to buy. I’m also not rich so that’s a consideration too.


  3. Barbara B. says:

    Oops! That thanks is to you, not me.


  4. Kristie(J) says:

    I want to watch Sicko too. Part of it was filmed here in the city I live in and they had the North American Premier here. Michael Moore came and everything. While I think he wickedly slants things his way and is probably not very balanced, still he does make interesting documentaries.

  5. Avid Reader says:

    I have a PDA to read my ebooks on, a Loox 720. I’m told that the ebookwise is a good one to get. I’m looking into getting a ebook reader myself and have my eye on two of them whose price I’ve yet to find online. Dear Author also has more than a few articles on ebook readers, formats, etc, for readers.

  6. Avid Reader says:

    [quote comment=”16006″]I want to watch Sicko too. Part of it was filmed here in the city I live in and they had the North American Premier here. Michael Moore came and everything. While I think he wickedly slants things his way and is probably not very balanced, still he does make interesting documentaries.[/quote]

    I agree that he does slant some things and I do try to remember that as I watch his doc’s but I do hope something gets done about healthcare in this country, at least spark some awareness because the system is broken. Been broken for a long time now. Is it true that it takes a long time to see a specialist? Or that it takes a long time to get special services?

  7. Kristie(J) says:

    Here? It takes forever if you go through your doctor. I had to see a dermatologist a few years ago and it took over 5 months to get in. Then when I went for the appointment, the doctors office was closed!! If you go through emergency, it doesn’t take nearly as long.

  8. Avid Reader says:

    See, that puts things in some perspective about socialized medicine, not always the best. Here, in some cases, there are horror stories of patients who have say cancer and can’t get in to see the doctor in a timely fashion. Rare but it does happen. Or they have a questionable medical condition, problem, over a month wait or a bit more but 5 months, that’s too long, even for a dermatologist. Wow.

  9. Tara Marie says:

    I’m curious to see what Mr. Moore does with “Sicko” the health care system is broke–costs are outrageous, but then is socialized program the answer if you have to wait 5 months to see a doctor or ending up paying out of pocket to see specialists faster, I’ve heard this is a problem in England, not sure it’s true.

  10. DS says:

    A five month wait to see top local orthopedic specialists is not uncommon in my area of Appalachia. And that’s with good insurance.

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