What ya mean, you don't have it?

Fear not. This is a short rant.

lit-fuse.jpgMy bookshopping didn’t go all that well yesterday. Super Tuesday had come and left. I thought B&N would have had all their new books up by now…but no. Release date was this past Tuesday and the sales clerk, tapping away on her keyboard shows none of the books that I wanted on the bookshelf and none coming in. *eye roll* I love this part of the conversation where they ask me if I would like to order my own copy. I’m baffled at this point. You’d think that this would be a book that would be on the shelf like Laurell K. Hamilton’s The Harlequin…but no. Speaking of that… I did look at The Harlequin and remembered that Edward was suppose to make an appearance in here. Wonder if it’s any good? The reviews are somewhat inconclusive and not helpful, btw. Some say “welcome back Anita Blake” others says it’s still “bad porn.”  What’s a reader to do. I’m pathetic to actually be contemplating this but I think I’m buying it. God, I need therapy.

Anyway. Sorry. It is frustrating as a reader, anxious to get their hands on a book that they really want to read, only to find out that your bookstore just doesn’t have it and none are coming in. I live in a big city so I just drove another couple of miles to Waldenbooks (love ya!) and they had every book I wanted on the shelf, right by the entrance. What if I stayed in some backwoods county with only one bookstore, I’d be mad. Amazon.com would be my best friend. However, nothing beats instant gratification. No one likes to have to order anything. We want to buy it, right now, not one week from now.  /End rant.

What did I buy? Just three books: Demon Moon, Witch Fire and…uh this one.

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11 Responses to What ya mean, you don't have it?

  1. Tilly Greene says:

    I haven’t read any reviews on it and bought it. Not sure I’ll read it…Mistral’s Kiss is still in the TBR pile, and I might start there. There you go, conflicted but still bought it 🙂

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  3. CindyS says:

    Wait!! You haven’t read LKH for while now though, right? I have to say I was with Bam and Ames and read to the bitter end – the book before last I think. Once the threesome between JC and Richard was done I was good 😉

    I love Edward although I wasn’t thrilled with his book because LKH took his bite away. I had heard that Edward was in the next book but I figure I didn’t want to see him further de-balled.

    But, uh, tell me what you think, okay?

    Hmmm, wonder if Bam has read it?

    Oh and I hate when I go to the store and they ask if I would like to order the book. Uh, yeah. I can do that from home and have it shipped to me for free. Why would I order a book to your store? Chapters (the Canadian bigstore) will now show you the inventory in their stores so I can look on their site and find out if my local store has any copies. Of course, Kristie got me last time by letting me know that the latest Anne Stuart was on the shelves at my store. Luckily it was 9pm and the store was open for another hour!


  4. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Cindy. I quit reading the series around Obsidian Butterfly or NIC, forget which one but yeah, I’ve been reading about the series from the sidelines. I had a coupon to add to that 30% discount so it was a price I could live with and decide if I want to read it or not. I wanted to read it. I will review it, most certainly. Looking forward to Bam’s review as I know she’s buying it and reading it. Anne Stuart has another book out? Now, I know I can’t read Anne Stuart so I’ll have to take a pass. My blood pressure and all of that, you understand.

  5. May says:

    I’ve read both books except the Anita Blake, and thought both were pretty good. I really liked Anya’s heroine in Witch Fire.

  6. Kristie(J) says:

    A brave lass you are for trying LKH after such an absence. Mind you I haven’t read a one of her books.
    Sounds like it’s a comp book for you – a book you buy as compensation ’cause the ones you really want aren’t there yet. And it is frustrating isn’t it – when the ones you want aren’t there?

  7. I’m one of those readers that became insanely pissed when she “ruined” the series with NiC forward, but The Harlequin put the series (mostly) back on track. I really enjoyed Harlequin and I’ve grudgingly gone back to see if I can read the others in the series that I initially didn’t like with an open mind. Good luck!

  8. Jane says:

    I don’t have any desire to read the Harlequin. I think my past reading has so tainted my image of Anita that I can’t return to the “old” days.

  9. Tara Marie says:

    The B&N in our area is famous for not having books on the shelves whent they’re released, I’ve given them up and simply order what I want on-line or through a local indie seller, she’s right on top of new releases.

    I’ve never read LKH, I feel like a freak 😀

  10. ames says:

    Oh man, you caved? LOL I can’t wait for your thoughts, because I too have heard that The Harlequin was a return to the days of yore.

  11. Avid Reader says:

    WELL-I’ll be reading it. I didn’t read the last three titles so I choose to ignore them. IF she is trying her best to save the series, I’m all for it and am very forgiving

    Tara – don’t even start them, your not missing anything. There are better books/series out there like Patricia Briggs. Try her if you’re looking for urban fantasy fix. Or not.

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