apoc.jpgI recently saw “Apocalypto”. The title of the movie is apt, meaning to “disclose or reveal” a culture in decline—the Mayans. The story follows one central character, Jaguar Paw. It is through his eyes that we see his way of life crushed by raiders who have taken most of his village or tribes people as captives–with the exception of his son and pregnant wife. The look of the film is spectacular. I didn’t hear about this film until I was speaking to a friend about another favorite movie of mine, Pan’s Labyrinth, that I said he should watch. He raved and raved about this movie. I am a fan of history but this movie is a not a doc or is recognized as historical fact in regards to the Mayans and their way of life. Alas, it’s a great film that should be watched just for the sheer imagery of it. Truly outstanding work here. Rent it. Or buy it. Or don’t.

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3 Responses to Apocalypto

  1. CindyS says:

    Okay. I’ll try and get past my Mel Gibson block and rent it šŸ˜‰


  2. Avid Reader says:

    You know, my friend who loved this movie, said that it would have done better without Mel Gibson’s name on it and I’d have to agree. This is one of those times when you decide to look past the artist and just admire the work for what it is. Or not, in some cases šŸ™‚

  3. Amie Stuart says:

    I SOOOOOOOOO Want to see this movie! I think since the kids are going to be gone this weekend (and I can enjoy it without repeated breaks to yell at them and break up fights) I’ll pick it up.

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