rogerclemens.jpgSo, Roger Clemens decided to pitch for the Yankees rather than the Astros. He had 28 million reasons to do so. I have to laugh at all the bitterness that is directed his way. When the Astros first signed him on, I knew he wouldn’t be in for the long run anyway. Coming from New York? The big spotlight? I say good riddance. Like he was gonna stay to begin with, I don’t think so. My co-workers came into work bitter and mad. Plus the Rockets up and lost. I guess they weren’t hungry enough. All of this is to say that I am so glad that I have left sports behind and that I no longer follow it so passionately as I did in the past.  Anyway, Clemens did a lot for H-town. Took the Astros where they’ve never been before. Alas, Goodnight and good luck. I’m off to see Spider Man 3 tomorrow. Don’t look for a review as I probably won’t remember the details.

Note: Picture courtesy of the Sports Blog


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  1. seton says:

    Roger Clemens may have 7 Cy Youngs but that doesnt obscure the fact that he is a money grubber. And I say this as a Yankee fan. I am NOT happy he is back in my town.

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