Matilda Bone (Paperback) by Karen Cushman

Matilda Bone (Paperback) by Karen Cushman, copyright 2002 (reprint). I picked this title up because it sounded interesting and plus Rachel loved it. However, I didn’t love it. I was bored with it, unfortunately. The story is set in medieval time period and it goes on to tell the story about a young girl who was raised by a priest. However, she is sent to work for Red Peg who is a bonesetter and looking for a serving girl to help her cook and help with the sick. Of course Matilda is very put-off with her living arrangements and her mistress. Matilda feels that she is more than a “serving girl” and is seeking  “higher things.” When we first meet Matilda she is very judgemental and strong in faith and begrudgingly accepts her new fate. We see her adapt to her new life and that’s when my eyes glazed over and I started to yawn a lot and find excuses to do other things besides read this short book.

I admit that reading YA or children’s books is still a hit or miss for me.  Teen-age angst I just can’t do (New Moon by Stephanie Meyer) or stories that are just too elementary. However, I can appreciate a simple story especially one set in a medieval time period. As short as this book was I just couldn’t be compelled to finish it. Color me disappointed.  The book wasn’t badly written, just lacked good pacing and didn’t fully engage me as a reader. There was not much going on for me. Looking online I see that Ms. Cushman has other titles that look interesting. I may give her another try one day in future. I was hoping this book would be a quick read but it turned out to be a rather long, slow and painful one. My verdict: C for parts already read like the first four long (joke) chapters.

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3 Responses to Matilda Bone (Paperback) by Karen Cushman

  1. AAR Rachel says:

    Oh – sorry you didn’t like it! I’ve read it several times now, and think the saints bits are so funny. It is rather a quiet book. Well, what can I say? :blush:

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Rachel, no worries and no apology needed. You still give me more good reads than most. 😉

  3. Trisha says:

    Catherine, Called Birdy! Catherine, Called Birdy!

    Haven’t read Matilda Bone, but if/when you decide to give Cushman another try, I recommend Catherine, Called Birdy. Strong-willed heroine tries to prevent arranged marriages to men who are just not appealing. Set in the medieval period, which is hard to imagine in a humorous light, but the book is funny.

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