REVIEW: Pet Shop of Horrors (Vol.1) by Matsuri Akino

Pet Shop of Horrors by Matsuri is a Japanese horror manga story that features the eccentric Count D and the patrons who frequent his establishment. The Pet Shop is located in the heart of Chinatown and is run by Count D, an esoteric figure who seems to have the perfect “pet” for each patron. However, inside flap it states that he sells “love, dreams and hope” to people. There are four stories in this volume: Dream, Despair, Daughter and Dreizehn.

Each story is a morality tale with an added bit of mystery, suspense and horror with a bit of fantasy. The only continuing characters in each story is Officer Leo Orcot and pet shop owner Count D. Here is how the story goes: Each owner has come to shop after some great life change: death in the family, shattered hopes and dreams. They are wanting something different in which to make them complete so they seek out the mystery Pet Shop. The patrons who eventually purchase a pet from Count D are given a set of 3 specific rules that they must never break. If they don’t follow the rules then the store owner is released of all responsibility of his contract if something bad were to happen to the pet owner. Of course, the pet finds some way to get the owner to break the rules or the owner decides to not take the rules seriously and thus tragedy occurs. Enter Officer Orcot. He notices that each of the bizarre incidents he has investigated seem to all have one thing in common in that each case the victims all had purchased a pet from Count D’s store in Chinatown. So Orcott visits the mysterious shop owner and learns a little bit out the fate of most of his patrons.  

I’m just going to quickly mention a couple of things: the content or story was very engaging even from the first page.  Pet Shop of Horrors was very suspenseful and intriguing. A page-turner really. I couldn’t put it down. The artwork again is average. Not every impressive but then again I can’t draw for shit. Last, the story is rated T for Teens (Age 13 and up) and reads from right to left. I highly recommend this title if your a fan of horror and want a suspenseful and serious story to enjoy. It’s right on par with Deathnote in that it is very engaging in a cerebral way. This one doesn’t have a lot of sound effects to skim through and the dialogue is clear and legible. I enjoyed this one very much and look forward to reading the next installment which boats a modest 10 volumes.  I really need to stay away from series is that is overly long. My grade, B+.


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14 Responses to REVIEW: Pet Shop of Horrors (Vol.1) by Matsuri Akino

  1. Kailana says:

    You have been reading a lot of manga lately. My bookstore lacks in the selection for that particular type of book, but I noticed that it has been expanding. I go through spurts where I will read this sort of stuff, but I find it gets pricey because I can read them so quickly. This one does look interesting. I plan to browse your reviews when the mood hits me to read more of this sort of book. :cheerful:

    I want to play with your emoticons…. :whistle: (They’re cute, I mean)

  2. Avid Reader says:

    I have three more that I read over the weekend. However, I’m reading a real book right now, mystery, actually and I promise to get back to those real soon :biggrin: Graphic novels are very pricey and I want to try everything but some series I keep up with while there are others that I just borrow from the library. My library has been a great resource for most of the manga titles that I’ve been reading.

  3. nath says:

    Hey Keison 😀

    I’m glad you liked Pet Shop of Horrors 😀 it’s really a good manga ;D The rest of the manga continues in the same vein, short stories with some morals, but it’s all pretty interesting and some are quite freaky 😀 I hope you’ll continue reading the series 😀 by the way, it’s Leo Orcott, not Chris. Chris is Leo’s little brother who will appear later 🙂 I have to say, I luv Count D’s animals 😀 The art also improves later on 🙂 The manga is 10 volumes long, but the author is right now writing Pet Shop of Horrors 2. Ah, last thing! If you enjoyed Pet Shop of Horrors, you might be interested in Genju no Seiza – same mangaka and same style of art/story.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    How many manga/graphic novels do you have Nath? Just curious. As much as I would love to read everything that interested me, I am running out of space.

  5. nath says:

    Hey Keishon 🙂

    I actually have a lot of manga ^^; I collect them both in French and English – depends in which language they come out first. Like that, I can name: Bleach, One Piece, Legend of Basara, Fruits Basket, Marmelade Boy, Mars, Slam Dunk, Hikaru no Go, Eyeshield21, Hunter x Hunter, W Juliet, Host Club, MeriPuri, Yakitate Japan!, Full Metal Alchemist, Angel Sanctuary, houshin Engi, Descendants of Darkness, Aishiteruze Baby and I can’t even remember anymore ^^; Also, I have a lot of scanslation. I basically read scanslation first, to decide whether I like the series or not and then, when they come out in print either in French of English, I buy them eventually – the titles I like… but seriously, if you have time and you don’t mind it, you should give a try to scanslation… it’s not the same as reading it on paper, but it’s something… esp. if you’re too broke to buy a whole series or have no more place. Also, if you buy the manga, then you support the mangaka eventually, so I don’t see anything wrong with it, well at least for me.

  6. Avid Reader says:

    you should give a try to scanslation…

    You’ve mentioned this before…how does one get started?

  7. nath says:

    Hey Keishon 😀

    Basically, there’s all this groups of dedicated fans who translate and edit manga for free :D! The only difference is that they do it online, so you don’t get the hardcopy. It’s like anime and fansubs where you have groups of fans that translate the episodes and put up subtitles. All you have to do is download them – sometimes direct download, mirc or bittorrent – and read/watch.

    Here are some links: (go to the download section –> manga) (a website that keep us update with latest releases)

    if you need help, let me know 😀 Also, you probably need winrar or winzip, cos most of the files are zipped.

  8. Dana says:

    Pet Shop of Horrors is one of my favorite, maybe even my favorite manga. There’s also a pretty good anime that covers four stories from the manga.

  9. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Nath, I am currently enjoying Mars (romance). The hero in there is a trip. Must review this one later today. I’ve seen your most recent review at your Manga site and can’t access it as my IP address was denied.

    Yay, another fan of Pet Shop Of Horror. Looking for scans of those as well.

  10. nath says:

    Hey Keishon 😀

    Isn’t Mars good? I definitively think it’s one of the best shoujo manga ;D As for my manga site, are you referring to my blog Perfect Drug with Mailyn, or you’re talking about one of the two sites I’ve linked in the comment?

  11. Avid Reader says:

    [quote comment=”7786″]Hey Keishon 😀

    Isn’t Mars good? I definitively think it’s one of the best shoujo manga ;D As for my manga site, are you referring to my blog Perfect Drug with Mailyn, or you’re talking about one of the two sites I’ve linked in the comment?[/quote]

    Your manga site, Perfect Drug, you reviewed Embraced by Love? I think that’s the title and I tried going to that site you referred readers to and they denied me access. It looked like a very good series, too. Now, back to Mars….loving it. I’ve been reading it most of the day. I just got back from doing some impulsive shopping since there was nothing really new out this week. Sigh. But yes, Mars is absolutely wonderful and the hero is just this bad boy who seems to have some depth to him after all…

  12. nath says:

    Hi again 😀

    Oh, that site! Hmmm, I wonder why you can’t have access to it, that’s weird. If you still want to read it, let me know… I’ll zip the files and upload it for you. As for Mars, I hope you have the enitre series 😀 Rei and Kira are just perfect together 🙂 and they’re not the naive, innocent and perfect hero/heroine. I also love the art style 🙂

  13. Avid Reader says:

    Yes, I just dl’d the entire series this afternoon. I like the artwork as well. Sometime today, I will need to get up off the computer. Hey, email me Nath? Use the contact form as I don’t want us to leave email addies on the comment forms for fear us being spammed to death.

    As for the other – I registered as a new user but my IP address was denied. That was very weird. Then it said that if I am a “new” user than push this link and I did and it came back with “fatal error.” This stuff only happens to moi. Se la vie.

  14. Always on the lookout for new reading for pet lovers. We live in a rural area where Manga did a quick flash in the pan and then disappeared. Too bad on one level–but we are lucky to have three independent bookstores in my area.

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