REVIEW: Bleach by Tite Kubo, Volume 1

Bleach by Tite Kubo was a fun read. I look forward to reading more in the series which has 17/26 volumes currently available. Bleach Vol.1: Strawberry and the Soul Reapers introduces us to Ichigo Kurosaki. His family runs a clinic. Life is interesting for Ichigo. He’s a high school kid who has a special gift: he can see ghosts. This ability allows him to meet  death god, Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia is a Soul Reaper and a member of the mysterious Soul Society. She meets Ichigo while tracking down an evil spirit. She is shocked that Ichigo can see her. Their conversation is abruptly cut short by a “hollow” or evil spirit. Ichigo’s family is targeted by this evil spirit because it was searching for Ichigo. Hollows are attracted to humans who exert strong spiritual energy. Thus, a fight ensues and a transfer of power is conferred on Ichigo in combat in order to save his family. It is a responsibility he is stuck with and one that he reluctantly accepts. His job as a Soul Reaper is to protect the living and the dead from these Hollow spirits. What are hollow spirits ? Hollow spirits are dead souls who prey on humans and spirits alike. They eat souls because it eases their pain. Will Rukia get her powers back? What else is in store for Ichigo? I can’t wait to find out.  

I really enjoyed this installment and am glad that I had the forethought to have volume 2 on my shelf ready to read after this one. I am ready to read more of Ichigo’s adventures. This series is pretty expansive and very popular. I’d always had the first two volumes here but never read them. There’s bits of humor as well as suspense.  Dialogue and action sequences were pretty easy to follow. The artwork is somewhat clean and easy to follow. There are sound effect sequences that were a bit confusing at first.   Ichigo is a rough and tumble kid who doesn’t want to be bothered by “responsibility.”  However, he is loyal to family and is slowly stepping into his new role. This is a great manga to start with as it helps newbies who are are not used to the “right to left” format. I know as a new manga reader starting out, I was averse to this but now, I prefer the right to left format. This is a wildly popular series that has expanded to musicals, film and TV. Worldwide ,this manga has sold over 34 million copies. It is rated T for Teens. Check  this one out. My grade, B+.

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5 Responses to REVIEW: Bleach by Tite Kubo, Volume 1

  1. nath says:

    Hey keishon!

    In truth, this manga is really amazing! If you enjoy fighting manga, you’ll just love this one 🙂 Also, there’s a lot of mystery and the plot is good. The only thing that’s sad is that right now, the newest chapters in Japan are getting a bit redundant, otherwise it’s great. Also, look at the amazing character designs!

  2. Avid Reader says:

    I love the character designs. I love this manga. I am trying to find them all. I stayed up late reading volume 2. Any other titles you want to recommend?

  3. nath says:

    Hey Keishon,

    yeah, the characters are quite amazing… wait till you get to the captains of the soul society!!!

    as for manga suggestions, you pretty much read everything that was worth reading. Did you try One Piece? pretty awesome manga… If you like shoujo, there’s W Juliet that’s pretty good, but a bit cliche… Kare Kano, Hanakimi (I think english title is Blossom Flowers?)… sport manga: Slam Dunk and Eyeshield21… well, those are the one that I can think for now…

  4. Avid Reader says:

    Hey Nath,

    I bought Girl Got Game, Hana Kimi, passed on Wallflower, got Emma, Boys Over Flowers, More Bleach (and I had to order it, may check one more place for #3 and some mystery/crime stuff so be on the look out I plan to read them all post my opinions on them – oh, also got Chocolat and Comic.

  5. nath says:

    Hey Keishon 🙂

    “Girl Got Game” that’s the one with the girl that’s good in basket and is signed up by her father in a school as a boy right? I’ve started reading that one, it was good… but I never had the chance to finish it… I think you’ll enjoy Hanakimi quite a lot 🙂 As for the others, I’m not so familiar with them… Also, there’s a lot of scanslation available – I’m not saying to not buy the mangas, but if you have to wait for a book or want to have a teaser, then scanslation are really good 😀

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