REVIEW: The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

“Basileus,” someone hidden in the steam whispered. Others echoed the praise. “Basileus.” Only Teleus shook his head. Costis watched him, not surprised. “The Basileus was a prince of his people, what we call king now,” Teleus explained. “That one”—he nodded toward the closed door—“will rule more than just Attolia before he is done. He is an Annux, a king of kings.”

I love stories that are unpredictable and suspenseful. I love stories that are well plotted and well written. I love stories that have complexity of thought and character growth. I love stories that offer surprises. I loved The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner for all the reasons I stated above. And I hated that it all came to an end.

The events of the story take place shortly after Eugenides has become King. The story unfolds through the eyes of Costis.  A Guard who loses his temper and has struck the King in the face. Rather than have him hang for treason, Eugenides promotes him to lieutenant in name only. In order to change the mind of many, you need to change the mind of the one next to you or so says Eugenides.  Costis is relieved for the reprieve of his life but his opinion of the king is like many in Attolia: they all hate him. They feel as though the Thief of Eddis stole the throne of Attolia and that the marriage is a sham. 

There are other subplots that were interesting like the relationship between the King and Queen; then there is the threat to the throne by a powerful baron. Lastly, there is  the Mede Empire to worry as well as Sounis. However, that is all of the plot that I wish to elaborate. The story goes on to have many twists and turns. There is still more political intrigue and sabotage. Plenty of surprises and revelations.  There were several scenes that I’ve bookmarked and have went back to read over and over again. I loved this book. At the first, I didn’t know what was going on but from experience I should have known what was up. Eugenides is clever and powerful and everybody has often mistook him for a fool. All except The Queen of Eddis, his father, the ambassador of Eddis and his wife, The Queen of Attolia.

In closing my thoughts, I am rather depressed to see this story end. I sincerely hope that Ms. Turner is writing another story about Eugenides. I’m pretty sure she probably is because there is much to be told about Eugenides and his life. I’ve now read all three of the stories and have enjoyed them all. Do I have a favorite? Not really.  I’ve enjoyed all three books and have graded them all A reads. These are YA novels but don’t let the label stop you from reading them. Where else can you find romance, sword fights, political intrigue laced with suspense? Look no further than The King of Attolia. My grade, A. Check out the series starting with the first book, The Thief.


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9 Responses to REVIEW: The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

  1. jmc says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed The King of Attolia!

    I’ve been trying to pimp the series to readers of all ages, but the YA tag puts some off. I explain that it has political intrigue, adventure and is a cross between a fantasy and a historical in setting, but it has been a hard sell. :sigh:

    There is an LJ community for MWT fans called “Sounis”, and MWT has been interviewed and posted occasionally (very rarely). Rumor has it that there will be more Attolia in the future, but no firm information.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    I plan to reread these books again. They are so richly complex and captivating.

  3. Sybil says:

    What age range would you guess at for this? The lil sis is in 7th grade and just turned 13. I have to read the next The Clique book for our first YA review. I would love to find something historical for her to read.


  4. Avid Reader says:

    This series is grade 7 and up. The first book in the series, The Thief, may start at a grade lower and up. This series would be the perfect one to give her as it is historical with fantasy elements.

  5. Jorrie Spencer says:

    I absolutely adored this series. My favorite might well be The Queen of Attolia, but I loved them all.

  6. Avid Reader says:

    [quote comment=”15690″]I absolutely adored this series. My favorite might well be The Queen of Attolia, but I loved them all.[/quote]

    Hi Jorrie! Did you recently read them? SO glad to hear you enjoyed them! I loved them all too and if I had to pick a favorite, The Queen of Attolia, would be my favorite, too.

  7. Jorrie Spencer says:

    Yes, I finished them last week. So impressed by this series. I had to run out and buy the hardcover of King even though the paperback is due out real soon.

    I wrote a short note about it on my blog, but it’s so hard to talk about the series without giving away big spoilers.

    But I just loved Gen so much. And I was impressed by the way Turner narrates the different stories. (Even if I found Costis a tad boring, it was easy to forgive because of so many wonderful moments.)

    I think one reason I loved Queen is I fought the major plotline the whole time, because of what happened to Gen at the beginning. And yet, Turner made it work.

    I hope there will be more. There’s certainly room for more.

  8. Cecilia Mars says:


    I loved all three books. I fell hard for Eugenides. Even the name drives me wild. Now, to find someone like him in my own world. 😉

    I sincerely hope MWT writes more. There’s much more to know, such as what happened to Sophos? I can see the Captain and Costis following Gen, or at least supporting him, in helping him find his old mate Sophos, and likely installing him as ruler of Sounis. And, what about the Medes?? So much intrigue yet to be plundered.

  9. Terenbas says:

    King of Attolia was the best of the three. My only frustration was that Turner doesn’t reveal more about Gen’s character. He’s the whole point of the series and there’s never enough of him.

    I also wish there were alot more scenes between Gen and Irene. Such an awesome couple.

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