REVIEW: 'Blood Bound (A Mercy Thompson Series)' by Patricia Briggs

Blood Bound (2007) by Patricia Briggs is an urban fantasy novel and the second book in the Mercy Thompson series.

Just in case you haven’t read the first book, Moon Called, here is a brief synopsis for you: Mercy Thompson is a mechanic who is not human. She’s a coyote or  “walker”  who changes at will; coyotes are an ancient enemy to the vampires because their vampiric tricks seem to fail on them. 

Mercy grew up in a werewolf pack before striking off on her own to the Tri-Cities.  The stories thus far have been narrated by Mercy herself. Mercy is a interesting character. She’s college educated and runs her own mechanic shop. She is also a possible love interest to a couple of sexy werewolves, too. One is a former love and the other is her next door neighbor.

In Blood Bound, Mercy and the gang find themselves faced with evil. It seems that the vampire’s have some nasty demon-ridden vampire that is causing havoc on the city and to their own vampire community. This is a dangerous time for the seethe to have a uncontrollable vampire sorcerer causing violence and bringing unwanted attention to their world. Especially since the “vampires” are not publicly known to humans yet.

Unlike the werewolves and the fae, who were outed to the world at large by force or necessity, the vampires want to remain hidden. In Briggs world of monsters and ghosts, there may be even more interesting creatures out there we’ve yet to see who choose to remain dormant or hidden from humankind. The mystery of ‘what else is out there’ makes this series even more of an exciting adventure to read.

The blending of fantasy and reality is done really well. You can tell that the author takes special care to build a world that is completely familiar yet different. There were some scary moments in this book. I must applaud the author for giving this reader a few chills and thrills for my buck. There were some tender moments, too, that’s more or less apart of the romantic thread of the story. 

It’s almost a shame to read a book in a day after waiting for it to arrive after a year. I really enjoyed reading Blood Bound. Briggs is a solid writer who knows her craft well. She writes a solid fantasy with a solid grasp of her world. Excellent characterization but I am fearful of this “triangle” that she is hinting at when the novel closes.

Also, I must agree with one of the reviewers at that mentions Mercy constantly saving the day. I found it ironic myself that Mercy being the least powerful of all the supernatural creatures is the only one who could destroy the demon.  Of course when trouble comes calling, the fae and the werewolves are there to help her out of trouble. To conclude this review, I must say that this story moves at a pretty good pace and I enjoyed reading this story very much. Despite a few minor quibbles, I’d grade this entry an A read. Good job Ms. Briggs.

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