American Idol

I won’t be recapping this season’s show as I probably won’t be watching it pass the auditions. I just find that there is something sadistic in the way the show exploits people’s pain when they are rejected. Don’t you just love the way that they pick a few of them to share their stories of how far they’ve come and then they ask them who they sound like? They make themselves vulnerable, cry and then are really excited to show Paula, Randy and Simon their talent and then we hear what they really sound like? And it’s just plain awful and funny that they sound absolutely nothing like what they said.

This show is rigged, obviously. Out of thousands that audition, why are the bad ones sent through unless the shows appeal is to exploit them? Make fools of them. It seems each season, the good ones are show less and less and the bad ones are on camera more. As I was watching this past season two hour premiere, there just wasn’t enthusiasm anymore for this show. I just hate how they exploit people who dream is to sing and then they are harshly rejected on camera. What was once a funny thing to watch just has become tiresome, I guess.



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4 Responses to American Idol

  1. xina says:

    I don’t mind the critique of the voice talent. I think some of those people are not serious and just want their five seconds of fame. I suppose some really do think that they are talented and some seem to be mentally challenged. I think they are perfectly aware of what they will face before walking through those doors. However….I think mean comments about a person’s physical appearance is totally uncalled for….especially when they are laughing about things that a person cannot change. It’s disgusting. It used to be only Simon doing that, but now all three of them have turned evil. Personally, the try-out process has never been my favorite part of the show. I enjoy it more when that process is over and the elimination starts. I’ll still watch, but I can see this reality show going downhill. I think the chemistry between the 3 has changed. Paula is just as mean as Simon now. I wonder what inspired that?

  2. Monica Burns says:

    Great Post. I only had to see Simon in action one time to turn the show off. I think the world could do with a lot more kindness and a lot less meanness. It’s one of the reasons why I refuse to watch reality shows.

    Although I’m shamed to confess to having watching at least five episodes of Bridzilla. I stopped when the one bride chewed out her new husband for accidentally stepping on her veil AFTER the wedding. Unreal.


  3. Kristie(J) says:

    I watched the last half hour of the first night and couldn’t be bothered the second night. I might start watching once they get down to the final 12 – not sure yet. But we seem to be in the minority though as I heard the ratings are higher than ever.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    I don’t mind critique that’s useful and as mean as Simon is, his opinion is more respected, I think. Randy and Paula are just pffffttt. But come on, why put the camera in these people faces, have them cry on camera, gush about how their family tell them that they sound like Mariah Carey and they really sound like Daffy Duck? I agree Xina that after 5 seasons that people should know what to expect but Randy really went over the line Monday night, just because he could. Even Simon was like “enough.”

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