Must Get This Off My Chest

This message is to the publisher—-uh, Laurell K. Hamilton’s books? You know the ones that feature vampires? That has plenty of violence, a heroine who has  multiple sex partners? Uh, those books are NOT PARANORMAL ROMANCES. I don’t know  who coined that term for her books but they are WRONG. I hope this message gets through to you because if your target is SF/F fans – then market to them. I find it insulting that just because romance happens to sell more than any other genre, we must be the target of mislabeling just so that you can get an audience. Won’t happen. We are a loud bunch and will spread the word like wildfire. It is deceiptful and this practice should STOP.

Off my soapbox now.


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3 Responses to Must Get This Off My Chest

  1. CindyS says:

    They say paranormal romance!? Holy crap.

    They started out in horror and with the trainwreck they have become, they should friggin’ stay there!


  2. Jane says:

    Its the media, apparently, that are branding Charlaine Harris and LKH as romance writers. I don’t think either of them identify themselves as romance writers. I think romance readers are viewed like Mikey from the Life cereal commercial – we’ll read anything. Which is a bit true. Look at your 2006 list. Quite varied. (Yes, I do want to try Monette). But we all like to know what we are getting into.

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