REVIEW: Beck: The Mongolian Chop Squad (Vol.1) by Harold Sakuishi

Beck Vol. 1 (Beck) (in Japanese)

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Vol. 1 by Harold Sakuishi is categorized as a drama/comedy. It’s also for older teens (OT 16+). I read this one and several other manga titles over the holidays. The verdict on Beck is that it’s funny and very entertaining. A good one to start with if you’re interested in reading manga. The story follows as thus:

Yukio Tanaka is your average fourteen year old boy – his childhood friend has turned into a total babe, seeming beyond his reach, his mouth gets him into trouble, and he thinks his life is boring. Until one day when he meets a guy with a Frankenstein-like dog, Beck, that has a taste for his hand. Thus beginning the end of his self-proclaimed dull existence on Earth and the start of a life of rock n’ roll.

Yukio is a lonely kid. He has no real friends, no social life or status but can’t seem to help himself when he sees other people in trouble and jumps right into the fray. He doesn’t think before he speaks and he has a serious crush on a girl. Life is boring until he meets Ryusuke, a sixteen year-old heartbreaker who plays wicked ass guitar in a band. He’s cute sez I but I digress. The title comes from Ryusuke’s dog named Beck, who looks stitched together from different patterns of cloth for skin. Ryusuke and his sister, Maho, grew up in the United States and returned to Japan. They speak English. They hardly remember how to speak Japanese or read it. It’s become a second language to them.

The girl that Yukio has a crush on is childhood friend,  Izumi-Chan and she is on the swim team. She remembers Yukio and asks him out. Yukio starts to get a social life and it was funny seeing him try to fit in in the social crowd. It’s tough for him but you have to smile at his persistence. However by the end of the novel, we learn that Yukio life may not be so dull after all. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Beck was a fun read and one that I know will continue reading. This was rec’d to me by an online pal who I need to contact for more recommendations. My grade, B+.

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