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Dear Author wrote an excellent topic about connected books. I’m not rehashing it here but only re-emphasizing my annoyance for them because the following series are by authors who have original stories that were fun and entertaining but lack closure for me:

Fire and Ice: A Liam Campbell Mystery (Liam Campbell Mysteries (Paperback)) 

Dana Stabenow’s series featuring Liam Campbell, a state trooper in Alaska who has a fear of flying and who had fell in love with a bush pilot named Wy is still on hiatus. This series was refreshing and funny and I loved the Alaska setting. The last book, Better to Rest, was published in 2002. It’s been four years and still no pub date for the next book. I’ve emailed Ms. Stabenow several times in the past, asking her for the status of this series and she’s been saying that the series was in negotiations. I’ve since given up any hope of seeing another Liam Campbell book. However, I see her Kate Shugak series is still going strong.

Chains of Folly (Five Star First Edition Mystery Series)

 The Magdalene la Batarde series by Roberta Gellis is yet another wonderful medieval series that I enjoyed very much that failed to establish a strong audience. Let’s see, you had political intrigue enriched by a wonderful, carefully researched, medieval setting along with a subtle romance. Ms. Gellis’s series had a gap in between books because her publisher put the series on hiatus due to low sales. Thus, Ms. Gellis ended up going to an outside publisher to get the fourth book published for her fans because she left things somewhat, unresolved. I appreciate the author writing the fourth book despite knowing that she probably would have to publish it herself if it came down to it for her fans. The status of the series is still up in the air.

Thus, publishing is a business and as a reader, I’ve been reminded of that fact time and time again.  I could list more series that got the axe due to lack of readership and/or sales but I won’t bother. I mean, it still rankles that Joan Wolf’s medieval mysteries was dropped after two books. I own them both and they are in my TBR stack. What is the point in reading them now? Alas, I will read them. One day. Anyway, these days, I usually try to steer clear of series books unless it’s already an established series. It just seems best to stick to stand-alone novels these days. At least in those novels, you have closure. 


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10 Responses to Series Books

  1. jmc says:

    Tangent: have you read either of the books that Roberta Gellis wrote in collaboration with Mercedes Lackey? I noticed today that the first of them (I think it was the first book) Ill Met By Moonlight has been released in paperback by Baen.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    No, I haven’t yet. I do have them. How do you like them?

  3. I love Roberta Gellis, and I am so sad that her Magdalene books didn’t establish a good readership. She writes smart–I’ve been reading her since the Roselynde Chronicles, which have a special spot on my keeper shelf.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    [quote comment=”1928″]I love Roberta Gellis, and I am so sad that her Magdalene books didn’t establish a good readership. She writes smart–I’ve been reading her since the Roselynde Chronicles, which have a special spot on my keeper shelf.[/quote]

    Hi Ms. Gleason. I have yet to read that series. I loved Fortune’s Bride by her. It’s apart of a series but it stands alone. I can’t wait to read your book come Jan. It looks really, really good.

  5. jmc says:

    No, I haven’t yet. I do have them. How do you like them?

    I checked both out from the library as hardbacks, and wound up returning them unfinished. Couldn’t get into them in the alloted library time. Now that at least one is out in paperback, I’ll probably be giving it another try.

  6. xina says:

    Love the Stabenow, Liam Campbell series. That part of me waits and waits to see what Liam and Wy will do next. I hope someday she will continue the series and not just leave it as it is. A few months ago I read Northern Lights by Nora Roberts and the Alaskan setting and the heroine bush pilot reminded me a bit of the LC series and I thought I could get my fix that way, but it wasn’t the same. Roberts and Stabenow have entirely different styles and frankly, while NL was good Stabenow’s writing is better…IMHO that is.
    Keishon, have you read the latest Kathleen Eagle? I bought it yesterday.

  7. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Xina,

    I bought the Eagle book but haven’t read it yet. I plan to read it soon. I’d heard it was pretty good. She’s back to her usual storytelling of old. It’s on my nightstand, with a couple of books ahead of it right now. What are you reading these days?

  8. xina says:

    Hi Keishon, I’ve been reading some fairly good books lately. I recently finished Little Children by Tom Perrotta. I started a post about it on AAR that pretty much went nowhere, but it was a great book with a romance of sorts in it. I’m also reading The Secret History Of The Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig. Also reading The Raven Prince per Sybil’s rec….good book so far. I just bought a copy of The Sparks Fly Upward by Diana Norman knowing how much you love this author. I’ll get to that soon along with the Eagle book. I’ve read some good things about her latest too. Love her dialogue and am looking forward to that.

  9. Avid Reader says:

    Hmm, I have the Raven Prince sitting on my nightstand, too. You bought Diana Norman! I hope you enjoy her work as much I do. You should be able to find some of her earlier stuff still available like A Catch of Consequence and Taking Liberties. I haven’t even read her newest one yet. You must let me know how you like her. I’ve been starting and stopping books (romances) like crazy these days.

  10. xina says:

    I’ll let you know Keishon! And I’ve seen the two books you mentioned in bookstores. I just hope I read her and don’t crave her really expensive OOP books. They are quite pricey online.

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