REVIEW: Heart of the West by Penelope Williamson

Heart of the West

 Heart of the West by Penelope Williamson is one of those books, or keepers that I would run into a burning house to get off my bookshelf. Now that I’ve made my point, let me proceed to tell you why I love this book and reread it quite often. It’s become a ritual of sorts for me to reread this wonderful, wonderful book.

Burning passion, forbidden love in the western frontier seems to make a great combination for a story, don’t you agree? This story features another one of my favorite plot devices: the love triangle. Some readers don’t care for it because somebody’s bound to get hurt when they don’t deserve to be. Usually, the good guy does finish last.

Bostonian, Clementine Kennicutt, yearns to escape her father’s rule. She yearns for adventure. A knight in shining armor to whisk her away into the night. Her hero comes in the guise of Gus McQueen, whose looking for a wife to start up a homestead in Montana. Eloping with the cowboy, he takes Clementine with him and together they start off into the great western frontier to start their life together. When she gets there, she meets his brother, Zach Rafferty. He seems as untamed as the land that surrounds them.

Zach and Clem’s first meeting is electric. Gus doesn’t seem to understand why they can’t stand each other and that is where I will leave the story. While this story is heavily romantic, it is more about Clem’s life and her choices. This is her story. There were many, many memorable scenes in this book and again, this is a book that I love to reread. It’s a passionate love story and one that I strongly recommend. Ms. Williamson currently has no new books scheduled. I miss her voice very much. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of her books including her first mystery, Mortal Sins. It’s a mystery set in New Orleans. I’ll have to do a review for it, next time.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and didn’t stuff yourselves.  Next time your in the used bookstore, grab a copy of Heart of the West by Penleope Williamson.



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5 Responses to REVIEW: Heart of the West by Penelope Williamson

  1. RenéeW says:

    I love a good western historical and have been meaning look for this one. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Robin says:

    Keishon, have you read The Passions of Emma? I picked that one up a while ago but haven’t read it yet. Heart of the West is also on my TBB list, but school and work have been so overwhelming that I haven’t been able to read anything that looks long and complicated. Over X-mas break I plan to remedy that, though. Where to start, where to start. I still have The Vizard Mask on my shelf staring out at me, too.

  3. xina says:

    Love this book Keishon. I remember being reluctant to read it because I knew that the h/h in the book were with other people for most of the book. Little did I know that that could still be very romantic while they fell in love with one another. I still remember the first meeting of Clementine and Gus…he’s standing without a shirt on, muddy and dirty while his brother introduces her as his new bride. I pictured that scene like it was a movie. xina

  4. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Xina, your the one who made me read it. I actually had put it down when I first started it. Little did I know. So, big thank you for that. Side note: I’ve been remiss in emailing you back. Will remedy that soon.

    ReneeW: you’ll love this book

    Robin: Yes, I did read and love The Passions of Emma by Williamson and The Vizard Mask by Norman 😉 You’ve got some great reading ahead of you. I am envious.

  5. xina says:

    Well, I put this book down at least 3 times because I just don’t get into the h/h being with other people for most of the book. I don’t know what prompted me to read it, but I’m glad I did. I’d forgotten that I gave you encouragement. Thinking of another review here…Small Town Girl. You pointed that book in my direction and I loved that one as well. So, big thank you back at you.
    Don’t worry about the e-mail. I’ve been busy, just as you are and it’s not going to let up for many weeks. *sigh*

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