Author Appreciation

Dear Author asked what it is as readers that we are thankful for in romance and I’d like to expand that to fiction, period. I’m grateful and thankful for:

  1. That warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I finish a book that ends happily
  2. Books that keep me  on the edge of my seat!
  3. Creating those page turners that I just can’t put down! Not even for food or water
  4. Creating stories that inspire and entertain me
  5. Creating characters who make you smile, laugh and cry
  6. Fiction that takes me to a different place, different time
  7. Fiction that allows me to escape real life and my problems
  8. That I’m able to share my favorite reads with other readers
  9. Pure excitation in discovering a new author and discussing books!
  10. Meeting new readers at book-signings and creating friendships
  11. The anticipation I get when another book is released by my favorite author
  12. Memorable moments that I can reread over and over and over again
  13. Thankful to all authors who decided to share their love of telling stories

Authors: I do appreciate you, very , very much. Nothing beats reading a good book, curled up in your favorite chair, with the lamp  light just right. I love being engrossed in a good book. I love that feeling inside that lets you know when you are reading a really good book.  Thank you to all authors who have entertained me throughout the years. You’ve made my life as a reader a joyful one. You are appreciated. Thank You.


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Voracious reader of just about everything.
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  1. CindyS says:

    Well said!


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