Perfect Timing by Olga Bicos

Perfect Timing

Your probably asking yourself why is this reader reviewing books written back in the 1990’s? Well, this big project I set for myself – to trim down my TBR mountain, stack, hill, closet, whatever. As I was doing that, I came across some favorites and this is one of them. Perfect Timing by Olga Bicos earned an A when I first read it. I did a quick skim and found it still enjoyable read.

Book description:

Dearest Cherish,
Someone tried to kill me today.  Watch your back.
Contact Conor, he’ll know what to do.
P.S.  You should have picked me, little girl….

They survived a deadly airplane crash.  Conor took the blame, Alec disappeared and Cherish’s life changed forever.

A year later, another crash and a mysterious message reunite Cherish with the two men from her past:  Alec, the man who loved her, and Conor, the lover she couldn’t forget.  Together, they must stop a terrorist from killing again.  But as the investigation unfolds, Cherish’s faith is put to the test… as she tries to decide if one of the men she trusts could be the real killer….

Well, this author knows how to entertain, I’ll give her that much. I’ll admit the plot is somewhat convoluted but the romance is nice, the action is nice. The author has a great ear for dialogue and the story is nicely written. This book won me over in large part because of the hero, Conor. Make of that what you will. This was yet another tightly written romantic suspense novel that is rarely found today. Ok, I’m currently reading Karen Robard’s new one, Vanished and so far, so good.

The problem with romantic suspense today (as I see it) is that there rarely is a balance between the romance and the suspense. Sometimes the suspense is more interesting than the romance and vice versa. It’s a hybrid genre that is hard to write and execute well. I admit to being very picky when it comes to enjoying anything contemporary as there is the plausibility factor that likes to rear it’s ugly head once or twice. I wish I was that type of reader that can go along with just about everything but I can’t.

Anyway, Perfect Timing did have a sequel that I couldn’t even finish. I think it was loosely connected but I’m not  sure and don’t even care at this point. I think I did donate it to my favorite used bookstore. As Maili mentioned in the comments, Bicos seemed to have been at her best in the early/late 90’s but now, it’s kinda become more misses than hits.


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