eBookstore closes


As I was getting ready to order Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning, I  immediately get a notice that Contentlink, Random House’s arm for digital content will be closing at the end of the month and that I’d better download and archive it-quick. Otherwise, lose it. Forever.

This sucks and I find myself highly annoyed. I emailed Jane and she got a response back from them pretty quick, stating what we already know: yes, they’re closing. The burning question for me would be: why? There  were several ebooks that Contentlink had available that wasn’t available anywhere else. In some instances, they were cheaper than Fictionwise. It was convenient to download books from them the day they were released and not a day later. I am so sorry to see them go. Oh, well. Somebody tell me that this book sucked and I won’t feel so bad about not getting it. Added note: I’ve never read Moning before in my life but the book sounds really, really good.


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3 Responses to eBookstore closes

  1. Jane says:

    I got an email from them yesterday saying it was closing and no longer taking orders. You must have prompted some action. Go Keishon.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Glad to hear it, thanks 🙂 **going to look at my emails for this notice**

  3. DATCATE says:

    I discovered this great author, Stuart Woods. His novels took me by surprise of how well written there are. His books are the greatest read. I have never had a novel that I have read that have me talking back to the pages because the characters are so alive, I found myself trying to “tell them”, that’s a “dumb mistake”, “the bad guy will be ahead of you”. But most of all, his books have very good humor. I chuckled a lot in places because the characters’ conversations were witty”. The books that I have read of Woods are: The Iron Orchid, the Blood Orchid, Two Dollar Bill – this one I haven’t finished yet and I’m sorry to say I will be sad when I finish it. I chuckled a lot on this one! I think you will enjoy reading these books and will find them light and entertaining. Like to see you read the Two Dollar Bill and share your comments.

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