A Regimental Murder by Ashley Gardner

A Regimental Murder (Mystery of Regency England)

A Regimental Murder by Ashley Gardner is the second book in her Captain Gabriel Lacey series. In this installment, Lacey helps a grieving widow clear her husband’s name and restore his reputation.

Lacey returns in this second installment, settled into with his new life in early 1800’s Regency England. Lacey still suffers from bouts of melancholy but he has his good friend Lucius Grenville to keep him in good spirits with invitations to the best parties in the Ton. Here is the synopsis for book two:

After saving a lady of quality from a mysterious assailant near the docks, Captain Lacey helps in her search for justice. Her late husband was accused of a crime he didn’t commit–and then murdered. Trying to clear his name, Lacey gets drawn into the intrigues of an underworld villain.

Lacey in this installment falls in love and falls hard for a widow whose husband has been wrongly accused of a crime he probably had nothing to do with that eventually leads to his murder. Lady Lydia Westin is attacked near the waterfront, late one night while Lacey is out strolling for lack of sleep. The attack is thwarted, thanks to Lacey and eventually, Lady Westin tells him her story and eventually convinces Lacey to look into her husband’s murder and clear his good name.

Lady Lydia Westin’s husband is the late Colonel Westin, an officer accused of murdering another officer during a riot Badajoz in Spain in 1812 .  After returning home and confessing to the crime, Colonel Westin is murdered in his bed thus leaving his grieving widow scared and alone. Westin’s reputation in the army is smashed to smithereens and Lydia  turns to  Lacey to help clear her late husband’s name and restore his reputation. Of course, Lacey in turn taps Grenville for help and together they solve the case.

This installment was a quick read with a very interesting plot. I was very involved in the story in wanting to know who killed Colonel Westin. While helping Lydia clear her husband’s name, Lacey falls in love but it doesn’t end very well. It doesn’t seem like Lacey will get a break this time, ladies. I’m pretty sure the author has a good woman waiting for him, hopefully in the next installment.

We also learn just a little bit more about Lacey’s past and what happened to his wife and daughter who  had left him behind while he was in service. Meanwhile, Lacey continues to battle with melancholy. Lacey has a good heart. He’s an honorable man and a generous one (always helping out his neighbor who is too proud to ask him for help when she clearly needs it). I really like Gabriel Lacey.  This is a good series so far featuring a wonderful, memorable hero. If you enjoy historical mysteries, check this series out. My grade, B. I think I’ll take a break here and read something else for now.


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