IE7.0, Books

I finally downloaded the new IE7.0 and I like it. Except for one blog that shows up broken like this one: Romantic SF & Fantasy. I would contact them if such info was available but I didn’t see any contact info. My father had a moment of panic when he couldn’t find his “favorite places button.” All is well in the household now that he can “see” that title again in his browser.

There are changes for the better, I think. I’m one of those who don’t care for Firefox being advertised almost everywhere I visit as being the best browser to have. Eva. I’m fine with IE and have no serious problem with using it. I checked out my site and many others to see if there are any broken themes and there wasn’t with the exception of the one that I mentioned earlier.

Went to Walmart this evening and saw the new Kinsley McGregor title, Knight of Darkness. Didn’t buy it because I am not a fan. Thought I’d mention it for those who were. Then I went home and got online and started looking at my favorite ebook sites to see what romances were  to be released this Tuesday; the pre-order list is here . I think Fictionwise is so ass-backwards to have their releases only on Mondays. I’ve learned to get them from the source and many times it’s cheaper and I get them before Fictionwise releases them a week later. I haven’t bought from them in sometime, actually. It’s still a great website but they’re the last place I visit for new releases. 

I plan to trim my book collection way down this week because my books are everywhere: on my bed, my nightstand, the floor, in boxes, in the closet, on top of other books on my bookshelves, on my TV stand, on my desk, on my ironing board and in my car. You get the picture. I seem to buy books more than I read them. I would sell my discarded titles but I am just too lazy. My tech is more than welcome to make a home for them, I’m sure as she has received six bags from me previously. I also managed to hook her on Diana Gabaldon. I know, I’m terrible. Haven’t had a dissatisfied customer yet.

Alas, I must go and get started on the dirty deed of trimming my collection. Wish me luck and if you hear anybody screaming, that’s me in frustration and being indecisive.


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6 Responses to IE7.0, Books

  1. CindyS says:

    I started to use Firefox because I heard how people loved it. I don’t get what the difference is really but I’m trying it and waiting to see something spectacular at some point. I mean, something snazzy has to happen right?

    Did you vote in the latest AAR poll for fav. E-books?

    Also, my books have also been relagated to little piles around the house since we moved. I just found out that Bob moved my design books into the garage. The garage!!! When I came to he said it wasn’t like he put them on the floor of the garage. Still, that’s so not cool!

    Lots of luck on culling the pile. I’m happy in my state of denial for a few more weeks. Then I’ll do something 😉


  2. Avid Reader says:

    I use Firefox only to make sure that any hacks I do to my blog doesn’t show up broken, that’s it. Some people love Firefox and as to it’s appeal, it continues to elude me as well. And no, I am embarrassed to say that I have not voted in the Ebooks poll yet. But I will. Promise. Now, I must go and get to work. I think I might start this project tomorrow.

  3. Monica Burns says:

    I downloaded IE7 and thought it was great. I noted all the new features that posted about and loved them. Just one BIG problem IE7 has HUGE compatibility problems with tons of different sites. I can’t use my RoboForm (encrypted autofiller software that I trust more than Microsoft’s hole-ridden security). Worse yet, I could go to any of the BBs that others use by Invision Power Boards, including my own. I couldn’t post properly or even change my settings.

    So I thought ok I’ll unload the sucker until they get the bloody thing fixed. Nope, they won’t let you do that unless you want to redo your entire machine. The DH is a Network Engineer/Contracts guy and he told me it would take about 12 hours to redo my machine (I’ve got a ton of stuff on it). Desperate, I downloaded Firefox. Hadn’t had a reason too before, but I am SOOOOO glad I did. I’m a customization freak. I want complete control of my browsing experience. Firefox gives me that. I’m not sure I’ll go back. The add-ons make for extra fun. IE can take a hike for now except when I’m updating my site and I want to ensure that IE users see the site properly.

    The sad thing is, Microsoft has chosen to roll this out early and BEFORE they provided other companies with a copy to use and make modifications to comply with the IE changes. As usual, Microsoft isn’t customer friendly. And I won’t liken them to a gorilla that does anything he wants, is an insult to gorillas as they’re quite gentle creatures. *smile* Monica

  4. Tilly Greene says:

    I’ve recently trimmed my books [over 3k – gasp!] and feel so much lighter for it…the house isn’t getting any bigger and unless I wanted to step over into the realm of those with no place to move something had to give. In fact I’m much much more selective in what traditional book I pick up, it’s made me more adventurous in regards to ebooks…I’m more willing to try a new author and not despair the tangible product sitting in a stack if I don’t get to it immediately. What I did was donate them to the local library for their annual sale…unless you have a friend who is of likeminded reading choices there is no easy way to get rid of them.

    Enjoy the freedom!


  5. Avid Reader says:

    I do feel a weight being lifted whenever I get rid of sooo many books. The process has been rather tedious and tiring thus far. I know I am getting rid of a lot of series books that I know I won’t ever read. I am also looking at climate controlled storage as well for some of these books.

  6. Dance Chica says:

    Oh, I understand about the need to trim down the book collection. I actually just posted some of mine on my blog. I have too many and a lot of them are unread but I can’t seem to part with any of them. Good luck to you with your chore…er…task. 😛

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