Smoke and Mirrors

After reading Robin’s article in At the Back Fence , I found myself a little taken aback at the tone and largely unmoved. Politics and romance. A nice mix, eh? You want my honest opinion? Are you sure?

I think as romance readers we should pick and choose our battles. Do I care that some ass backwards unknown politician labels a book pornography just to get votes? It’s been stated that said politician has little to no funds and has no chance of winning. Yet in still we must get up and arms about this idiot calling a romance novel “pornographic.” 

Clearly he hasn’t read a book in years stating that the opponent’s name being almost on every page of the novel in question is indicative of a huge ego. [Laughter.] This man has no influence. Are we seriously waging war against this idiot? Yes, it’s frightening that someone this stupid can run for office but why must we defend ourselves to this clown?

I can’t be moved to this campaign. Sigh. I have more important things to sorry about. Sorry. The RWA Chapter in Texas have voiced their opinion.  As for me, silence is powerful. If there hadn’t been a response, no one would have known anything about this whole thing and the only take home message would have been for me was that I need to make sure I vote. All this is just smoke and mirrors, folks.

I may stand alone in my thoughts on this whole thing but in a nutshell, that’s how I feel.

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7 Responses to Smoke and Mirrors

  1. jaq says:

    Nothing to do with the post, but I think this is my favourite layout for your site yet. If I had a niggle, I wish the header had a graphic of some sort, but I love everything else about it.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hey, thanks! Funny that you mentioned that. I am working on a graphic for my header as we speak.

  3. Shannon says:

    You don’t stand alone. I couldn’t bring myself to get all up in arms. It’s exhausting, really. I think I’m almost as tired of seeing everybody run around screaming about somebody calling what we write porn as I am of hearing I write porn.

    On the one hand, I understand the need to fight for the image…on the other, well…it’s exhausting at times.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    It is exhausting and I think the romance community reacts to just about everything these days if dead head, ass clown Fred Head is any indication. Don’t let these people so easily push your buttons is my motto. So you think that romance is trashy, porno or whatever. I let the money that their paying romance authors and the numbers of romances sold every year do all the talking.

  5. Bev (BB) says:

    I don’t talk about politics or religion with anyone but family. And on then if I know the family member in question isn’t nuts. ;p So, I find most discussion on romance forums into which either one creeps extremely distasteful and usually simply ignore them altogether. Even if I didn’t feel that way, I’d still be scratching my head over this one, though. It is just not that important.

  6. CindyS says:

    Being easily bored with politics I read something about a campaign and quickly zoned out.

    The only response needed was a ‘Hey, dumbass, pick up a book sometime and you’ll see the author’s name on every page. (It even has a name that I learned over at Jennie B(ook)log but I can’t remember it.) All books are like that.’ And because I’m me, I would add another dumbass.

    And my work is done 😉


  7. Avid Reader says:

    Cindy, your awesome girl. Dumbass, that he is. I just can’t be serious about a politician who is going after his opponent with one book in hand and stupidity on the brain.
    Hi Bev, I don’t like discussing politics either nor religion. on any public forum. I agree with you 100% about romance boards bringing up political issues. I just avoid the thread until it disappears.

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