Book Delays, Reader Annoyance

What was the name of that book. Hmmmm. You know the one where the heroine and the hero are complete strangers to each other but that doesn’t stop them from sexing each other on a daily basis until lust turned into love. What was the name of that book?

Passion (Berkley Sensation)Still stumped? That book was Passion by Lisa Valdez. So I can’t seem to describe books very well, get over it. Anyway, I was one of many readers who enjoyed the explicit sex and coarse language. Color me disappointed to learn that her next release isn’t due out until freaking May 2007. WTF?

And you know what?

You are ::underexposed::. Under the radar, my dear.

I’ll probably have almost little to no interest in Patience by then and what a shame. May 2007. That’s like next summer. Waiting for the book has certainly tried my patience that’s for sure. There are just too many other books out there to read! A delay like this isn’t exactly a smart move for a new author regardless if it’s the author’s fault or not. Plus, it annoys your readership which is never a good thing since we are your consumers. The anticipation for the book slowly went bye-bye as the book was continually delayed. It went from sequee to who, what?


Alas, I must say that Lisa Valdez isn’t the only author to do this book delaying bit. I just think that the way the market is right now, authors don’t have time for delays. Competition for readers is cut throat. This has to be especially true for new authors. I don’t know if Ms. Valdez’s publisher is doing her any favors rescheduling the book almost two years from the last published book.

All I have to say as a consumer that to make your readers wait this long for a book, the book better be good. What are the chances of a delayed book being a keeper? Slim to none is my answer. Oh, well. We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we? Until next time…

Upcoming: Look for my list of overexposed authors.

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11 Responses to Book Delays, Reader Annoyance

  1. Kristie(J) says:

    I agree with you on this one. The first delay didn’t bother me too much but it is a dangerous thing she’s doing by waiting until next May. Passion got all kinds of buzz and I think much of it will be fizzled by the time we get to book 2. I’m sure I’ll still read it – loved Passion – but not a good thing to happen to a new author!

  2. Jane says:

    All I can think is that the book must really be bad to be delayed so much. Maybe you can get away with it if you are Judith Ivory, Robin Schone, and Judith McNaught.

  3. CindyS says:

    Has this been confirmed by Valdez? I noticed the date change at Amazon and went to her site but saw nothing. All I can say is that I’m so over this whole thing. I loved her last book and even wrote to her to tell her how much I enjoyed the book. I won’t be buying this one unless a whole lot of people start squeeing up a storm!


  4. CindyS says:

    Okay, was just at her site and she still have the old version of Nov/Dec as the release date. You would think that if there is yet another delay should would want to get in front of that. Colour me confused!


  5. Avid Reader says:

    Lisa Valdez hasn’t confirmed the delay but someone mentioned this at AAR reader board there and I’m pretty sure the Amazon date is accurate. This is where updating your website is important for authors especially if your trying to hang on to your readers. I think an explanation would be nice. How many revisions did she have to do? Is this an author who can’t keep her deadline? I just think that this delay will hurt her sales and scatter her audience. I’m no longer looking for it in my radar like I was before and if I see it I might buy it but the anticipation isn’t there anymore. And what of the third book? Will readers have to wait like 3 years for the next one? I know Laura Kinsale hasn’t released a new book since 2004 but then she’s Laura Kinsale.

  6. Cece says:

    I remember Karen Marie Monning had delays like this a couple books back. Funny enough, after glomming her backlist I never bothered to pick up her latest releases.

  7. Tara Marie says:

    I’m with Jane on this one. It probably needed some sort of rewrite.

  8. jaq says:

    Here’s my take: I’ve had more bum reads lately than i can count. Books that I’m just going through the motions of reading cause…. they’re not bad. (If I finish them at all). So I can, and will wait for what I expect to be a good book, no problem.

    Sure I can see the annoyance factor, waiting for something hotly anticipated, only to be let down by delay after delay. But I was/am vested in buying the next book regardless of when it’s released. The release date was kinda incidental, actually; although…. the sooner the better.

    That is, if sooner is truly better. If sooner is a worse–in quality–product, then I’ll wait for the later/better. (And boy, can’t we all point a finger at a book that we felt could have taken a bit more time in writing/editing/ploting, etc? ).

    Yes, competition is fierce, and there’s lots to choose from, but there’s not necessarily a lot of *good* –nevermind *great* to choose from. Certainly, for me, not many books have illicited the response I had when reading Ms. Valdez’s first book. I hope to have a similar reaction with the second book. I can wait for that. Meanwhile, I expect I’ll be *making do* with a number of C-grade reads, while hoping to come across other books that can hook me like Passion did. 😉

    Having said all that, 😉 2 years is an awfully long time to wait for a next book, especially with a new author just building her audience. :-/

  9. Avid Reader says:

    Two years is a long time to wait. Like Jane mentioned, Judith McNaught, Judith Ivory and even Robin Schone have had delays and readers anxiously waited regardless of the release date. I am more concerned as a reader that Ms. Valdez is kinda loosing out on her 20 seconds of fame for lack of a better description. When you have a hit, you should already have the next one ready to go. Otherwise, your not remembered and people move on, unfortunately. I agree with you 100% that if the delay means a better book, I’m all for that. I just think as a new author, you really don’t have that luxury of making your readers wait as you haven’t really established yourself or seated yourself solidly in the reader’s mind.

    On to another topic. Jaq, I’m quite concerned about your reading material there. C average reads? Is there anything I can do to help?

  10. jaq says:

    Oh, I’ve already made note of several books you’ve blogged about here. ;-). Not sure why I’m slogging through stuff, I guess there enough ‘good’ in it for me to keep reading, but they haven’t been books that I’d recommend, or look forward to reading anymore of the authors’ work. So ask me why I have JR Ward’s latest cooling its heels in my tbr pile for some reason, yet I was chomping at the bit, like everyone else for its release? 😛 Just contrary that way, I guess….

    Back to Valdez, we all agree, two years is a long time for a newbie writer, and she might very well miss out on some readers, but if she continues to show the talent she displayed in Passion, if not even better, then those readers will return and she’ll gain more. She’d probably lose more readers–in a much more permanent way– if she rushes to release a big goose egg of a book. 😛

    Dang, the first sentence of that last paragraph is a long assed one. lol. sad. And I’m not going to fix it either! lol.

  11. Karen Scott says:

    May? Patience wont be out til May? The first delay pissed me off, but I figured it was just one of those things, learning that this book wont be out til may has certainly dulled my passion (see what I did there, tee hee) for it. I’m definitely no longer as happily expectant as I was, when I thought we’d have to wait til August for the book.

    I agree, she should be capitalizing on all the hype that Passion garnered her, not leaving it two years between books.

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