Did You Watch It?

Did anyone catch the show last night? America’s Next Top Model. I love this show. Last night each of the girls had to portray a Hollywood couple and the couples included Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, Brittney Spears and her husband K Fed, Oprah and Stedman Graham and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Caridee in hair and make-up looked EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie. Melrose did a funny take on Donald Trump and his wife and the award for worst make-up goes to Anchal and her portrayal of Stedman.

AJ was the fifth girl to be eliminated. Her desire to be there seemed to have disappeared when Megan was kicked off last week, I guess. Jaeda’s days are numbered. I’m just a little surprised that she’s lasted as long as she have. I am a fan of the twins – Michelle and Amanda. Michelle let it slip on national TV that she might not be straight. Amanda was a little upset by her sister’s admission on TV. I don’t blame her. Some things are meant to be, well, private and not for public consumption.

I had started watching another show called, Ugly Betty but now that Betty isn’t exactly ugly anymore, should the show still be called…Ugly Betty? I mean what gives? What happened to the promise of having Betty be ugly for the entire season? Did I misunderstand something?


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7 Responses to Did You Watch It?

  1. Karen Scott says:

    Ooooh, must find this on YouTube then! I love this show!

  2. Mailyn says:

    I was just talking about that show Ugly Betty with Ames [She-Ra Princess of Power] and I was telling her that this show is a remake of a very succesful Colombian soap opera but I do think they changed some things since Betty remains ugly for most of the novela. This novela has been remade in a lot of countries. You can get all the info on Wikipedia 🙂

    The original is called: Betty La Fea

  3. Avid Reader says:

    The original is called: Betty La Fea

    Figures that this show was not an original. Why am I not surprised?
    Thanks Mailyn.

  4. ames says:

    I thought Melrose was hilarious as DT. But I don’t like her. LOL. I think Caridee is doing a great job so far.

  5. Avid Reader says:

    Ah, another Melrose hater. I know what you mean. Remember Monique? I didn’t like her.

  6. ames says:

    I’m glad she was gone.

    I just keep wondering how the one twin that gets to stay on is going to react to her sister getting the boot?

    Words like “crumble” pop into my head.

    LOL I’m awful. 😛

  7. Avid Reader says:

    Words like “crumble” pop into my head.

    Hmmmmm. Well, Amanda wants it more than Michelle and I think Michelle does a better job!

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