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Here is yet another take on reviews. I appreciate candor and honesty. I do realize that negative reviews are named accordingly because they are not positive. I am an educated reader and know the difference between a review that is informative and a review that is mean-spirited. I don’t make a fuss as everyone has the right to express their thoughts but I know that I do have the power of choice: to read it or not read it.


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6 Responses to RTB Column

  1. Jane says:

    Cripes. Authors who want everything publicly said about their books to be positive should NEVER go on the internet because it just ain’t going to happen. It has nothing to do with the MEAN GIRL movie or any such thing.

  2. Tara Marie says:

    This drives me crazy!! It seems like some authors expect us to be Stepford readers, let’s all smile and applaud, even the wallbangers.

  3. Jane says:

    There are no wall bangers, Tara Marie. There are just mean readers.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    I just left my parting shot and hit submit before I was finished which I think is a good thing.

    To read such topics gets my blood pressure up and in future, I think I’ll just ignore it.

    Authors and their books and the sensitive issue of reviews. Why does it seem to be an issue with romance authors in particular?
    Some authors are cool with criticism and some are not.
    Too bad.

  5. Mailyn says:

    I think that talking trash about an author without good cause [like they were a bitch or an asshole to you or someone you know] is mean spirited but trashing a book they wrote because you think it’s a crime against humanity it was so bad isn’t. It’s all in the delivery of the review and the motive behind it. To inform everyone and their mother to stay away from said book is a-ok. To simply slander an author because of some alterior motive is just plain dumb.

  6. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Mailyn,

    Another thing is that I don’t read too many book reviews that trash books. We all really just want to read a good book and spread the word. That is the main purpose of my blog. Of course, to warn about the bad books, too. Because they are out there.

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