What's On Tonight?

 America’s Next Top Model comes on tonight. I love this show just for the utter bitchiness and backstabbing that occurs when you have 33 wannabe divas models who think they are the next undiscovered model. This show never fails to entertain me and this season promises to be a winner. The two hour premiere last week was awesome. The girls had to pose “nude” for their first photo shoot. Naturally, a couple of conservatives in the group, balked. Namely, Ginger. Ginger, with a towel wrapped tightly around her waist, felt that it was wrong to show your “private parts” in public. The other girl, think it was Becky, did end up doing it but was fearful that she would make her family mad. The other girls would do whatever it took to achieve this once in a lifetime dream. There are a couple of twins–Michelle and Amanda– in the group this year. Both are very good. Last year’s diva was Jade and this year it looks to be Monique or Melrose (who was scolded for being late to her second photo shoot with Jay, shame, shame).

Stay tuned for more.

Edited to add: The drama continues….a few of the girls balked at having their hair cut and styled by a noted hair stylist especially Jaeda and Monique (who cried because she had to take her tracks out). I really wanted Jaeda to go home but she stayed. Megan went home. I thought she had potential. I’m sure all the girls in the house wanted Monique to go home. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon. I’ve been wrong before in who would last so anything is possible. Until next week…

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3 Responses to What's On Tonight?

  1. ames says:

    Ooooh! I love ANTM. Unfortunately, I missed last week’s epi (out of town, no cable. 😦 ) so I missed all the drama. I love watching the girls cry when they have to cut their hair. LOL I’m awful. hehe

    I really like Ag-she’s still in right?

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Yes. Megan was eliminated. The girl whose mom had died in the plane crash and she was the survivor? I really liked her.

  3. ames says:

    I went to the website, and Megan’s picture was way better than Jaeda’s. Her mouth looked funny. 😛

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