Valued Member

Recently, I made the mistake of losing my membership card. Whoops. I was a proud card carrying member for 2 years and had never lost a card. I called to get it replaced and was taken aback at the interrogation I received for losing it.

Like where did I last use the card?  I can’t remember that. Can you give us a name or place your card was last used? WTF? It had been about two weeks or more since I’d used my membership card having bought zero books in quite sometime. Another question: did I purchase books online and when? Clearly that answer wasn’t good enough either and so she pointedly explained that the replacement card would be sent to the mailing address on file. Click.

Thank. You. Shit.

I was completely taken by surprise that I had to give these people exact locations of where I’d last used the card. It’s not a charge card.  Like I would go around knowing when my last point of sale took place. I was affronted when my answers were not satisfactory enough. Amused at the start, annoyed by the end of it. I asked the representative what was the purpose for all of this since I had given her my name and address. Well – they know where I’ve used my card and she wouldn’t confirm where it was last used. None of my answers were good enough. I guess I should be lucky that she decided to send me a replacement.

So, readers. Learn from my experience: don’t go losing your membership cards. You may or may not get that fucker back. Also, I won’t be renewing. I’ve had a change of heart. I don’t feel like a valued customer anymore.


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3 Responses to Valued Member

  1. Devonna says:

    I didn’t renew this year ~ and I’d been a member for over 5 years. But, after seriously thinking about it I just wasn’t sure that the cost of the membership was worth it.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Nah, it’s not. Waldens offers a membership program that costs nothing and saves me more money.

  3. Jane says:

    Wow. How sad. I didn’t renew because I didn’t feel like I was getting my $$$ worth. With the frequent coupons from Borders, I often find it cheaper to buy from there and Waldens. Barnes and Noble doesn’t seem very romance friendly.

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