Rant on Genre Trends

This genre is clearly getting played out quickly for me. How many different ways can you tell the same story? Plus, only a handful of authors do a good job at it anyway. Can you say market saturation?

I am tired of the WW and vampire story. Tired. Of. It. The authors writing it have nothing new to add to it. Nothing. It’s the same story that’s been recycled with a bit of something new. This is a well worn path already. Move on. Please.

I had picked up Nora Roberts new book, Morrigan’s Cross out of sheer delight because she was writing a vampire story. Everybody knows Roberts writes mostly about family dynamics, relationships and such so this is almost a new area for her. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t get into the book. It has a very confusing, convoluted beginning. However, I shall persevere and read it before the year is out. However, this is clearly a hot new trend here if Roberts has jumped on the bandwagon. Hot, hot, hot.

Just like your secret baby plots, werewolf/vampire market is saturated. I say enough already. Just yesterday I bought a book that looked interesting and come to find out it has werewolves in it. Great. I bought it anyway. It seems “different” but don’t we have enough authors writing about these creatures? Feehan, Kenyon? I’ve yet to read any of those two authors and have no immediate plans to read them either. J.R. Ward’s books I have TBR. There are only so many twists and turns to the story, you know?

I’ve vowed not buy another WW or V novel unless I’m already reading it. I’ve bought my fill. However the Rachel Caine book, Glass Houses, does sound interesting. I’ll wait for the reviews on that one, but I digress.  I’m pretty sure I stand alone here in my rant but as a reader, I’m tired of WW’s and vampires. Move on to something else. This market is saturated already. Next to Navy SEALS, I’m sick of WW and vampires. Sick of them.

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9 Responses to Rant on Genre Trends

  1. Kailana says:

    Have you ever read Patricia Briggs? I personally thought she did a very good job of the vampire/ww story. I suppose, I haven’t read tonnes of vampire novels, so maybe she isn’t comparable to other authors. I just really enjoyed Moon Called and can’t wait for the sequel to come out next year. 🙂 She also writes other fantasy novels that I am considering checking out.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    LOVE Patricia Briggs. She’s one of the few that I think does it right. Dragon Duology was very good. You should read those.

  3. name CindyS says:

    Yeah, it sucks when a genre overtakes everything else. I was that way about cute historicals and only wished to read more great V and maybe WW books. I do have a bit of an ick factor with WW (all animals) because there is well, an animal in the story!

    Still, you can thank me for the glut in the market for V and other paranormal stuff (okay TT, ghost and witches aren’t my fault).

    Like you say though there is only so much that can be done – how about a hero who isn’t the alpha of a pack? You know, change it up a bit.

    Still we could say the same about historical romances. Another spy? Another Duke of sin, scandal, badness?

    All the same, you get to rant about whatever you like because I know that eventually I will also be ranting about something 😉

    Connected books are slowly sucking the soul out of me. For. Real!


  4. jmfausti says:

    With the advent of new and horrible diseases and ongoing class warfare, I think that the vampire book will remain an enduring staple.

    I recently read ‘How to Read Literature Like a Professor’ and I still can’t get over the fact that the author says Daisy Miller was killed by vampires.

  5. Avid Reader says:

    It’s the same ole thing. I’ve noticed that follks don’t like change much. What’s popular everybody is going to want to jump in on it. I am just tired of all the different WW and V stories that are going to hit the shelf. I’m just not buying anymore of them – period with the exception of those I already own which is too much already.

    I’m always on the lookout for a nice juicy story that’s “different” and genre can’t be defined.

    Give me another Outlander story or another The Bronze Horseman story. I need more original stories!

    That’s just me.

  6. May says:

    I didn’t like Morrigan’s Cross either.

    I’ll let you know on the Rachel Caine one, if you like. She’s sending me an ARC.

    If you’re looking for something that’s Genre: Cannot Be Defined, I suggest Jon Courtenay Grimwood’s Pashazade. But only if you like cyberpunk.

  7. Avid Reader says:

    I’ll let you know on the Rachel Caine one, if you like. She’s sending me an ARC.

    May, thanks! I would love to know if it’s any good. I’ll have to look into the author you have listed there.

  8. Bev (BB) says:

    Hey, I really thought that Captive Mood by Clamp & – oh, heck I forgot the other author – well, anyway, I thought it had a great were “universe” without a vampire in sight. Still not sure if I want to read the books preceeding it but that’s primarily because I know they’re at least partially first person. But I am curious enough to look for them. 😀

  9. Bev (BB) says:

    Uh, that should’ve been moon, not mood. Sheesh. 😉

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