Hunter Killers

Ok. Time to mention one of my favorite comic series right now: Hunter Killers. I love the Hunter Killer series. I finished reading issue #6 after waiting six months for it.  Talk about annoyed and excited. It sold out quickly. This is one of the best comic series around. Hunter Killer is written by Mark Waid and penciled by Marc Silvestri. Great artwork with a great story, I think many people would enjoy this series.

The story arc centers around Ellis who was raised and isolated by his parents in an urban town. Ellis has no idea that his parents are apart of a rogue group of “Ultra Sapiens” who have went into hiding. They kept Ellis sheltered for a reason: to hide the truth of their existence. After his parent’s home is attacked, Ellis reluctantly joins the Hunter Killers, an organization set up to police the Ultra Sapiens.

So, what are Ultra Sapiens? Ultra Sapiens are those humans with exceptional gifts created for war. Their “gifts” are weapons of mass destruction. Many of these exceptional humans have no idea how lethal their powers are to society. Most of the Ultra Sapiens work for the government to bring in rogues of their own kind. Ellis has special powers as well—he is able to mimic the powers of other Ultra Sapiens within a limited distance from him. There are other characters with cool powers like “Cloaker” who is able to “cloak” your real identity and many others.

Each installment starts off with a hunt or assignment of a Ultra Sapien. The suspense is nice in figuring out who is the human with the exceptional power. And what power they have is rather interesting, too.  There are several threads in the story and one that interests me is Ellis. In Issue#1, he is interegated by the head of the Hunter Killers. It seems that Ellis has different answers from everybody else when it comes to knowing who is the (real) president of the United States and so forth. His information and his memories are key to the Hunters Killers but in what capacity? What else does Ellis know that society doesn’t?

There’s a bit of humor and great artwork and great story.  I vowed that this would be the only series that I would get involved in and wait for month after month because I have the patience of gnat. I fully understand those who wait for bound issues. I lie; there is yet another series that I enjoy just as much that I will review later. Meanwhile, if your looking for something fun and different, check out Hunter Killers while it’s still available.

Grade: A


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    Hey Keishon, what’s happened to your sidebar? It loooks pretty lonely with nothing on it!

  2. Avid Reader says:

    Hey, Karen, it’s down at the bottom! Plus, I’m still tweaking it. Did you see it?

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