REVIEW: 'New Moon' by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer was a much anticipated book by many readers. However, New Moon was a slight disappointment. The most captivating parts of New Moon for me would have to be the beginning and the end.

Yes, those are the scenes with Edward in it. However, the author decided to _not_ have Edward and the Cullen family included in much of the book and what a mistake. The reader is reduced to Bella’s delusions and oratory hallucinations of Edward in its place.

The story opens with the Cullen’s throwing Bella a birthday party. The merriment doesn’t last long when Bella gets a paper cut and nearly gets herself killed. So, the Cullens pack up and leave and Bella experiences her first heartbreak. I didn’t see the need to wallow in Bella’s angst as much as we did. I read every bit of it as quick as I could but it didn’t get any better. The author then goes on to start a thread with Bella and Jacob becoming best friends, creating a complication to be expanded on later.

The plot thickens even further when it is revealed that Victoria has come back to Forks to hunt for Bella. Victoria was apart of James coven and who was later killed by the Cullens when he went hunting for Bella in Twilight. It was the most suspenseful part of the book.

The thread then moves toward the Cullens return back to Forks when Alice foresees wrongly Bella’s death which would provide the impetus for Edward’s destruction. Thus to Florence, Italy they flee to save Edward and thus you have the reunion.

New Moon was not as engaging as Twilight in that we spent very little time with the Cullens. The Cullens for me make the book. The protagonist and narrator, Bella, happens to be the weakest character in the story and the most annoying. To spend most of this book with Bella and not with Bella and Edward together was what made this book a chore to read. I didn’t really care for the teenage angst. The thread with the werewolves was a bit uneven; for abbreviated time period it was menacing and at other times a joke.

Whenever the author is focused on Edward and Bella or the Cullen family – the story is pretty smooth. As a reader I’m engaged in the story. I am right there. However, in New Moon, there was very little of Edward or the Cullens except at the beginning and end. New Moon took longer to read because I could easily put it down and forget about it. I had high hopes that if Edward wasn’t going to be in the story, then the author would make up for that somehow with more suspense and an intriguing story.

So, what is the verdict from this reader? New Moon for me rates about a C+. It wasn’t completely bad nor was it great. All one has to do is read the beginning and the end and be ready for the third book. All the middle parts was just for filler. Boring filler. Subterfuge. I read most of it and skimmed the rest when I got tired of Bella’s silliness. Die hard fans are going to want to read this. New Moon will not be a book that I would reread but up on the shelf next to Twilight is where it will sit until the third book. I love Ms. Meyer’s voice/style of writing so that was never an issue. I think her writing much of the story without Edward and the Cullens was a mistake but that’s my opinion. I just don’t think there’s much story without them.

And one other thing: if Bella gets turned into a vampire then that will be the last of the series for me. I find her wanting to be a vampire rather stupid. Its her humanity that provides a challenge to Edward and the Cullens. It’s what keeps me reading. Without that complication, what would be the conflict? I could somewhat understand his dilemma in having her grow older than him and having that be a problem but -I just wouldn’t want it to happen unless it was absolutely necessary.
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  1. Jane says:

    My feelings exactly. I should have probably graded it a C+ too. I don’t remember Bella being so irritating in Twilight. I also agree with you regardng Bella becoming a vampire. Won’t all her uniqueness vanish when she becomes a vampire. Will her blood still sing to Edward?

  2. Avid Reader says:

    You were right to be somewhat wary of the follow-up. I was just incredulous many a time while reading this book. So let me get this right, to prevent the death and destruction of the Cullens by the Volturi, Bella must die? Please tell me this is a joke? I hope the author doesn’t expand on this stupid thread?

  3. Jane says:

    I think you are right about the middle being complete subterfuge and it reflects badly on Bella making her appear weak. The weaker that she gets, the more I wonder what Edward sees in her.

    Thankfully, this is a three book series and I will hope that Eclipse is strong enough to overcome the flaws in this story. Maybe when the books come out in ebook format, we can just add all of the books together and delete out the middle of Twilight.

  4. Avid Reader says:

    If I could just take out the middle of New Moon and put the beginning and end together for one book- that would be cool. Your idea sounds great, too. We’d make our own book. At this point – I hope the series doesn’t go any further than the 3 book deal. I went back to read your review and the comment that grabbed me was the werewolf thread being “sophmoric at best.” Agree. I had to laugh at the puffball transformations. It was cartoonish. Maybe this really was for kids?

  5. Kailana says:

    I am not happy, I don’t think I am going to like this book. To be honest, I thought that from the blurb about it, but I was trying to keep an open mind. I to be honest didn’t really like Bella in the first book, I found her annoying. I liked Bella and Edward together. So, now I am scared. I was so hopeful!

  6. Avid Reader says:

    Kailana – if you didn’t care for Bella, your not gonna want to read this one as Bella and all her angst is front and center. The beginning and the end were the only tolerable points in the novel to read. The rest was a real chore. I’d get this book from the library if you really want to read it. Just my advice. Simply put: Bella and Edward together make for a more compelling read than Bella by herself. The author made a huge mistake here–leaving the Cullens out. Leaving us with a very flawed story.

  7. Jane says:

    Did you read the comment by Kim over at my blog? She said that the werewolves turn due to being in close proximity to the vampires? Huh? Was that in the book? And that wouldn’t explain why the entire La Push clan didn’t turn given that the Cullens have been living in Forks since when?? Years now. And it doesn’t explain why there are no old werewolves. Only a Pack of 5 just now growing sui generis from the ground?

    I don’t want to say that this is just for kids because I think teens are pretty savvy. Wouldn’t they be able to tell that the werewolf mythology was completely unexplained? I wonder where on the ‘net they are talking about this. I’d like to see some commentary.

    The werewolf bit seemed pretty, um, dumb to me and ruthless. What is the point of torturing (emotionally) a poor character like Joseph Black?

  8. Avid Reader says:

    The Cullens as the author has us believe—have been in Forks for years. I guess I missed that bit about them turning into werewolves around vampires.

    Ms. Meyer’s research seems to be from other werewolf stories: highly irritable (check), high temperature (check), unusually tall (check) and the puffball transformation is a new one for me. At least in Brigg’s world, she had them popping bones and the like.

  9. Kailana says:

    What I will do is buy the second book with a gift certificate or something, because I am hopeful that book 3 will be better and I want to know what happens. But, the more I read, the less need I feel I have to run to the store and buy it. That’s so sad. Or, maybe someone will buy it and I can borrow it. I will figure something out because I am hopeful book 3 will be worth it.

  10. RenéeW says:

    Between your review and Jane’s review, I’m definitely not going to read this one. What a shame. I was so looking forward to it. At the end of Twilight it seemed that Bella would be turned into a vampire eventually. But like you, I don’t want that to happen.

  11. Avid Reader says:

    Honestly, ReneeW, you could skip this book and be prepared to read Eclipse if the wait for it is worth it. You really wouldn’t be missing much in New Moon.

  12. Amanda says:

    I somewhat agree with what everyone is saying, but I think that I liked New Moon just as much as Twilight. Yes, the storyline in New Moon is not as intense as in Twilight – but I still enjoyed it. I also agree that the plot is not AS good without the Cullens, (and I enjoy reading the story of the star-crossed lovers as much as anyone) but the break may have been needed. Something had to have happened between Bella and one of the Cullens at some point. it was just a matter of time. It just isn’t logical that vampires would all get along perfectly with a red-blooded, mortal girl forever…except Carlisle because he had been practicing for a lot longer. However, is just my opinion.
    – – – –
    I have read both Twilight and New Moon twice now, and seem to have completely different views on this subject than others. I enjoyed the read, even though others haven’t. I liked the way Stephenie Meyer wrote the book, and I felt for Bella when she was going through what some would call “withdrawal”. The way that her pain was described was powerful and made me want Edward to come back even more.

    I suppose it depends on the person who is reading the book, but i would still recommend New Moon to anyone who read Twilight.

    I apologize for typing so much, but I had to say it.

  13. Avid Reader says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I always encourage different perspectives. It’s what make discussions interesting. I just recovered your post today from my spam filter. I agree that Bella’s grief was pretty powerful but it went on a little too long. I don’t expect the Cullens to be in Forks forever but I guess for me, the Cullens make or break the book for me. Outside of Bella and Edward and the Cullens, there really isn’t much to keep my interest. I like conflict, suspense. Suspense was not as intense nor was well written. Much of what I read in the middle part of the book could have been shorter and most of it really wasn’t needed. IMO, of course. It was a entertaining read with Edward and the Cullens appearing the beginning and the end of the book, but New Moon suffered greatly for me with a weak protagonist in Bella and a dragging middle. I guess my anticipation got the better of me, maybe. Thanks for sharing a differing POV, Amanda. I appreciate it.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, Twilight in my opinion was much better than New Moon. Sorry to all those who disagree but honestly, not enough romance in New Moon……. I didn’t feel any real suspence in New Moon like, “OMG, I cannot believe Edward FINNALY kissed her!” or anything. To tell you the truth, Bella was starting to really get on my nerves. And I really pity Jacob because he got dragged into this whole thing. I’m sorry but the Twilight series isn’t the Twilight series without Edward and Bella romance throughout the entire thing. A waste of hard-earned babysitting money if you ask me…….
    Sorry to be negative!

  15. Avid Reader says:

    My feelings exactly Elizabeth. Without the Cullens, honestly, there is almost zero interest for me because they are responsible for the bulk of the suspense and like you say, romance via Edward.

  16. Shelly says:

    I loved New Moon. It was very intresting, not as good as Twilight but very good anyway.I really hope Bella does turn into a vamp because i mean she is like getting older and if i were her i would want to be one so my beloved wouldn’t kill himself when i die!

  17. Kaly says:

    I agree 100%. I loved it! I mean yes i do hope bella will become a vampire! Edward is very dumb to not want her to be one for she is killing herself in daily life anyway.

  18. Avid Reader says:

    Eventually, Bella will be a vampire so I’m sure that day is coming. I’m just averse to the idea of it all. How can Bella’s blood continue to sing to Edward if she’s dead? What many readers forget is how they actually met and what the impetus was that made Edward choose someone who was human in the first place – the fact that he can’t read her mind and that her blood sings to him, draws him, pulls him to her. All of that would be lost if Bella is a vampire. I liked New Moon but I just didn’t find it as fascinating as Twilight. Anyway, I am looking forward to the last book! Or should I say next book?

  19. Emily says:

    well, even if bella becomes a vampire, her blood still might ‘sing’ to Edward. but i agree with wht every one has said so far, the middle of new moon was a bit too much on the nerves. i finished twilight in less than an hour, and i got that feeling you get when the wind is in your face, and your heart beats so fast you just cant keep still, even for a moment. i think i did a backflip or something when i finished reading twilight, because i justt couldn’t control my actions any longer… i love the way stephenie meyer writes, and she reallt brings everything to life.. the conflict between edward’s feelings and how bells is towards him is, for me, exactly ‘withdrwal’, as someone said previously. but all in all, im waiting to see what stephenie can come up with in her third book… =)
    ps: sorry i typed so much… lol

  20. melie says:

    hey guys,ugh i agree with the whole middle of the book being a drag,but understanding her pain made her seem even more real to me[yes ,it did make her seem weak, but shes ONLY human]anyway i was at Stephanie’s web site and i dont know if you guys know this but shes writing this book like twilight but Edwards point of view!!!!! all of you Edward lovers are going to love this one.she lets you read the first chapter and it soo good but its not for sure if it will get published but i sure HOPE SO!!!!!!!!

  21. Katie says:

    Personally, I can’t say I hated New Moon at all. It wasn’t as good as Twilight, but sequels rarely are. I suppose it would be harder for an author to build on previous characters with new, yet believable and exciting situations, than to create interesting new characters in completely different scenarios. I really missed Edward when he was gone, but I think it was important because we needed to see that Bella loved Edward THAT much, seeing how in Twilight it seemed, to me at least, that he loved her more than vice versa. Also, everyone who read the book new that Edward would come back, right? Maybe not, but I had just read on Stephenie Meyer’s webbie that she wanted everyone to read the book twice so they could catch the characterization that went on with Bella and Jacob, because during the first read, everyone would be so anxious to find Edward. However, I must agree that the Cullens make the book and Bella is just the point of view, rather than an amazing character. I hope Edward never leaves again. 🙂

  22. melie says:

    hey its true!! i read New Moon over and ,since i wasnt searching for Edward ,i got to really focus on the characterization of Jacob and Bella and the struggles their friendship went through.i can also predict the trouble and pain it would bring Jacob when [if] Bella ever becomes a vampire.i also caught small details i missed i too reccomend to reread it if you havent already done so.

    still waiting for the movie!!!

  23. Caroline says:

    I agree that I am in love with the Edward Bella storyline,
    but I couldn’t put New Moon down!
    I was entraced by the storyline of Jacob and Bella’s delusions. The lack of Edward really gave the author a chance to showcase other characters who, I’m assuming, will play major roles in the novels to come. I felt that the book lent another dimension to the plot. It added a bunch of history to the characters and made it so that the reader stopped idolizing Edward as the perfect man. It showcased the faults of all the characters and just how well those faults work together to create the characters we all love. It may not have been the great romance that we were all expecting at the start, but it was really necessary for the series to have depth. I loved it.

  24. Jessica says:

    I agree that the 2nd book wasn’t as good as the 1st but without it, Bella wouldn’t have realized that Edward was hers to keep, and Edward would have never seen the depth of Bella’s love for him. I fell in love with Jacob Black. If he hadn’t come into the story, I could have eaisly left New Moon on a shelf to collect dust, but instead, I couldn’t let the book leave my sight! I give the book an A-!

  25. Bookworm says:

    I have to say, though this book was nothing compared to Twilight, I quite enjoyed it. The lack of Edward in the book, helped showcase the fact that Bella was more human than you think. When you read the first book, her reactions are so unreal-which makes her character interesting-but in this book you start to see how different from Edward she is, and how much she needs him. If anything you realize how strong their love is from reading this book, and how authority won’t take that love away. I loved how she expanded on Jacob’s character more, because it seemed to add a whole other plotline, another problem to be overcome. It makes me want to read Eclipse even moreso than before. I do agree the ending and beginning were the best parts of the book, but the ending wouldn’t have been the same if their time apart hadn’t been so long. Twilight may have been better, but this book was still extremely well written, and a good read. I still reccomend this book to anyone who loved Twilight.

  26. Liz says:

    um, i haven’t read the book new moon yet but from all of your opinions i think i will read it. But even though i didn’t read it yet, i do have a feeling that it won’t be as good as twilight. i read twilight 18 times and it never gets old but i don’t think that will happen with new moon

  27. Liz says:

    um i haven’t read the book new moon yet and from all of you guys’ opinions i think i’ll still read it anyways. but i will agree with some people that i don’t think this book will be as good as twilight. i mean i’ve read twilight 18 times and it never got old but i really don’t think that will happen with new moon. i am dissapointed to hear that the cullens aren’t in the book alot. anyways, is anyone else excited that they’re making twilight into a movie!!!! it probobly won’t be as good as the book but i’m still excited

  28. Avid Reader says:

    [quote post=”202″]is anyone else excited that they’re making twilight into a movie!!!! it probobly won’t be as good as the book but i’m still excited[/quote]

    Can’t say that I am as excited as you, Liz. Will keep a ear out on the reviews from readers like YOU, if you decide to see it.

    Bookworm – of course New Moon shouldn’t be compared to Twilight. I don’t think anything she writes after Twilight would be as good or even better. I was disappointed in New Moon because there was a lack of something there for me, and as a adult reading this book geared toward teens, I just wasn’t the least bit interested in Bella’s angst over Edward and didn’t care for it to take up so much of the book. However, I did read Ms. Meyer’s note on her webstie about reading the book a second time. I may take her advice but there are just so many books out there to read right now. I look forward to Eclipse, too. I still say this is a average read for me. It didn’t stand out like Twilight did. Now, the writing is excellent but so what? What good is a book to be well written and it doesn’t entertain?

    Thanks guys for all your opinions. I’ve read them all.

  29. Liz says:

    i have some news, its got nothing to do with new moon but i think its kinda cool. i was surfing the web trying to find out some cool stuff about twilight and i came across a website where stephenie talks about this new book called midnight sun and its Twilight but its edward telling the story from his prespective. shes no where near 1/2 way through but its around 300 pages. i recommened this web site to anyone who is crazy about twilight! go to google and then enter then go down to where it says 1st chapter avaliable and you can read the 1st chapter of midnight sun. check it out!

  30. Josie says:

    i feel the same way, i was a little let down by this book, i found it to be much more dull than twilight. i think that the story is just not the same without the cullens, and edward. i give it a c

  31. liz says:

    well i read new moon and no, it wasn’t as great as Twilight i’ll give u that. without the cullens in most of book especially edward(who i love!!!) just wasn’t the same. i think that was one of stephanies MAJOR mistakes. i do think that the author should have had a scene where bella and victoria ACTUALLY TALKED!!! i did cry at the begining when edward left her but i enjoyed that part. but my favorite part was when edward askes bella to marry him but i didn’t like the way she just dropped it after bella freaks out when edward askes her if it would have gone better with a ring. i am a little dissapointed. on the upside, i’m REALLY looking forward to the next book, Eclipes… but any way i give this book a b .

  32. Sarah says:

    When i started to read new moon, i pretty much read it for the romance and the love Edward and Bella shared. And the conflict of whether or not he’s gonna slip up and bite her. But i think the reason why Stephenie Meyer, the author, left off like she did in New Moon would be just so she can leave a big space for her to be able to write about what Bella and Edward..and Jacob are going to have to go through to protect Bella from the Volturi. So i look forward to the continuing of this great adventure Stephenie Meyer has written for us.

  33. liz says:

    you know what sarah, i compleatly agree with you. after re-reading new moon i think that it is a really awesome book and i can’t wait to get the 3rd book…eclipes.

  34. melie says:

    I am ttly!!! crazy about this series,i have read Twilight at least 5 times and iam still not tired of it.Some of you out there think Eclipse is the final but theres 2 MORE BOOKS! after that (including midnight sun).OH YEAH on Stephenie’s website they have a link to this site where there selling Twilight and New Moon t-shirts.There sooo cute! check it out!

  35. sarah says:

    TWILIGHT must have been one of the best books i have ever read! It has everything i look for in a book…..romance,adventure,suspence,thrills.I was so excited when i finished it so i could start on NEW MOON. But i thought i would read some comments about it first. I WAS SHOCKED BY WHAT I READ!!! A lot of what ive read says i shouldnt even waste my time reading this book, was the book truly that BAD??????? i just cant belive that!! TWILIGHT was…. evn though it was a fantasy, all the characters had the qualiteis that made the story ,to me, seem as if it really could happen. is NEW MOON worth reading? just answer that question for me. I love Bella and i looovvveee Edward,but help me!!

  36. melie says:

    hey sarah, different ppl have different opinion on New Moon but the only way to find out if it was that “bad” is if you read your self.In my opinion it wasnt that bad,but i have to admitt that the middle was slow and depressing but at the same time it made the characters come alive and seem more real than ever. so i recommend that you read it!!!!

  37. Twilightlove98 says:

    I liked it but bella .. edward kind of upset me. to say all those things. you cant blame bella for thinking she wasnt wanted after all. doesnt matter how many times you say i love you if you say i dont want you that can leave a scar on a person. he same one said that bella is so delicate do u not realize her heart is even more delicate especially if she loves edward so strongly.

    But he did say that he loves bella abd bella shouldnt loose faith in him so quickly. Like wat the hell. If you really truly think about edward he is SERIOUSLY not the type of gy to say I love you and then 3 days later say I dont want yuo anymore. I seriously doubt that.

    Heres the deal bella should be more faithful and Edward should have nver said those crappy things. But what killed me was all those days of mourning. I was dying.. like where did the words GO!!!! its like oct, nov, dec, jan,. I thought wat did Edward do to her. To the opposing sides well u were rite o how there needs to be more edward and the others were right if ithey liked the book. It really shos how much bella loves edward. She loves him enough to take rationally— more than I ever would, think of yourselves about this one…—– and say goodbye. that is pretty tough.

    It was kind of annoying though Jacob was who annoyed me.. not Bella. But if.. I use that very loosly, if she writes a series to Midnight Sun you could really get inside edward head. It is eye capturing.

    And just so you know If you didnt like the bok u wouldnt have finshed it in the firts place. TUST ME you would have stopped. That shows the book was interesting to you. You were curious!

    In the end Edward comes back so its all good.


    That part when edwars proposes to bella was cute. I hated her response. She was so freaked out. it was funny.
    Even if bella turns into a vampire… dont you want to know if they have a baby in Breaking Dawn?… Think about it!

  38. melie says:

    i know its fun to think about a baby coming in breaking dawn but its probably not(sorry to pop your bubble 😦 , i know it popped mine)anyway Stephenie(my heroe!)doesnt believe or at least doesnt want her book to portray pre matal sex.she turned that whole idea of edward and bella having sex along time ago.which is probably why i still read her books they have love but they have morals to.

  39. Lexi says:

    When I first read Twilight, I was in love with it. I read it several times over and over, until I went out and purchased New Moon. I was deeply disappointed. Twilight was captivating and alluring. I stayed up all night reading and couldn’t stand to put the book down. But, with New Moon, it wasn’t so difficult. I agree with all of you, the best parts of the book included Edward and the Cullens. I nearly squealed with excitement when Edward was mention more habitually and was finally back into the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Stephenie Meyer’s writing abilities, but the sequel failed to do the same for me as Twilight did.

    Though, I’m almost embarassed to that I cried in the beginning, when Edward was breaking things off with Bella. I was devasted! What sort of hope does that give us, drooling over the perfect, god-like, Edward? And then towards the end, when Edward was explaining his love Bella, I got emotional. But other than those parts, I was bored.

    I want Bella very badly to become a vampire, so that Edward and Bella can live equally and in peace, but I agree with Avid Reader, will Bella still appeal to Edward if he no longer thirsts for her blood? Where is the suspense, the action, the fear that keeps us on our toes when she becomes a ‘monster’ like her beloved?

    I hope Eclipse will not be a disappointment as New Moon was. I am so anxious to for it’s release!

  40. liz says:

    OMG, i agree with all of u! every single one of u! lexi, same thing happened to me… twilightlove98 i so agree i wish they would have added more of the cullens in the book…but y is steph so against having a baby? my fav. part though is the part where edward askes bella to marry him but they shouldn’t have left it haggin there!!!! i really can’t wait for eclipces

  41. sarah says:

    a few weeks ago i posted a comment asking if i should read NEW MOON or not. Melie you were so right about reading that book. so many of my friends how have the exact sme thoughts as me absolutley HATED that book. but it turned out that the book, in my opinion, was as go as TWILIGHT. mabey slightly better. so if any body out there is thinking that this book aint worth while, trust it is!!!!!! :cheerful:


  42. SARAH says:


  43. liz says:

    OMG!! go to stephenie meyer’s website,, and read the info about eclipse… its comin out Augest 7th…!!!!!1 finally!!!!

  44. melie says:

    :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: I cant belive it, i have been waiting for what seems 4ever, iam trying to analyze evrey single detail ,like the cover (a teared red ribbon)maybe it means their love tie will be broken? i dont know but i cant wait till……………..AUGUST/7/07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Kaitey says:

    i thought that new moon was a great sequel and i really cant wait for the next one :heart:
    it makes me realize just how much love can mean to someone
    and how difficult life is
    i wish every momen of everyday that i was bella :ermm:

  46. Austin says:

    i just finished twilight a few minutes ago, and read the beginning of new moon that is in twilight, and from what you all say, the beginning is really good, but i only got the first chapter, but you guys say there is a lack of edward in the story, but my assumption is that there will be more edward in the next book (eclipse i think its called, not sure) and less bella, so that will make up for the so called ‘bad’ middle part in new moon.

  47. Monika says:

    I loved Twiligt
    New Moon was only amazing during the parts where edward was included
    I don’t reall know what Edward sees in Bella
    I love Edward
    I can;t wait for Book 3
    And 4
    And 5
    I wan’t Edward and Bella to both be vammpires but that would screw up a lot of things in the novel probably
    It would be great if they had a child but I think thats impossoble since vampires don’t change their like age and appearence so the kid would stay a baby forever…true?
    Did I mention I love Edward?
    I think melie was right about what the ribbon on the Eclipse cover Exemplafies
    But I hope not since I want Bella and Edward to stay together forever
    I hope bellas character bcomes less annoying in Book 3,4,5
    I love Edward
    And people who love him and Twilight rock!!!!!! :biggrin:
    Bye Bye

  48. Monika says:

    Bye the way…
    I don’t think on stephanie Meyers website that any of the characters she chose to possibly play in the upcoming movie match with the book.
    thsts jsut my opinion though
    The girl she chose to play Rosalie looks to moderna and umm well s l u tt y
    no offence
    Ive read Twilight 101 times
    Ive read New Moon 2 times
    But Ive read the beginning of new moon and the ending of new moon 101 times :sideways:
    Excpect me 2 write again
    Bye people
    P.S: IF anyone has info on Eclipse or anything to do with the twilight series or something like that..,WRITE IT ON THIS WALL PLZ! :w00t:

  49. Kisa says:

    I read New Moon first and I personally though it was a little better than Twilight. When I was reading New Moon I couldn’t put it down I was glued to that book for like a day then I found out the Twilight was the frist one and I had to pick it up. It didn’t draw me in like New Moon did though. I though that having Edward leave was nessary to show how much she relies on him and how much she needs him. I agree with a lot of you and disagree with some of you. I can’t wait for Eclips comes out, I wanna throw a party or something I have so many friends that are just in love with them.
    Well Ttly peoples

  50. melie says:

    i think its so cool :w00t: that we all love the same book ,we all have different ideas of how the characters look if they were real. i like seeing how the author thinks they look. i dont exactly agree with her choices but still interesting to see. anyway it sucks that stephenie has no voice in what goes in to the movie, even though its her book :dizzy:

  51. sarah says:

    wow!!! monika you sure love Edward! but dont fell bad…..i think im in love with him too! unfortunatley i dont have any news on ECLIPSE or any of the book 😦 but i agree with you about the girl playing Rosalie ( i dont remember her name) but she does look kinda slutty.( srry no offense to anyone out there who would find that offending)
    but anyway if any one has any info, any at all, be sure to write it here!!
    oodles of thanks!!!!! 😉 :biggrin: :tongue:

    p.s. i still :heart: edward! CAN YOU SAY SEXY??? :heart: :heart: :heart:

  52. Monika says:

    Edward is sooooo sexy
    Oh well hew already taken he he
    After readin New Moon again, I found that Edward leaving Bella did show how much she relies on him… many thought all her wining and hallusinations was boring and stupid but it does show how she needs him and how strong their love is. I can’t wait for Eclipse and i hope its Great!

  53. Austin says:

    hello, back again, i finished new moon a couple days ago, and it was kinda boring, but like Kisa, i was glued to it and couldnt wait until Edward came back, and personally (though you may find this dumb) i hope Bella becomes a Vampire and lives happily ever after with Edward and Carlisle, and Esme, Rosalie(eeeh),Emmet,Jasper,AND ALICE I LOVE ALICE YAY!!!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ALICE :happy: :kissing: :heart: :heart: :heart: :kissing: :heart: :kissing: anyways, my friend thinks that in Eclipse (i kno for sure it is name of next book) something will happen and Bella wont become a vampire, and Edward had a good idea, he will blood her if she marries him, and of course they are helplessly in love so that wont really be a problem, i hope. Anyways just post and ill check my email every once in awhile, see what you guys have to say, ty for reading. BYEZ!!!!!!!!!!

  54. mary says:

    hay I’m from Croatia and I read just first book because the second is not raning out… :blush:

    p.s. I’m sorry for mistakes in text…. :ermm:

    twilight forever :wub:

  55. melie says:

    sorry this might sound stupid :blush: but… where exactly is Croatia? just wondering! :silly: anyway is anyone going to the Eclipse Prom! i wish i could i go but unfourtunately i dont live in tucson anymore booo :cwy:

  56. mary says:

    Croatia is in Europe … :w00t:
    where are you from?
    and,what will happend in the end of new moon?edward will ask her to marry him and what will she sad?


  57. AznTwilightLover15 says:

    Hey..Well I just finished reading New Moonlike this morning..Hm. the book was only ok…i agree that Twilight is sooo MUCH better!!!! but overall New Moon was good….XD The middle part of the book was like soo boring…and i found myself kept on reading until Edward appears in the story…again…I think the author made a mistake taking edward and all of the Cullens out of the story…it was never good without Edward!!! Haha and the cullens! I mean…i didnt really like reading about Jacob…er..kinda boring……I just cant wait until Eclipse comes out!!!!! AUGUST IS WAYY TOO LONG!!!!!!!! :getlost: :angry:

  58. mare says:

    yes but what happend in the end?????someone tell me….. :cwy: :cwy:

  59. melie says:

    hey mare:w00t: uuuhhhh wats the fun in that? :wassat: read the book! :heart: try it if its sooo boring that you cant survive, then ill tell u the ending! 🙂

  60. mare says:

    but in Croatia the second part is not on croatian and on english I don’t have!!!O c’mon ….please :cwy: :blush:
    o my god I wrote this last comment afternoon(is one o or two?) but here was 7 in the morning….wow….so so far away……we are…..


  61. melie says:

    okkk so in new moon(sorry if i forget anything important)evreything is fine until the cullens throw bella a birthday party. she opens a gift and gets a paper cut that starts to bleed. then jasper cant resist and lashes out.Edward, after that starts to act weird and quiet.bella notices the difference and when shes about to ask wats going on, he asks if they can talk. they go on a walk and…. he totally dumps her and tells her he doesnt want her anymore. bella is soooooooooooooooooooooooo broken that she starts to do things that are dangerous to provoke hallucinations of edward. during bellas time of pain and eternal suffering she and jacob become rather close friends even when jacob wants more out of the relationship.(sorry this is sooo long)jacobs friends start to change and bella finds out that there all werewolfs including jacob. the evil(wast her name? the one with the fire red hair)anyway .. shes still after bella. on one of bellas attemps to hallucinate by doing something dangerous she jumps of a cliff into the ocean.Alice sees this in a vision and thinks bella is dead.Rosalie tells this to Edward while Alice is away to check on charlie. but bella is not dead. she almost drowned but she doesnt. bella goes home a nd sees one of the cullens cars.then she meets alice and is incredibly happy to see her.alice then tells her that her beloved edward has gone to italy to the “volturi” deadly royal vampirer family who will kill to protect their secret.the only reason that someone will seek them is to pretty much commit suicide. thats wat edward has in plan. bella and alice ahve to stop him since bella is not truly dead.(wow iam tired :ermm: ok.. anyway thye get there and find out that edward is gonna expose the volturi’s secret by standing in the sun at a huge public event.bella almost doesnt make it and tackles edward. he thinks that hes ion heaven, he then gets that shes alive and him not dead.volturi guards take them into custudy into an underground the end they make them promise that they will turn her into a vamp.edward and bella make up and jacob is once again left out.the intensity of their love triangle rises when they get back home. bella has to choose btween the love of her life and the best friend that os always there for her.

  62. melie says:

    :shocked:OMG!!!!! i know i made alot of mistakes on the last comment and iam truly sorry if i left out anything important(its been a few months since i read this book)if you would like to correct me, or if i got anything wrong or you just wanna add to it, go right ahead 🙂
    i still recomment that (mare) you still try to get the book,i know i left alot out)

  63. [quote comment=”1014″]You were right to be somewhat wary of the follow-up. I was just incredulous many a time while reading this book. So let me get this right, to prevent the death and destruction of the Cullens by the Volturi, Bella must die? Please tell me this is a joke? I hope the author doesn’t expand on this stupid thread?[/quote]
    yea s thNXS FOR commenting back sorry it took me so long I had a llot to do!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! but yea I am counting the days till ECLIPSE comes out… hey did you know that there isgonna be a secret book besides Breaking Dawn :w00t: it is so hoit but I wasnt supposed to tell.. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere :ninja: I pre ordered it!! New Moon sucked the part was awful when all of a sudden it just stopped the words..
    I was like EDWARD what the hell did you do to her! :shocked: It was like .. yea
    but I hope you enjoy your read and do keep in touch! :silly:
    but i'm relly tired :sleeping: messsage me soon :lol: :cheerful:

  64. mare says:

    wow…thank you…well I read first chapter and I was crazy because I didn’t have the rest of book so I readed on internet what happend later…and red hair woman is Victoria…i guess… :devil: and bella will not die….that’s sure because the book will be totaly stupid if that happends…so….. :getlost:
    and I try to get a book… 😦 😦
    today in school was crazy…I get 1 or how do you say F I think….hihi :biggrin:

  65. melie says:

    hey twilightlove98 wats the title of that secret book? wear can i pre-order? :cheerful:

  66. Monika says:

    WHERE IS THIS SECRET BOOK AND WHERE CAN I GET IT!!???!! PLEASE TELL ME! shame on u for keeping secrets like that its not good for my blood pressure to know u have a secret like that and not know what it is. MARY! IM Croation to! I don’t live there but I’m half ITalian half Croation. U rock! :w00t: :w00t:
    I cannot wait for eclipse! apparantly on the twilight lexicon the like president of that website read eclipse and said it is the best our of the three so far. I am sooo excited. Breathe Breathe….

  67. mare says:

    weee Monika!!!!!!I’m from Zagreb,and you? what about secret book,,,and we all love twilight you need to tell us…. :angry: :blink: :biggrin:

  68. Liz says:

    heyy, geez, i haven’t been on in a while i kepp reading new moon and twilight over and over again! I AM OFFICIALLY OBBSESSED! :wub: I went to go let me english teacher borrow my twilight book and…and, well, i…i couldn’t let go of it. it was then that i labled myself as obbsessed!!! OMG! AUGUST IS TOO FAR AWAY! i’m from michigan but im in arizona cuz… IM GOING TO THE ECLIPSE PROM!!!!!!!!! (with my boyfriend who is being edward tonight!)it’s gonna be so awesome! and i get to meet stephenie! well g2g to get my dress and shoes! byee!

  69. Domino says:

    I guess I would have to agree with the majority of people here and say that to me New Moon was a bit of a let down. I loved Twilight, it’s the best book I’ve ever read. But New Moon just made me angry. I bawled when Edward left because Edward is who I’m in love with. What’s a sequel without Edward? That would be like the Bible without Jesus, or Elmers without glue. I never learned to like Jacob Black because I was just trying to read as fast as I could to get through the book to see if Edward would actually return. But Stephenie Meyer did advise people to go back and reread the book so they could learn to appreciate the person that Jacob Black is. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I could read it again. I think I would not like Jacob more if I reread it. People ask me why I don’t like him, cuz it’s not his fault. But I just think he seems weak, and too willing to do whatever Bella wants. I was very happy at the end of the book when Edward returned and things were good. I’m just nervous that he’ll leave again, even though he though promised not to, I’m just uneasy. But I am sooooo excited about Eclipse. And I do think that Stephenie Meyer is an awesome writer…the best.

  70. Monika says:


  71. callie says:

    i think that the reason we were all so irritated with bella is because we felt exactly how she did. all we wanted was for edward to re-enter the story so that we could “be with him”. and i think that’s exactly what stephanie was trying to do. she was building up the annoyance and the agony and the long hours spend pining away for Edward, so that when he finally did arrive, it would be beyond amazing.

  72. Liz says:

    sorry monika, i can’t do that, it will spoil everything! :devil: :biggrin: :angel:

  73. Monika says:

    Liz | Quote
    May 9th, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    sorry monika, i can’t do that, it will spoil everything!

    :pinch: If I were a vamp Liz…I’d come and suck ur blood! :devil: Just kiddning but not really… I sort of get what is happening in chap.1 because I read stuff on the so its okay. Im sort of phsycic.. (if I spelled that right yull get it)… like my little brother has leukimia bad and I had a dream a week before hed be diagnosed with it and I knew when my gramps was gonna die and i had this dream that Eclipse bad! :cwy: but dont trust me…Im just tellign u what I think. yah so anyways enough of my phyco rant… BYE! :w00t:

  74. Monika says:

    Dudes…egnore my last post lol
    They have A PART OF ECLIPSE IN IT!
    go into forums for eclispe and its there somewhere! :w00t: :w00t: :biggrin: :w00t: :heart: :cheerful:

  75. mare says:

    hy I read new moon and it’s great!!!! bye

  76. lalalala says:

    lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala i want the book :alien: :ninja: :heart: :happy: :biggrin: :silly:
    really really badly

  77. Monika says:

    dont we all????….
    i also want edward
    te he he

  78. lalalala says:

    OMGW!!!!!!!! if u go 2 youtube u can watch a clip on the actors/actoresses for the movie Twilight!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  79. Owl says:

    Where can I read the first chapter of Eclipse besides the special adition of New Moon?

  80. Liz says:

    WOW, is it me or is august WAY to far away!!!! i mean can’t they release it eairlier than Aug. 7th?????? 😦

  81. lalalala says:

    dude im soo siced about the mvie and book

  82. Hannah says:

    I have to disagree with the people that didn’t like New Moon as much as Twilight. Even though Edward was not present in most of the book, I did NOT think that the middle of the novel was a “filler;” the middle of the book was Bella suffering from a heartbreak. Months had passed by her while she didn’t want anyone to remind her of Edward because she loved him beyond anything, and it hurt her to remind herself that they were not together anymore. I do agree that I mostly enjoyed the parts with Edward in the book best, but because of the absence of him shouldn’t make the story any less than it is. Read carefully, go beyond the page. Put yourself in the character’s shoes, and realize the situation. That’ll help you in difficult books too.

  83. Austin says:

    I WANT THE THIRD BOOK NOW!!!I WANT IT NOWW!!!!! (third book is Eclipse coming in august) I WANT IT FREAKING NOW!!!!!!

  84. jen says:

    I thought it was stupid that Stephenie Meyer thought that people could open windows in airplanes, and pay for things with thousand dollar bills. Other than that i liked it.

  85. Hannah says:

    What are you talking about? Alice payed the guard in Italy with thousand dollar bill to drive her CAR (not airplane) in the city when only tour busses were allowed in! What you sayed never even happened! That’s OK though, that made me laugh.

  86. Lexi says:

    I think I wrote in a previous comment that I didn’t like New Moon as much as Twilight for the lack of Edward for most of New Moon. When I first read New Moon, I was so devasted. When I realized Edward was really leaving, I frantically skimmed through the book looking for ‘Edward’. And I was relieved when I found he was coming back. And that’s the only reason why I went through the ‘filler’ part of New Moon, or the middle.

    Buuuuuuuuut, I reread New Moon recently, and I truly love New Moon, not more or less than Twilight. And I also used to despise Jacob, but he really was a great friend for Bella when she was suffering her heartbreak.

    So enough of the rambling. Long story short, New Moon is not like Twilight. It’s not lovey dovey, it shows how much Bella needs Edward.

    August seems to be coming verrry slowly.

  87. Hannah says:

    Thank you Lexi for that comment. I’m glad that you feel that way about New Moon. I LOVE New Moon, and I also LOVE Twilight. You are completely correct about New Moon being nothling like Twilight, and so people compare sequels to the first book and get disapointed if their favorite character isn’t in the book as much. Edward is still in New Moon, and still loves Bella… yes. I new that Jacob was great to Bella, and yet I couldn’t get over my dislike to Jacob because he wanted to be more than friends to Bella. I just loved Edward and Bella together too much to see her with someone else. Juliet loves Romeo not Paris, remember? LOL. But I read Stephanie Meyer’s FAQs for New Moon and the title means the darkest part at night, which is used to represent the darkest point in Bella’s life, and so Edward looks like he’s not going anywhere…yes. I also agree with you Lexi, August isn’t comming fast enough!

  88. Julia says:

    I am reading New Moon, and to be honest, I am stuck. Somewhere in the 200’s. I think the only reason that propelled me to read further was that I knew Edward would come back eventually. I understand Bella’s angst, but really…I was thinking to myself, after about one hundred pages of this….WHEN IS EDWARD COMING BACK ALREADY?

  89. Hannah says:

    I don’t mean to spoil this for you, but Edward comes back, and it’ll explain why he left! I know that you may be stuck, but remember that Bella lost Edward, and she’s suffering a heartbreak. If this helps, the words New Moon is the darkest part of day, and it represents the darkest part of Bella’s life (so there’s usually only one bad part of your life). You’ll LOVE New Moon, and you’ll be dying to het ahold of the first chapter of Eclipse. I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought the special edition of New Moon and I read the first chapter of Eclipse, and I LOVED IT! Trust me, you’ll LOVE New Moon! I CAN’T WAIT TILL AUGUST!

  90. Thalia says:

    [quote comment=”1035″]I somewhat agree with what everyone is saying, but I think that I liked New Moon just as much as Twilight. Yes, the storyline in New Moon is not as intense as in Twilight – but I still enjoyed it. I also agree that the plot is not AS good without the Cullens, (and I enjoy reading the story of the star-crossed lovers as much as anyone) but the break may have been needed. Something had to have happened between Bella and one of the Cullens at some point. it was just a matter of time. It just isn’t logical that vampires would all get along perfectly with a red-blooded, mortal girl forever…except Carlisle because he had been practicing for a lot longer. However, is just my opinion.
    – – – –
    I have read both Twilight and New Moon twice now, and seem to have completely different views on this subject than others. I enjoyed the read, even though others haven’t. I liked the way Stephenie Meyer wrote the book, and I felt for Bella when she was going through what some would call “withdrawal”. The way that her pain was described was powerful and made me want Edward to come back even more.

    I suppose it depends on the person who is reading the book, but i would still recommend New Moon to anyone who read Twilight.

    I apologize for typing so much, but I had to say it.[/quote]

    i agree with her. if the cullens didn’t have a break in the book, it would have been to much for them to handle. i enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t as captivating. i hope the third book is more … u know what i mean. but i enjoyed the book extremly. i only agree with u guys a little about the middle part of the book.

  91. Thalia says:

    I WANT THE THIRD BOOK SO BADLY!!!!!! I think I’ll lose my mind if i dont have it! Doesn’t August seem to come veeeeery slowly now?

  92. Unequa says:


  93. Hannah says:


  94. Lindsey says:

    Twilight was the best book i have ever read! I didn’t think i would like the New Moon as much but it got pretty good. All i can say though is if Bella doen’t end up with Edward in the end of Eclipse it will suck!!

  95. Hannah says:

    I loved New Moon and Twilight both! People who didn’t like New Moon as much as Twilight because of the lack of Edward eeds to realize that it was bound to have happend… but the good thing is that Bella and Edward are together again! YAY! Bella and Edward will be together in Eclipse at the end for sure… I read the first chapter of Eclipse weeks ago… It’s AWESOME! I’m SOOOO excited for August for Eclipse!!!!! 🙂

  96. Lexi says:

    You know, Unequa, you’re actually being pretty rude. Anyone and everyone is free to state their own opinion, and not once as anyone said anything negative. You can say what you feel, but you don’t have to verbally abuse people.

  97. Hannah says:

    Lexi, though I encouraged Unequa, I do have to agree with you. Everyone is untitled to their own opinion, but I couldn’t nit-pick at New Moon, like many have… I enjoyed and appreciated it too much.

  98. Avid Reader says:

    I appreciate different opinions and perspectives even if it happens to differ from my own. So, let’s not attack another person for their opinion because at the end of the day, it is just one person’s opinion. I’ve enjoyed reading all the different opinions on New Moon and like many of you, can’t wait for Eclipse. As fans of Ms. Meyer, are there other authors out there that you all can recommend while we’re waiting for Ms. Meyer’s next book? I’m open to fantasy novels, historical fantasy, loved Megan Whalen Turner’s books.

  99. Lexi says:

    I regret making anyone feel like I was attacking someone. I just meant to say that everyone has their own opinion, and you should call anyone names for it. But you said, Avid Reader.

  100. Hannah says:

    I know a book to recommend while we’re all suffering the wait for Eclipse. The book is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s not out yet. It’s out this month though. J.K Rowling was my favorite author before Stephanie Meyer came along and wrote Twilight and New Moon. Now Stephanie Meyer is my fave author… Duh!

  101. Monika says:

    I WANT ECLIPSE. IM GONNA DIE IF I DONT GET IT SOON! Man i am WAY to obsessed. I think that New Moon was just as good as Twiligh…EXCEPT….NEw Moon needed more edward….but New moon had more of a clear plot. It was less scattered then Twilight.

  102. leslie says:

    I have a bunch of opinions about the books in comparison.. but it seems like everyone else basically thought the same way I did. xD
    haha so this is going to sound stupid but all in all, it didnt really really matter which book is better to me because i just think of it as all one big story with the whole edward and bella situation. WHICH is amazing because i love reading about edward and bella, what they go through and how they turn out. Even if i knew that new moon wasn’t going to be as good as twilight i still would’ve bought it because i just HAD to know what would happen next. basically, i really LOVE them. and i think even if twilight WAS better than new moon was still better than a lot of books that I`ve read. so yeah just putting out my opinion(=
    oh and i can’t wait til eclipse comes out and i also wanna get midnight sun which is edward’s point of view of the twilight story. IT must be even crazier to see things the way he does if you know what i mean. sometimes i read over some parts in twilight and wonder what is edward thinking right now? or why’s he acting like that? so yeah, its gonna be awesome [x the first chapter was already so fascinating and you can find it on stephenie meyer’s website as someone just said earlier. Yup, I’m done.

  103. Hannah says:

    My opinion is very similar to yours. I do agree with you that it dosen’t matter to me which book is better… I don’t think Twilight was better than New Moon, or New Moon was better than Twilight. I loved them both. I’m excited for Midnight Sun to come out also! But I’m super excited for ECLIPSE to come out! I bought the Special Edition New Moon about 2 weeks ago and read the first chapter of Eclipse. I also read the Eclipse quotes of the day, everyday. I love trying to figure out if any quote would give something away… I think one did… but I’m not going to copy it down on here only because I’m sure it’s illegal. But I’ve pre-ordered Eclipse online over a month ago- unfortunately my small town dosen’t get the book until at least a month late. I know… that realllly sucks- oh well, like I said, I pre-ordered it. Well, I think I wrote a lot already… sorry about that. Bye.

  104. Monika says:

    You know what? When I got New Moon, it never even crossed my mind that the book could dissapoint me. It didn’t I was so oblivious to any faults because I just love these books sssooo much. It’s only now after analyzing things i will point out any faults. In the end…I DONT CARE! I loved both books with a passion and I love the Twilight series.

  105. Hannah says:

    I agree with that too.

  106. Julia says:

    Hey- I’m back. I read New Moon (a loooooong time ago now) and I’m sticking to my opinion that it wasn’t so good as Twilight.
    It wasn’t terrible, just it wouldn’t be a book I’d read twice. Twilight though, on the other hand 😀 537635673567 times. Yes, I knew Edward was bound to go sometime…but the expected won’t make the book better D:

    I can wait for HP&TDH, and Eclipse too! YES

  107. Hannah says:

    I disagree with you, but I do respect your opinion… and I CAN’T wait for Eclipse!!

  108. Monika says:

    I don’t really care. I just want Eclipse 😉

    I’ve read Twilight 537635673568 times 😛

  109. Hannah says:

    I want Eclipse too!

  110. Calida says:

    Okay…this kinda ruins my hopes for New Moon to be exciting…thanks for the input though, it was most helpful, and I’ll try not to fall asleep when I’m reading it…

    And I think there is a fourth book coming out. I just looked at Stephanie Meyer’s official book website and she seems to be working on a fourth book…But don’t take it from me…it’s just something I skimed over…

  111. Hannah says:

    No, really, Stephanie is making a fourth book. It’s called Breaking Dawn. I’m going to get Eclipse in a few days! I had to order it online because my town’s stores won’t get it for another 3 weeks at least… so the wait comes to my benifit I guess. See ya!

  112. Liz says:

    I READ ECLIPSE!!!! and OMG I CANT PUT IT DOWNNNNN!!! um about what melie said about her turning the idea down of edward and bella have sex… well um dont be so sure of that 🙂 thats all im sayin. g2g byee :))

  113. Liz says:

    on my last comment when i said “her turning down… ” i meant stephenie srry!

  114. Hannah says:

    I FINISHED ECLIPSE 2 DAYS AGO! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! I won’t give anything away… I’m not going to be responsible for hurting someone’s feelings for posting spoilers! Enjoy Eclipse everyone! And a message to Stephanie Meyer: YOU ROCK!
    I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn! Cheers! Have fun everyone!

  115. mare says:

    What about sex??What is going on please tell us,some of us are not going to read Eclipse at least for one year because they don’t live in America…so please

  116. Karry says:

    OmGosh!! I was reading through this trying to find out if there was gonna be abother book after Eclipse and I just had to comment!!! I love Steph Myers’ books!!! Twilight was amazing and I spazzed out to read the second immediately!!! Omgosh! The end of New Moon left me screaming in desire for Eclipse. I’d have to say the end of Eclipse wasn’t as heart attack causing but it was humerous and all around likable. I totally wanna go to a prom based around these books! *jealous*

  117. mare says:

    I just end with reading New moon and it’s great and it was on english because they didn’t translate on Croatian yet.And I don’t think that Eclipse is going to be here in Croatia I need to now what is going on in Eclipse!!!

  118. Monika says:

    Eclipse was awesome!!!!!!!! I really liked it better than New Moon, and there are 2 more books coming out. Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun which is Edwards POV on Twilght.

  119. leslie says:

    yep. and for the ppl who so badly wanna know what happens in eclipse, do u really want us to spoil it for u? its so much more worth it when u read it the first time even if u have to wait….(= atleast i think so. im not even done with it, im in the middle somewhere. I wanna take it slow and enjoy every freakin detail =D

  120. Karry says:

    I enjoy every freakin detail of all the books! ^-^ I really can’t wait for the book with Edwards POV!!! It will be intresting to learn more about his family and what goes on inside his head. Besides, I find Bella personally selfish and a bit whiney. The story is nothing without all the Cullens. My favorites are Alice and Jasper definately!!!

  121. Liz says:

    mare, i will tell u privetly so that i dont spoil it for every one but i need you to do me a favor!! email me your email address so i can tell u – mine is

  122. leslie says:

    i think bella is anything but selfish. whenever shes in danger she hates putting the ppl she loves in danger too right? she doesnt want them to get hurt because of her even when she has every reason to be afraid– thats definitely unselfish don’t you think? and i dont think shes overdoing the whining because if she did i would notice lol and im not getting irritated so its all good with bella. or maybe im just biased in the way that she fits in the story. because i LOVE her character. i love how shes so plain and ordinary and not a super hot tall barbie. i love how she doesnt have to be a super hot tall barbie for edward to fall in love with her. Edward being so freakin gorgeous like an angel from his head to his toe. Even she doesnt think shes good enough for him or deserves him. but still his heart is hers and that isnt gonna change. Instead of falling for rosalie, hes in love with bella. The average girl won this time. she won against a beautiful goddess with long wavy blonde hair. maybe not goddess but the book describes rosalie as HELLA PRETTY. and yet she doesnt even have 1/100 of the attraction bella has for edward. SHE GIVES US ALL HOPE. haha no im kidding, but you see my point? thats why i think bella is cool

  123. leslie says:

    oh yeah i DEFINITELY cant wait for edwards pov either. it has to be more, exciting than bellas. the first chapter of midnight sun was so…………….damn good already(= i want more. haha

  124. mare says:

    weeeee…thanks liz!!!

  125. melie says:

    it is sooo good and if you havent read it yet… you should be ashamed!
    i lov this book sooo much! and if you are a JACOB fan you have to read this one!

  126. leslie says:

    hmm but maybe she was a little selfish in eclipse(= in the chapter titled “selfish” haha. I didnt like how she couldn’t make up her mind between jacob and edward. Maybe its because im not a jacob fan…. but if i was her and i knew jacob didnt think of me the way i thought of him i would have been more cautious when im around him. I would have been a one-man chick. I dont think either one of them deserved to be getting this from bella. She knows that she can’t keep them both and trying to would just hurt them even more. I don’t know, but i have about 4 more chapters to go. After that, another longgggg wait for stephenie meyer’s fourth book. *sigh*

  127. Karry says:

    okay Leslie, I do totally agree with you on the piont that is completely awesome that the average looking girl won. And Bella does have other characteristics that I can relate to. Such as her hate for parties. Haha! but I find it selfish how she makes Edward choose between him and his family by using an excuse she knew would hurt him. Also her being in love with Jacob was infuriating. She was just hurting them both by noet being able to choose. how sad. oh well, sigh. haha! I can’t wait for the 4th book. I kinda wish that Steph Meyer would make all the books in an edward POV version. Hehe, too bad.

  128. leslie says:

    yeah when she told him to uhm stay with her..i was like, you can’t do this ._. but if he left I’de understand why she wouldnt be able to take it. I wouldnt be able to take it. But if he could risk hurting himself in new moon so that she could be better off she should be able to risk hurting herself for him and his family too. yaddimeaan? haha jk so yeah, that wasn’t very fair. we know how much edward’s hurting about that, so she definitely played the guilt card on that one. Atleast she feels guilty for playing the guilt card though. it just frustrates me that all the while she got closer to jacob… >:[ i like him and all. But now shes doubting her feelings for edward? i mean HOW DEEP is the love? PRETTY DEEP considering everything that happened they’re dangerously in love with eachother. how can jacob get in between a love that deep? I’m sorry but i think edwards being too nice about letting her hang out with jacob. Edward is bella’s boyfriend, boyfriend is even an understatement we all know they’re more serious than that. He’s spoiling her, by allowing her to spend time with someone who’s hitting on her! best friend my ass. she knew that being a friend isnt enough for jacob. You should just pick one person and stay true to that person, or you just might lose it all. If you’re in a serious relationship you can’t be going around considering other options.. right? it would hurt everyone if you keep going back and forth jacob and edward jacob and edward, JUST FOCUS. this is my opinion right now, but i still need to finish eclipse and see how i feel then(=

  129. leslie says:

    i know that was long but, i have a lot to say(= so yeah forgive me

  130. lulu says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ECLIPSE
    but i hate how she ended it cause now i might just go crazy with suspince!!!!!!rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbut i still love it!!!!!!

  131. Hannah says:

    Hi everyone! I’m baaaaaaacccckkkk! LOL! Well, I can proudly and successfully declare that Eclipse was the best book I’ve ever read! The Twilight novels just keep getting better and better! Well, I can definitly agree in saying that I LOVE the fact that the “ordinary girl” and the perfect guy fall desperately in love! I love how Bella’s not the definition of a “mega hottie,” you know, possibly blonde, a cherleader or another athlete, graceful, or super skinny. But she is still beautiful, she’s got a very unique personality… and we all know that Bella’s not “ugly”… duh. LOL!
    I have mixed feelings in the statement: “Bella is very selfish.” Bella does not want anyone to get hurt over her. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if anyone got hurt fighting for her. So, she does not want to be selfish. But Though I do say that I don’t think that Bella is selfish, I have to consider that Bella is deeply in love with Edward, and love makes you make rash decisions… well, I wouldn’t know… I’ve never fallen in love… I’m only 14. But if I was in love, I could hardly imagine. Bella wanted to have her best friend Jacob, and her true love Edward. Is that selfish? Maybe, some might say that. But wouldn’t that hurt someone? It hurt Jacob… it was going to hurt one of the two.
    I’ll wright again. I’ve written enough for now. TTFN! I really CAN’T wait for Midnight Sun. How will I ever be able to wait? Well, enough of my rambling… Bye!

  132. Karry says:

    Alright Leslie described it way better!!! I guess the word isn’t selfish….I guess it’s more she’s spoiled because she knows edward doesn’t want to hurt her feelings so sh uses that against him. Asides from that Bella is an overall okay character. I was pretty poed at Jake for most of the book, but in some parts I did sort of feel bad for him. IDK. hmmmmm, I guess Hannah was right when she said one or the other would end up hurt, but it’s better she just chose instead of hurting both by hindering between one and the other. I can’t wait for edward’s POV cause I want more of the story to be about the CULLENS!!!! I love them!! hehe! Oh and hannah, I’m only 14 too. Don’t feel bad. Not all of us can get Edwards even though we all wish!! Haha!

  133. Hannah says:

    Thanks for the recognition, Karry. Though I thought a little differently, I still respect everyone’s perspective, and their opinions. I know, I’m so glad Bella chose Edward. I mean, she loved Jake, but, it wasn’t nearly how much she loved Edward… yes. I love the Cullens too. That’s awesome, you’re only 14 too. Well, gotta go and leave someone else to reply later… see ya!

  134. leslie says:

    thank you haha

  135. Karry says:

    YAY!! hehe! Thanks Hannah! Anyways, you’re welcome Leslie! I’m so glad I found this sight! It is so nice to hear other people’s opinoins on the books, even if they aren’t the same as mine. I respect each person’s perspective too! It’s so great to talk to people who Steph Meyers’ books just like me!! Did you guys hear that they’re gonna make a Twilight movie? Well I gotta go! But I’ll be back!! Haha!

  136. Karry says:

    Wow I made alot of mistakes in my last comment!

    1) I put the wrong word! I meant site not sight! Whoops!

    2) Also I meant to put It’s so great to talk to people who LOVE Steph Meyers’ books just like me!!

    I think that was it! Please forgive my brief lack of intelligance!! haha!

  137. Monika says:

    it was stupid how she finally realizes she loves jacob…whats up with that?

  138. Monika says:

    To talk about Eclipe and the Twilight universe more …come to on the message boards and forums and join. My name is Evangaline on them! COME!

  139. gesshes you guys who comment rude things about book just need to shut it and keep your rude opions to your selfs!!!

    i think stephenie meyer is doing a amazingly great job !!! keep it up good work.. superb !!! thrilling !!! let the author write the book the way she wants geesh !!! >:C

  140. Hannah says:

    No prob Karry, for the mistakes, remember, we’re only human… LOL! Anyhoo, I know, I love this blog, and comunicating with people who like similar things like books. Well, gotta go, sry it was so short. Bye!

  141. Karry says:

    Thanks for the reassurance Hannah. We can’t all be perfect like the Cullens. Monika, I checked out that website! It was pretty sweet. I love the name Avangeline so MUCH!!! Oh, and “Stephenie Meyer is the best” Just for your information we talk about Steph Meyer’s books BECAUSE we think they are amazing. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but if you don’t like it then why don’t you just keep YOUR opinions to YOURSELF and not come on our message board to be a snot.

  142. Hannah says:

    Thanks for the props… LOL! Well, I really LOVE writing whatever I want about the books, something we all have in common… we love Stephanie Meyer’s books! Anyhoo, I got a lot of homework, sry I had to cut this short. Bye! 🙂

  143. Karry says:

    I love writing about the books too! that si why am so happy to have found this site! THANK YOU STEPH MEYER FOR WRITING THESE BOOKS!
    By the way Hannah, you have homework? When did school start for you? I still have about a week. YIKES!

  144. Krys Law says:

    I want her to go with Jacob Black! His way better for her and way sweeter!! I read the third book the ending is soooo heart wrenching! I wanted to cry. It put me in such a mood for a couple of days 😦

  145. mare says:

    I”m reading Eclipse and it’s great!!!!I love Jacob,edward is acting so stupid…I don’t now but now I prefer Jacob…bye

  146. Karry says:

    Okay, so maybe Edward can act stupid but I still like him better than Jake. Jake is sweet don’t get me wrong but he’s also pushy and tricky.

  147. Mary says:

    Actually i disagree i was finding myself anxious to see what happened with the whole werewolf things. don’t get me wrong i was angry when edward left but duh i knew he would come back it was too obvious that he was lying to me cause thats what he said in twilight that he couldn’t live without her and that she was is life, so it was kinda obvious that he was gonna come back eventually.

  148. leslie says:

    okay yeah, if edward didn’t come back I wouldn’t like that very much though. Because I like his character in the book, and my thoughts are like karry too. I don’t think Edward is acting stupid? Which part? Except some things he says are pretty corny :X thats the only thing. I like jacob too. And when he compares himself and edward, like the sun the air as opposed to a drug. I was like that’s so true. But it’s not edward’s fault hes a drug he HATES how bad he is for bella. He didn’t chose to be a vampire and he knows that he’s dangerous for her which is why he left in new moon. Although we all know, they’re inseperable anyways [; right? hopefully :X

  149. Krys Law says:

    I would of prefered Edward if he didnt come back! Jacob was more there for her.

  150. leslie says:

    ahah, okay. It’s your opinion

  151. Hannah says:

    Hey everybody, especially Karry! I haven’t been able to blog in a while because I’m so busy with school, homework, and cheerleading practice (long practice hours.. urg.. oh well, I love it). School started back up on August 20th. I live in Florida, I know, far away form Forks! Anyway, I love the way the books are written and I’m gonna have to disagree and say that I love Bella with Edward. I couldn’t see it any other way. Jake’s a cutie friend, but I’m SO glad she chose Edward, and they’re getting MARRIED! I would squeal like an excited little girl, but you can’t hear it so just imagine me annoying you. But I’ve written enough. I don’t want to bore anyone. Bye buds.

  152. heather says:

    i can’t wait till i read the third book. (i’m only on the second book). so far the second book is very good, anf i hope edward comes back to bella. So i can’t wait till the third book comes out. Oh and my fav book would be twilight cause thats were all the action is but i don’t know yet cause i have to wait till i get the third book.

    #1 fan
    Heather Nicolini

  153. Karry says:

    Hey to you Hannah! I totally agree!! i agree with Leslie too, it is your opinion Krys Law,but i still think Bella and Edward belong together!!!!!! EEKK!!! *Fan Girl Attack* I can’t wait for them to get married!!!!
    by the way Hannah, i totally know what you’re saying with the school thing. Ugh! I had math homework on the first day!! Geez! But I did get to go to a concert last night!! sEE YA BUDS!

  154. leslie says:

    i had a quiz on the first day :X

  155. Hannah says:

    I’m so glad that we agree, or that we think along the same lines guys. And I couldn’t imagine Bella with Jake, he’s cute and husky, and she loves him in a way… a big way, but like Stephanie Meyer says in her Eclipse FAQs, everyone loves someone else in a completely different way. But she loves Edward 100 times more, in a head-over-heels, totally in romantic, and irrevocable deep true love. YAY! Anyhoo, It’s a Sunday, and I’ve already completed my hw yesterday, so I’ve got a free rest of the day! Cheers everyone!

  156. leslie says:

    ahah, im gonna start mine today. Total procrastination -__- any advice on how to quit that bad habbit?

  157. leslie says:

    I was gonna put something down but i forgot. Hmm what was it again, haha
    Oh yeah
    I love that edward cullen (: and I think a lot of us do. We all want a guy who will be there to PROTECT us. Pretty much the typical thing to want. Even better, someone who will ONLY look at YOU, when a crowd of other hotter and prettier girls are fighting for his attention (= A guy that knows when to take charge as long as it’s what’s best for you(= thats kind of hot. Pushovers are … yeah.
    And edward, knows when he’s being a jerk to bella. Smart and funny and won’t let you think of yourself as inferior to him cause he loves you so much. It’s like your flaws don’t matter. Wow, I need a guy like that because I have SO many flaws
    Basically! the qualities of edward that i hella diggggggg (x lol
    Really when you think about it, guys today..can learn a hell of a lot from him. Too many playas and assholes now a days 😡
    it’s like, they should just be real, be true. :l and hell no I don’t think that’s too much to ASK. haha

    omg, please excuse the cussing (= ahah. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today

  158. leslie says:

    okay, in english they want me to speak my opinions and participate. Its an assignment that I am to be graded on and right now i have 0 points!
    if only the topic was about bella and edward, shit, I would totally ace that assignment [=
    It’s just that im so shy.. my classmates are so.. NOT. They are smart and fast and outgoing and it makes me feel like I can’t compete with them ):
    its like, I dont even know if i can handle honors
    My peers always have like, GENIOUS answers to the teacher’s questions. And i have nothing, my mind is blank. All I do is stare at them with awe.. lol and maybe, wonder how the hell i got into the class with these smart people 😛

    Oh Sorry, this website is about stephenie meyer and her damn good writing, and I’m babbling about my own problems. My gosh
    I apologize.. (:

  159. Karry says:

    We forgive you leslie. I finished all my homework in studyhall. You know what you are so right about he guy thing!!!!! Maybe our expectations are to high but I don’t think an honest nice gut is to much to ask!! Someone who loves you for your good stuff but even more for your flaws!! Someone who won’t be shallow or care if you’re really skinny!!!!! RAR!! Boys suck!!! I want the Cullens to be real!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Hannah says:

    Heya Everybody! Sry I haven’t been able to write for almost a week, but school has got me SO busy! I’m absolutely exhaused (too bad I actually have to sleep… JK… I know I’m not funny, but I can try… LOL), but I can handle it. Leslie, about the procrastination thing, don’t worry, lots of people have that problem. I SO know what you mean… about the whole guy thing. I don’t know any nice guys that AREN’T perverted, or rude, or completely absessed with sex. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it, but I really would like to find a nice, respectful, and smart guy that knows how to treat us. Amen!… don’t worry, remember, I know I’m not funny. But, I know what you mean when you say you’re shy, there are people in my English Honors (I know I’m in honors classes too!) class that are very shy also. Just say what you think is right, don’t worry about it! Just be yourself, and don’t try to impress anyone. You were put in that class for a reason, they’ll accept you for you. Sorry to turn into Dr. Phill, but I can’t just not say anything to try to help! Well see ya everyone! BYE!

  161. leslie says:

    ahah, It’s okay I like it when you turn into Dr.Phil cause it really helps me out. =D

  162. Hannah says:

    i completely disagree.
    New Moon was an amazing book!
    Meyer needed to bring out more of Bella in this book, so the reader could learn more about Bella, without the Cullens in the way. this book in the series seemed to be Bella’s own life, feelings, and her entire personality in general. i mean, who can truly understand a girl who would rather be with a vampire than a human? the reader needed to further understand Bella to actually follow the series. Meyer has yet to disappoint me.

  163. Hannah says:

    YAY! I hope it did! Well, gotta go unfortunately, my dad needs the computer. Bye!

  164. Hannah says:

    The Hannah person with the entry # 162 was not me. I guess there’s 2 Hannahs, how cool!

  165. Karry says:

    I love you Dr,phil and I agree with you 100%! Haha! This weekend was Homecoming dance at my school so of course it was full boy drama! UCK! I don’t think boys ever grow up!

    Unless they live forever like the Cullens! HAHA sorry, but i’m obsessed with them.

    *Sigh* This website just so turned into the dr.phil show! This weekend I found out that my crush had been using me cause he knew I liked him! What a jerk! Oh well, at least i can always retreat from the real world into a good book! Talk to you guys later!

  166. Hannah says:

    Hey everybody! Sorry Karry about homecomming and your crush, I guess not all guys can be like Edward. I guess that’s a good thing because then they wouldn’t be so special, but I wish they were easier to find! My homecomming is on Oct 12 for me. I’m a cheerleader, and the football game ends one hour before the dance! AHHHH! Well, bye!

  167. leslie says:

    I’m obsessed with the cullens too (= stephenie meyer’s books are hekkaaa inspirational for me, i love them. They’re my escape sometimes too forreaal ! haha.
    and as for the being used thing. I’ve been there =l hence my posts before. Guys now a days are ~!@#$%^&* . yeeap. reality really does get in the way of things gets in the way of how u want things to be. hmmm =/
    but its nice to be able to talk to people bout ur problems sometimes

  168. Karry says:

    I SO AGREE WITH YOU LESLIE!!! Hehe! This is gonna sound lame but Leslie and Hannah are like my 2 of my bestest buddys! :p Sry if that’s lame.
    I hope your Homecoming goes better than mine Hannah! GOOD LUCK! c:
    Edward is specail!! So are all the Cullens!!! Maybe if we all wish really hard some half way decent guys will appear! ~I wish the Cullens were real, I wish the Cullens were real!!~ Haha! Well gotta go unfortunately. Homework and BLEH that stuff! Bye everyone til next time! ** ^-^

  169. Hannah says:

    Awwww! Thanks Karry, your awesome! That’s was so not cheesey! I totally agree with you, reading the Stephanie Meyer books are totally escape from my hectic and busy life! THIS might sound cheesey: the Stephanie Meyer novels have totally changed the perspective of guys… I know, that nobody’s perfect, but I’m totally into nice, respectful, and may I say cute (hot) juys. Well, gotta go, it’s FRIDAY! YAY!

  170. Karry says:

    Thanks Hannah you didn’t sound lame either! I totally agree! I think that’s why i’m so obsessed with the Cullens. Even though it’s mostly Edward they all seem like the image of the perfect boyfriend. You know nice and smart! Hot too! Tee-hee! We’re so silly! I love this website! Haha! Well g2g! Sunday ew! School 2mro! Ew! Bye 4 now!

  171. leslie says:

    forreals, school tomorrow and I procrastinated because I was busy today. I hate reality I want my life to be like those awesome thrilling stories you read. Bella for example. Lucky ass chick, she gets to meet someone like edward cullen. And it seems like she can finish her homework like THAT *snaps my finger*
    well anyways, i know i said the whole ordinary girl thing bella has going on gives us hope. But then again, she’s one popular chick and a guy magnet. Which is something I’m definitely not, no hope for me there. )= there must be like a gazillion girls out there who are prettier and funnier and just better than me, all in all. and i’m getting tired of competing with them, maybe because i CAN’T compete with them. Bella isn’t really that ordinary, once you think about it. There just might be some other girl who’s even more plain and ordinary than bella, nobody knows her name, and edward doesn’t even know who she is. And she just wishes that she was bella, because bella kind of has it all. I’m not saying she’s perfect, I’m just saying she’s still lucky. She’s got jacob AND edward and all those people who care about her. And her life definitely isn’t boring.
    I guess I’m posting this cause, thats just how I think today, how i think right now. sure, bella’s in a sticky situation. But some people, some people are just waiting for the days to pass watching all their best friends living the life of their dreams. And even through all bella’s problems, she can’t even bring herself to regret coming to forks. I’m still waiting for my life to start =/
    ok, i’m gonna go. It’s been a longgg day, i’m gonna go find some encouraging music to listen to so hopefully I’ll quit being so emo-ish
    laters everyone
    and thanks karry and hannah for taking time to actually read what i put. haha

  172. Karry says:

    I’M THAT GIRL! Leslie I can so relate. I’m the even more ordinary and plain girl!!!! Bella so is LUCKY! Why can’t real life bo so full of excitment and stuff! Instead mine’s just consists of MOUNTAINS of homework and me getting pulled into stupid drama about boys that doesn’t even involve me!!! UCK! You know I’m still waiting for my life to start too. Maybe after I graduate I’ll study abroad! Yea! That’d be nice. Well sorry to babble so much! Haha! Gotta go bake cookies for the soccer team and finish some math homework! TTyL or watever they say!

  173. Sierra says:

    I like many others found myself very upset with Edward and the rest of the Cullens leaving. And I constantly found myself waiting for her next delusion, I even had a bookmarker where Alice returned and one where Edward returned, I love to reread all three of these books though but have decided that the next time I decide to reread New Moon I will only read the beginning and ending as suggested.

  174. leslie says:

    well i just WISH. ): rar ):

  175. leslie says:

    what the heck, the rest of my post is gone )x

  176. leslie says:

    and i agree with sierra, whenever i reread some new moon parts, Its only the begining and end for sure. lol no offense to jakeee. (: but hmm except for the parts where shes hearing his voice in her head, that was WOWWWERS!
    kays, BYEBYE [;

  177. anthony says:

    i absolutely loved these books and like all good books i just wanted to pause my life and jump into them

  178. Hannah says:

    OMG! Anthony, you read the Twilight novels?! You’re the only boy I ever hear about reading the Twilight novels! That’s SO awesome! I’m so glad you enjoy and appreciate them! May I ask you what components of the books draw you to them? Well, toodles everybody! Gotta go! I get braces in 11 days! OUCH! (I know, that was random, but I had to say)!

  179. Karry says:

    Holy SOCK!!! Anthony you are my new hero!!!!!!!! Same question as Hannah!!!!!!!!!!! Tee-hee! Sierra I book mark my favorite parts so I can go back and read them too!!! Well, g2g Byez!

  180. leslie says:

    wow. wow, wow, wow anythony. tell me what its like in a guys point of view i really want to know (= its reaal hard to try to make guys read books, like seriously. My attempts have failed ): so, its really cool that you’re reading these books. GOOD STUFF HUH? yeah forreals. I HOPE I CAN WRITE THAT AWESOME SOMEDAY ;]

  181. leslie says:

    holy sock? lmao

  182. Karry says:

    Hee! I like to say Hoy sock it’s funny. Leslie do you like to write???? Anthony is probably like all our heroes now. Do you think it’s weird to be a guy teading from a girl’s piont of view??

  183. leslie says:

    A guy reading from a girls point of view is cool. It’s what we called open-minded and its just damn awesome [: some guys are too proud to do that or whatever :P. Anyone seen memoirs of a geisha? Well its a movie based on a novel that a guy wrote. And the book was in the geisha’s pov, coool huh? and YES i like to write. sometimes. (: (: (: haha but sometimes my stuff don’t make sense. So i don’t do it much anymore. Cause I’m not very good at expressing my thoughts i guess. Although it might not seem like it from my past posts, expressing myself is still difficult for me. but one thing i do like to do i read, i like to read whatevers interesting and good and exciting. chyeahh. Which is why I am such a fan of stephenie meyer’s writing! If i can write like that, I swear it would be so SOO cool (:

  184. Hannah says:

    Hey everybody! Anthony, please write, we’re all dying to hear what you think in depth of the Twilight novels! Thanks!

  185. Karry says:

    Hehe! I love to read too! And I also like to write so it’s so cool to hear from someone else who also does! I WISH I could write as well as Steph Meyer too!!!!! Oh well… I guess some are just blessed! Anthony leave a post before we all die waiting.

  186. leslie says:

    OMG, people have been posting some opinions about bella that i really disagree with. Even opinions about jacob, i think i have a better understanding of him now. I tried to reply but the site thing won’t let me so, I’m just gonna express my opinion here because i know that I can trust my post to show up here. =)

    I might like edward more than jacob. because jacob can be tricky, but only because he loves and wants bella so much, and he’s always been there when she needed him, like always. Edward is hella noble and sweet and protective. and..hottttt. lol but yeah. And pretty much perfect. Like the most perfect guy you can ever meet. I like bella because she’s so ordinary, and she may make some mistakes, the chick’s only human give her a damn break >:[ i’ve read some darn negative comments about her, its only natural for me to get defensive and stuff cause i like her character a lot. I know that people have their opinions, but here’s mine. There’s nothing wrong with bella, she’s just being a girl. Love can be powerful and complicated and it can destroy you. She’s just trying to deal with that. Even if she caused anyone harm you know it wasn’t intentional. The only thing she intended was to have a bestfriend and a boyfriend and hope it all works out. It’s QUITE a problem when your best friend is in love with you though. But Jacob was like her sanctuary, he kept her from walking around like a zombie for too long and actually put a smile on her face. A REAL one. Really, instead of blaming her for leading him on. We should just be happy that this girl just might make it out of this mess. And I just realized, I mean I totally love edward cullen I think he’s the best. I think he’s perfect. But I love bella for her imperfections and plainess. I should love jacob for that too, he ain’t perfect. And even though people are getting hurt and everything is becoming more disastrous. These people CAN’T help it. Because edward can’t help that he’s a vampire and might accidentally kill or harm his lover in some way. He can’t even bear it. Jacob can’t help being the way he is and his sly sneaky ways of winning bella over, he’s just too damn in love with her. Maybe there will be more problems when he imprints but he can’t help that either because he’s a werewolf. and bella? The poor girl just wants to be happy and everyone around her to be happy. She can be selfish sometimes, but it really isn’t that bad. She wants her lover and her bestfriend. And she wants them both alive. How many of you want to keep your bestfriend and your boyfriend? I don’t think its too much to ask, cause most people do have it that good. YES, bella loves her bestfriend, but as a bestfriend. and she can’t help that he loves her in a different way. You can tell it hurts her that she can’t return that love and that he’s gonna be in pain because of that. So in a way, everyone is good in that story. Everyone has their own version and point of view, you kind of have to be more understanding and look into that. Also, for those of you who think bella’s weak and all. Let me just tell you, she sure as hell probably won’t be when she becomes a vamp, or if she becomes a vamp. Some people compare her to jacob and edward and they get annoyed that she isn’t as strong as them. Like wtf. People, They Are Supernatural. You’ll just see when she turns into the supernatural. It should be badass, because she’s already special as a human the way her mind works and everything. I mean c’mon, even aro could see that in new moon, and he suggested that she join the volturi along with edward. We’re talking POTENTIAL. MAJOR POTENTIAL. Okay, this is pretty long I know, I have lots of thoughts =] thanks for reading.

  187. leslie says:

    wow i did write a lot.

    this is just spose to be my reply to people and their negative opinions about bella and jacob and edward. (:

  188. Karry says:

    You are so write! Bella will be totally BADASS as a vampire!!! Tee-hee!

  189. Karry says:

    I want to write a really long post one day! C;

  190. Liz says:

    eclipse is the best book of the three is you ask me. i think its the most romantic but also really annoying. (But that makes it good!) i think it was really awesome ans i cannot wait for book 4!! cant it come out sooner?!?!?! jacob is really starting to get on my nerves and i want to strangle him!!!! all in all though. it is good

  191. karry says:

    Jake annoys me 2. I think Eclipse and Twilight are equal in greatness. Newmoon wasn’t as good but it had the best ending out of all 3!

  192. kelly says:

    hello…im so obsessed with twilight, even though im 13.. anyways…this book is awesome…i cant wait till the new moon…im getting it soon….but yeah….it is a mistake to not include edward and the cullens……urrgghh….edward……i love him (L)..hehe

    anyways….twilight was the most awesome and loving book i ever read

  193. Karry says:

    It’s okay that your 13. Seriously, Twilight is amazing no matter how old you are! I miss Leslie and Hannah 😦

  194. Hannah says:

    Hey Everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted in AGES! I’m still crazy for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse! Do you know what I can’t stand or believe?! Girls (only a few though) that have read the Twilight series act like they’ve never read them, like this: this one girl acts sooo fake, and flirts with every shallow guy, and lets boys feel all over her! Doesn’t she see the passion, the romance, and AT LEAST respectable boys out there, instead of acting like she read a cheap, slutty novel! Sometimes, I wonder where people’s brains are! I know you guys are die-hard Twilight fans like me, and I know what you think! But please respond and tell me what you think. I want to know other people’s opinon about this, other than my twin sister and my best friend. Oh, and I missed you Karry too! Peace out. 🙂

  195. Karry says:

    Yay! You’re back!!!
    And I totally agree (as usual)!!!
    There is SO much more to a relationship than just the physical stuff! There is the feelings and connection between the two people’s hearts!
    ALL the shallow preppy girls in my school read Twilight and then go around saying they love it s much, but don’t they see the message of the story? TRYE LOVE! But all they care about is well… you know.

  196. leslie says:

    hey, that’s their problem. As long as I know that I am for real (=

  197. leslie says:

    and i know you guys are forreal as well ;] ahah !

  198. Karry says:

    Yay! Leslie’s back too! I think we are all for real!! And all my guy friends are for real too!! But there just some people who aren’t they tend to bug me.

  199. Hannah says:

    I agree too (as usual), LOL! I wish Icould write more, but I’m not supposed to be on the computer.
    PS. I’m glad everyone is back!

  200. antonia says:

    i have read new moon twice. at first it was a disappointment to not have edward in it but after the second time i read it it got better i have read new moon over 3 times and everytime i read it it gets better and i do agree that the ending and the beggining were the best parts because they had edward in it but even so the book is a great read and i love it.

  201. antonia says:

    awwkary even tho i don’t know u lol y does jake annoy u i kinda feel sorry 4 him. but yea u r kinda rite he keeps getting in the way of bella and edward

  202. Bridget says:

    I think Both the books were very good New moon made me cry when edward left bella I think that the books are fine just the way that they are It makes me made to read what some of the other people have to say about bella I love your books and you have inspired me to write a book of my own I do not think that it will turn out as good as twilight new moon and eclipse and the on coming books.

  203. Kirsten says:

    new moon was just as good as twilight. you people dont think that though because i bet you prefer edward… over jacob. twilight is all about edward and bella. new moon is mostly about bella and jacob. but dont we all just prefer edward and bella?

  204. leslie says:

    Grr. you know how im hella into this stuff and i read a lot, just to get my mind off of other things. books are sometimes like, SO useful. because if you’re really into a story you can just escape to it and live someone else’s life whenever your life sucks. Bella’s character makes me think that i can be as plain as i want and it won’t matter as long as i don’t change and try to be someone im not. Except sometimes i do. and part of that reason is because theres other people that make me feel inferior, so i get irritated whenever those people say that they’re crazy about twilight and can really relate to bella’s problems. I know it sounds bad, but what the hell? That doesn’t sound right. Because they have so much that i dont have. And I’de hate to say it, but damn i was jealous. :X cause they have so much confidence and get so much attention. and i always thought of twilight as this good story i found that could inspire me. strange, but i was glad that they didn’t know about it. Until now, it’s stupid, but i don’t feel that inspired anymore.

  205. Caity says:

    i dont care what everyone says, i love this book. it gives me butterflies and makes me smile. 🙂
    i love the twilight series and i’m in so much suspense waiting for breaking dawn! i’m also pretty stoked about midnight sun! stephenie meyers is AMAZING

  206. Yasaida says:

    sorry if you donot onder stand i am not so very well on english but i like to read in english thou.

    well i have the first book name twilight and a love it. When i finish the book i just want to read more but i dont have the second one named new moon. i dont think that, new moon is so interesting because i have read that edward is not to much on the story and what i like about the story that stephenie write is that there is love between edward the vampire and bella the human and if there is no edward there is no love. i have the third book named eclipse is very good but i dont get what happen in the final charapter. I now that there is goin to be a forth book named breaking dawn and that it would be out on the fall of 2008. If you go to stephenie web site you are goin to find a lot of imformation. There said that they are making the movie TWILIGHT that is goin to be about the firts book. I read that the movie is in production an that they have all ready choicen the most 2 important charapt that those are edward and bella. For edward will be the actor Robert pattinson from harry potter and the globet of fire and for bella will be the actress Kristen Stewart from Devils were prada the movie twilight will be out on the fall of 2008.

    sorry for written to much is just that i am ecxited for the movie and the new book an you know i am realy a fan ok bye stephenie i love all your books.

  207. leslie says:

    oh, you should read try reading new moon then if you havent (= edward is still in the begining and the end, but just not just middle. and even if he’s not there stephenie meyers still makes the story good. i also think its interesting how bella has these illusions in her head and how the meadow takes part in the book, but something different happens. Anything stephenie writes is great, so i don’t think you would want to miss out.

    and im starting to ignore the whole others getting into it is bothering me thing. whateverrrr. i hope i can find more books that are as good as this, if its possible =)

  208. Lauri says:

    New Moon is a good book, but I think that Twilight was much, much better. New Moon actually made me cry when Edward left Bella without telling her where he was going…

  209. antonia says:

    yasaid u should really read new moon n order 2 understand eclipse that is y u don’t understand the last chapter read new moon n u will understand i would tell u what happens but i wont bc 1. that would take up way too much space and 2. i dont want to spoil it 4 u

  210. Karry says:

    WOW!! I have missed alot!! I guess that’s what I get for not having internet!! Haha! I guess since it’s 2am I shouldn’t stay on long but! I love Steph Meyer! She is ultimately talented!!! And Jake annoys me cause he is always trying to move in on Bella behind Edward’s back.*shrugs* Gotta go! Bye yall!!

  211. kelly says:

    Omg… i got the two toher books for christmas… i got New moon and eclipse…. i read twilight,Newmoon and im almost finished eclipse….. New moon was so sad..well i guess it did have a happy ending…. i actually cried… when edward leaves her… i was sitting on my bed..curled up in a ball crying…lol… its just…im so into it…lol.. and what get me mad is when jacob is getting in the way…

    *shrugs* Well.. got to go.. tell me about what u think..

  212. Liz says:

    Hey everybody,
    sorry that i haven’t been able to post anything new. i had a “trojen” virus in my mainframe and lost the internet. again im REALLY sorry. but anyways i have some really sweet news. this christmas i got the book prom nights from hell. Stephenie Meyers has a short story published in it. its soo SWEET! i’ve read all the comments that i’ve missed. you guys are great writers! (Karry, Hannah, and leslie!!!) you guys are great writers!!!! i love reading your comments. they’re soo intresting! great-job!!! 🙂

  213. Hannah says:

    Hey Everyone! I’m baaaackk! LOL! I’m rereading Eclipse again. I’m trying to get as much fun reading in before school starts back up… tomorrow! URG! No more Charles Dickens PLEASE! LOL! Well, I have to say especially to people who haven’t read New Moon and maybe discouraged because you’ve heard that Edward isn’t in the book as much. First of all, read it yourself and make your own opinion of the book! 🙂 Also, I enjoyed New Moon soooooo much despite Edward’s absence from the middle of the book. The novel is written so well, and you laugh, cry, fell hope, dispair, and you go up and down, and you’re giving your emotions a workout! Well, I don’t want to bore you all so I’ll say bye, bye, byeee! (Bye Bye… sound familiar? Sorry, I’m not funny)!

  214. Cassidy says:

    I absoloutly LOVED twilight. New moon was very powerful, like you said in the beginning and end..the middle was a little drawn out. but i was still on the “edge of my seat” waiting for Edward and Bella to reuinte. Like Hannah said, it will still have you full of emotions with Edward away. All in all i think they are all excellent, and Eclipse is already better than New Moon. I would reccommend reading the ENTIRE series. Not skipping New Moon.

  215. Karry says:

    Thanks Liz!! ^^ Hey kelly I get so into it to!! haha! I get all antsy and if someone walks into my room w/o knocking when i’m reading the climactic parts I’ll seriously scream!! Haha!! ^^ My best friend justt read eclipse and I guess she’s really into the Volturi! Haha! They have fans too! It’s not just the Cullens i guess… Who knEw!? ^^ Bye everyone!

  216. Liz says:

    srry i came on so late. today is my birthday. so ive been sorta busy with every thing… You are more then welcome karry!! like i said i really enjoy reading your guys’ comments. did you guys read who is playingas edward and bella in the movie?? id love to hear what you guys think so find out and let me know. id love to hear! g2g bye bye!!

  217. leslie says:

    happy belated birthday liz!
    i dont know about kristen stewart, but robert pattinson’s not bad. if u watch the deleted scene in vanity fair, hes pretty freakin hot (=

  218. Cassidy says:

    i was hoping for Danielle Panabaker as Bella =(

  219. Hannah says:

    Hey everyone! Happy B-Day Liz! Well, I went to Stephanie Meyer’s website a while back, and it’s Kristen Stewart playing Bella. Don’t freak, I’m POSITIVE she’ll do an AWESOME job because I saw a few movies with her in it. If you see the movie ‘Speak,’ you’ll see how great she truely is. In that movie she has such an EXTREME powerful role, IN THE MOVIE she’s a 14-year old girl who got raped, and she’s living her life with no friends as a freshman. It sounds iffy, but it is sooooooooo AMAZING! I’m not going to say anymore, I want you all to see it. I was disappointed with the decision of Robert Patterson, but now I see that he’ll do a really good job… I hope. He was really good in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory. Well, let me hear your comments, and sorry for writing so much!

  220. Paige says:

    I enjoyed listening to the audiobook version rather than reading New Moon. Illyania Kadushin is an excellent narrator/actor for all the parts. I agree with your review, but the audio version lessens the tendiousness of Bella’s constant whining.

  221. Karry says:

    Happy belated b-day Liz! sry I haven’t been on in a while. I already knew who was playing Bella a while back but I just found out that Robert pattinson was playing Edward a few days ago. I think he is attarctive but I don’t know much about his acting ability asides from what I saw in Harry Potter. Although i hear he has his fair share of fan girls so here’s hoping he can live up to the honor of being Edward!! ^^

  222. kelly says:

    Heyy, I cant wait for the new books.. i believe theres one coming out thats edwards version.. anyways.. i cant get my hands on that book..and i believe theres one more after eclipse…to bad the twilight series are ending…

    About the movie : I Dont think The girl they picked for bella suits for a bella.. But i guess she’s a great actress. And the edward they picked, i guess it suits his discription… Some people wanted guys with black eyes and hair.. Didn’t Edward Cullen have like a honey butterscotch color hair, and sometimes his eyes went dark because he didnt eat?[Well, hunting] ..

    I want to hear some more from people.. what do you think about the charactors they chose for Isabella Swan & Edward Cullen

  223. kelly says:

    My Birthday is in 4 more days 😀 !

    on the 26th

  224. Cassidy says:

    kelly – Stephanie Meyer is working on a book called Midnight Sun that is Edward’s version of Twilight. She posted the first chapter on her website. I heard there were two more books supposed to come out after Eclipse, I don’t think Midnight Sun counts? because i read somewhere that that was just a sort of side project.. that she decided to continue with.

  225. Liz says:

    Thanks everybody!! my birthday was great. again thanks. by the way i went to a cheerleading competition. we got 1st!!!! yehhhh. and it was 2 days after my birthday so i was sooo happy. anyways i saw a movie with kristen in it and she was great. you guys should see one with her. tell me wat u think. i cant wait to hear. g2g. bye for now!!

  226. kelly says:

    Heyy Guys….The movie Twilight is looking for anyone 18+ .. you have to sign an aplication or do oddishion in portland i believe….. wait…im looking for the website with the aplication…..

    THE SEARCH IS ON FOR NATIVE AMERICAN TEEN TO PLAY KEY ROLE IN MAJOR MOTION PICTURE. (“Twilight” begins shooting in Oregon at the end of February)

    PORTLAND, ORE. Lana Veenker Casting announced today that it is seeking a 16-18 year old Native American male to play a significant role in the upcoming Summit Entertainment film “Twilight,” directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

    No other roles will be considered at the open call, but persons interested in working as extras on the film can send their information to Rutabaga Background Casting, the extras division of Lana Veenker Casting. Instructions are available at

  227. kelly says:

    Thats the website… Anyways.. the application is on the bottom…Good Luck 😀 (Y)

  228. Okay guys… I am back for another comment. [sorry for the horrible spelling errors the other time!] So eclipse was a very intriguing one. Now the way it ended was absolutely FANTASTIC! it wasn’t too ‘GIMME MORE MORE MORE’ lol. I was needed per se. I say this because you cant expect the author to give the whole story away can you???

    And it is actually easier to begin the story with because you know what you are expecting. I really liked eclipse. I could actually relate to what she is feeling. But in this one I actually got pissed at Bella though. I was angry because for letting herself fall for Jacob. She wanted to. Why? Because she kept going to him. Knowing that it kills Edward when she does. But Edward is so Kind that he loves better no matter what and will give her up to make her happy. She takes advantage of that a little. She needs to focus on what she really wants instead of letting the little words that Jacob say annnoy her! Not saying that she shouldnt help her friend in need.. just saying that she needs to be more aware of her priorities. Choose who she wants to live forever with. She shouldnt lead someone on. And that is exactly what she did… and look where it ended up. Jacob in the end had a broken heart and so did Bella.

    Well that is all… comments if you have any questions for me.!!!^^

  229. Yasaida says:

    Well thanks antonia and know that i have read new moon. i now the hole part of the final of eclipse. It made me sick to now that she is in love with jacob. If she goes away from edward to jacob it would be a desapoiment. I dont like jacob thou he is friendly but i like edward because he is dangerous a vampire and he is in love with a human. I realy cant wait for the movie any longer please if you or any one else now about the movie write here and a will have a look and if you now some spanish write in spanish because i sometimes dont onder stand i thing in english. thanks.

  230. Karen says:

    i agree that bella should not have fallen for jacob in eclipse but i do understand why she did.
    her love, her equivenlent to romeo left her and she went to jake to help fix the mess she was in, by doing this she puts herself in his hands and when a person does that how can they not help falling for them but the important thing is that she doesnt want to fall for him. In new moon she tells him constently that she is only intrested in bieng friends.
    I do agree that she should have backed off (like no hand holding) but again i understand this too. she didnt want the person that fixed her to leave so she hangs on to him (quite literally) to make sure he wont leave her (like edward did)

    sorry its long but i strongly believe that this is what stephenie meyer was trying to put in new moon and eclipse regarding jacob and bella

  231. Liz says:

    i completely agree that the idea of jacob and bella falling in love is a little absurd and haywire. it throws the story off. jacob ends up with a broken heart, makes bella feel awful to a point where she wants to die, and edward feels bellas pain. its a wacked up. they might have been better off with bella not getting involved. but of course thats just my opinion. im sure it’ll change. anyways… did you guys see the cast for the twilight movie?? tell me what you think. i cant wait to hear. bubye for now!!! 🙂

  232. Amanda says:

    I have 2 disagree. New Moon was wonderful. I felt everything Bella felt. When she had her heart ripped out by Edward I felt the same. Stephenie Meyers did a great job. Sure it wasn’t as suspencful as Twilight but it was still damn good!

  233. Monika says:

    Join this forum and talk about Twilight more 🙂

  234. CrazyAboutTwilight says:

    I think it was kinda boring…. nothing exciting really happened… twilight was better

  235. amanda says:

    what page do bella and edward almost have sex?

  236. Liz says:

    hi amanda, well theres not just one page because if u just read the one page it wouldnt make sense! , its between pages 434 through 460. then theres also 605 through 620 (chapters 20 and 27) enjoy reading them! (i know i did ;)!!)

  237. Liz says:

    OMG!!! has anyone seen the trailer for twilight yet??? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!! watch it and let me knoe how u like it!!!

  238. Piper says:

    I agree to an extent about many of you saying that the book was not as intriguing as Twilight and I don’t think that it was as good to read as Twilight was but I do think that the storyline was very powerful and I think that Bella and Edward needed the break in order for there to actually BE a story. When I was reading it I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and so I started to cling onto my friends in the way that Bella turns to Jacob so I thought that that aspect of the story was very real and well written.
    I adored how Stephanie wrote about Bella’s emotions and the healing process in the story and also how Jacob was slowly falling in love with her yet couldn’t really do anything about it because of her love for Edward. I liked the hallucinations at first because I managed to convince myself that Alice was having visions of Bella riding the moterbikes etc and Edward had somehow found a way to talk to her and that the voice she was hearing was actually Edward talking to her, so I was disappointed to find out that it was just another stage of her grieving over him.
    I thought that the reunion between the two could have had more passion and I didn’t fully understand Bella’s reasoning when she said that she wouldn’t marry Edward – I didn’t see a point in them not getting married when it was obvious that they would stay together forever.
    However, on the whole I thought it was a very good book and it helped me understand Bella and Jacob that bit better which was needed.
    I am halfway through reading Eclipse but I won’t spoil it for anyone!

  239. Michelle says:

    I agree, there would be no point to the story if Bella were to become a vampire. But, I still have the feeling of dissapointment to not know what will become of Bella. I think it would be rather dissapointing for her to grow old, and Edward to stay beautiful in his youth. I want there to be a twist in the fourth book. I agree with Jane, if she became a vampire would Edward still feel the same about her? Maybe, since the other two vampire couples are happily together.

  240. Michelle says:

    I have another thing to sayyy!!!!!
    I don’t think Jake has fair play in the story! i wonder if Bella would even be attracted to Edward if it wasn’t for his carnivorous attraction! The only reason hes so damn fine is because hes a vampire! Jake seems to be such a REAL character, not some guy who doesn’t know what the difference between love or lust is. lol. But i love both of them so no hard feelings!

  241. Liz says:

    OMG! have you seen the breaking dawn cover?? please, if you have have not seen it yet click here, if you can’t click here, type it in. when u see it, let me know what you think!!

  242. Britt says:

    I know I’m late, but I wanted to say this anyhow. I just finished New Moon and I agree with everyone who said the middle dragged. It took her way to long to realize what was going on with Jacob. Yeah, she was depressed, but come on. I disagree with not wanting Bella to become a vampire. It’s what keeps me reading. It will open up many more events and conflicts. IDK if someone has already brought this up, but remember Bella seems to be immune to certain talents that the vampires have. It seems like the only one that affected her was Jasper’s and she could block that if tried. My point is, it will be very interesting to see how that develops. If she’s immune to their talents, she could be a very powerful vampire. Also there would be the conflicts of wanting to keep her family safe and the whole werewolf vs vampire thing with Jacob. I can’t wait for the transformation. 🙂

  243. Liz says:

    O.M.G. I AM GOING TO SEE STEPHENIE MEYER AT THE BREAKING DAWN TOUR!!! AHHHHH! this is so cool! is anyone else going????

  244. CBJ. Dott says:

    Hi everyone,
    I read twilight and was speachless. I read long past the night and was sad when it ended. Everytime i think of Edward or Bella it sent shivers down my spine.
    Everything I read was so captivating senting all kinds of different scenes through my head. Would you want to be Bella. Hopelessly in love with a vampire.
    I recently started reading the second book and was shocked when i read that the Cullens were leaving. Edward and Bella TOGETHER made it breathtaking but alone without Edward made Bella really Lonely and Depressed.
    That feeling transmits to the reader and I hope so Much that he will COME back to Bella and complete the book. I am going to read the whole sequel without regret.
    Wish Number one : To be Bella and that Twilight was real and happening to Me.
    Wouldn’t you ever dream of Being so Cared for. Knowing you have Edward by your side. That even to Me – Would be a Dream as silly as it sounds.
    Don’t be fooled at what others think. The book is different to all. If you like it then That is fine and if you Hate it then Thats fine Too.
    Thanks Stephenie for being the best writer ever.

  245. Andrea Nicole says:

    All i want to say is that even though Bella was really annoying like really…
    no i mean really really annoying……I still like her because i told my sister that i don’t like to read the book but after reading about Bella falling in love with a vampire named Edward it all became very interesting for me!
    While Bella fell in love with Edward i fell in love with the book! Even though i am 9 years old and i don’t understand some words in the book i got really interested in this book! I cant wait till i get my hands on New Moon!! This time i will never let it go! Has in never ever ever!! Im waiting for it to be on Fully Book in the Philippines in Gateway,Cubao…
    Can you guys do me a favor if you could? If you see New Moon or Eclipse or Breaking Dawn coming out or being shown so we readers can read it please e-mail me the website or link so i could read it to please? Or you could just copy the things written in that website and
    paste it on your message to me… e-mail address is:
    or you could just tell me where to buy the book (^^^)
    (only in the Philippines please?)
    Thanks so much to Stephenie Meyer for writing Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse & Breaking Dawn! It so exiting reading all the books that Stephenie wrote! I am her biggest and No. 1 fan!!! Wow!:-)!
    I wrote down all of the books that will follow Twilight! And i wrote it all
    down in the same order!!!I am so going to read this book!
    Massage to Stephenie Meyer (If she will visit this website!):
    Please do me 1 little harmless favor please?If you only have time….
    Can you make a 5th book the one after Breaking Dawn……I really really love books….please????Im dying to read all of the books!
    Its so exiting when you read a book then the 2nd then the 3rd without the story ending…..theirs always new adventures,new characters waiting to go in that book that you are writing and new horizons to share….
    1. I wish that i could find and buy all the books that Stephenie Meyer wrote….
    2. I wish that the books that will follow Breaking Dawn will never end!
    3. I wish that Bella and Edward will have a happy,adventurous and well….happy…life (I know that i typed in happy twice….)
    Wish List
    1.New Moon
    3.Breaking Dawn
    4. The book that will follow breaking
    5. The book that will follow the book after Breaking Dawn
    6. All the books that will follow Breaking Dawn!

  246. Gizz says:

    I believe that although this book had a few flaws it came together well in the end. It is a key point in the plot line so although it requires some patience it is worth it in the end. The werewolves have been around for a while. The Cullens have not been there for an ultimately long time but sam and his two other friends have been around for almost the same amount of time. The tribe elders are just to old to change and their descendents were to young to change when the vampires first arrived. Also Jane I think you’ll find that his name is Jacob Black not Joseph Black, if you intend to comment on a book at least know something about it!

  247. Katherine C. says:

    I am in the middle of new moon currently and i hate it i cant believe edward went away the story is just too boring now. I mean without edward, and bella together the story doesnt make any scence. I wish, when i read eclipse edward comes back. I cannot believe bellas hanging out with that boring Jacob Black.

  248. Katrina says:

    OMG y do u read the book if u dont like Bella its from her perspective!!
    i finished the series so i would be happy to ruin it for you!!

  249. mbender says:

    this book is absolutely amazing. Stephanie Meyer is a genius!

  250. daphne says:

    OMG! i cried when Edward told her that he was leaving and that he didnt love her anymore. They were so perfect for each other. I am only on ch 4 but now that i know that he comes back, i was allevieted.

  251. Lex says:

    Honestly, I think you didn’t really like the book because you are not a teenager. I am not saying trying to offend anyone who didn’t like the book in any way, but I loved the book and Bella is supposed to appear weak. Edward fell in love with her because of how brave and self-sacrificing she is. And if Edward never left, Bella wouldn’t have bonded with Jacob and Jacob wouldv’e never fell in love with Bella and there would be no drama at all in the story. There is a lot that happenes when Edward leaves and that is the whole point. If you are currently reading New Moon, keep reading because you will be satisfied of the outcome.

  252. weenie says:

    omggggg edward is sosososososososoosososo sexyyy

  253. Gaby says:

    I actually really like this book. it has a lot of action in it. if Bella is turned into a vampire that will be the end of series duh!

  254. Carla says:

    stop saying bad things about the book !!! for me it was awsome ! it showed how much bella can suffer if she loses the most precious thing to her , if she loses Edward ! At first when I red the summary from Eclipse I kinda enjoyd the beginning and the middle part , but first I disliked that bella kisses Jacob ! Altought I dont like it either now , I think this is the charm of the book ! And as for bella to lose her uniqueness , well I dont think so ! Plus , for Edward , Bella will be the same ! He will love her for ever !

  255. salena says:

    Twilight was such a good book I read it three times in one weekend. Can’t wait to read new moon

  256. Sara says:

    New moon was ok not as good as the first one (wat a shocker) but, um, new moon was captivating at some points and yes i will rate it a c+ but there were some a moments. I also agree Edward not being there was a big mistake maybe she did this so the stroy in eclipse and breaking dawn will go well cause of this. so im urging readers out there just because new moon was not soo good don’t stop it gets better

  257. annie says:

    New Moon is a great book but it is not as good as Twilight because Edwards not there. But I still havent read the other books.

  258. stephanie says:

    well heii im actually new to this i was just so anxious after i read twilight and i felt like it was good to have people that shared that anxiety i also wanted somebody to give meh more details about the new moon if yuh can … plzz

  259. stephanie says:

    okay this is my understanding of what the book might be so far i m guessing that after the thought that any of the cullens might hurt bella they decided to be far away from her for her own good and because they cared about her during this time that the cullens are away from bella she feels heartbroken and relys on jacob for support not knowing that he was slowly falling in love with her she feels bad for hurting jacob and tries to make him understand dhat she cant see him as anything else but a best friend in the end edward thinks that bella got killed and he left to kill himself but the cullens go save him …. i havent read the book but this is the onlii outcome i could get of your comments. im anxious to know more about this book though i have been unable to buy it i feel a bit dissapointed knowing that the majority describe this book as a dissapointment to what they were expecting im hoping not to feel the same way i do wish that you might help me or encourage meh to read it by giving me more details of what may happen in the story plz give meh any important detail that i missed and correct meh if i wrote something that isnt true …
    i apologize for writing so much but i cant help it my eagerness gets a hold of meh

  260. I’ve read Twilight and started New Moon but put it down after reading about 1/3 of it. I just couldn’t get past Bella’s continued infatuation with Edward and her apparent lack of self esteem. It concerns me that she defines herself by her relationship with Edward. One of the questions I ask myself when reading a book is “Do I care about the outcome of the main character(s)?” In this case, without Edward in the picture I have to say, probably not.

  261. Hannah says:

    I know what your talking about. I also have considered your position. But I don’t really consider Bella’s relationship with Edward as defining herself. If you lost something that you loved the most, how would you feel? Would you feel insecure or just feel unhappy? Consider Bella’s situation. Bella lost the love of her life. The only man she ever loved. I would be depressed. I’ve never had a boyfriend, so I am just imagining myself in Bella’s shoes. But I’m also very independent, and I’ve never “needed” a boy to feel complete, and I would never think that you “need” a boy to make your life complete. But don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a boy in my life that could be my Edward. But I’m only 15, a sophmore in high school, and I think I have some time! But that is what I think about the situation in New Moon. Do you agree or disagree? What do you think? I am for opinion- agree or disagree and I am very happy with any response!

  262. stephanie says:

    can any one please tell meh if there is a version of twilight in spanish
    i would like to have one because i understand the language much better and that would help meh understand the book a little better i saw the movie and i kind of get the meaning but i would love to read the book in spanish ….

    p.s still waiting for any one to give meh more details !!!

  263. rach says:

    awh man new moon ws just unreal!!:O
    edward really didnt want to leave her….it was tough on him too like but if it wernt for jacob i prob would have killed myself!!lol but ya stephanie is a savage writer!!!big time i really cant wait till midnight sun comes out i want to see how everything is in edwards view im like containing myself from reading it online…..
    her uniquness will vanish but her blood wont sing…
    kk im out

  264. rach says:

    iv never seen the book out in spanish!!lol but ders prob 1 der…
    i would be seriously depressed ….i alz put myself in bellas shoes….i have a boyfriend now…im jus 15 too but he is my edward….and if he like ever left me or watever i would lik be tptally depressed….i hate even thinking about it like….know what i mean? ….

  265. Liv says:

    I disagree!!! Although New Moon dissapointed me in some ways, because Edward was not there as much, I DO NOT think it was a mistake!!! I thik it fits in well with the story. The story is about True Love, right? Well that’s why I think it fits! In true love, you know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, who you will love-forever. And Bella knows that she loves Edward and wants to spend eternity with him, despite what he did. It’s True Love! She found that she loved Jake too, but she was destined to be with Edward. And she didnt mean to look to Jacob for sympathy, she was looking for a friend. I didn’t find her irritating at all.
    The only reason that she seemed weak is that Edward was gone! It felt like a part of her was missing! I don’t know about you, but that would make me feel pretty weak. Not to be rude, I’m just stating my opinion.

    I would give it a b+.

  266. Nora Elshiekh says:

    omg!!!! if any of the people from twilight sees this that i have read the twilight saga and it is better than perfect. its the BOMB.

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