Recent Purchases

I am always on the look-out for a shelved copy of New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. The street date is allegedly September 6, 2006 according to the bookseller at Barnes and Noble. However, the author says that she has it on good authority that the book will be out the last week in August. Anyone who has seen a copy or bought a copy, give a yell. I will be green with envy but alas it would give me hope of seeing my own copy soon, too.

UPDATE: Just got a tip that New Moon has been spotted on the shelves at Barnes and Noble and at Borders. I am going to Barnes and Noble today to see if I can find it, too.

I rarely visit the bookstore much these days but I did purchase a couple of non-romance novels like The Night Gardner by George Pelecanos. Pelecanos writes for one of the best TV series on television today: The Wire (3rd season releases tomorrow, 8/8/06). Both Pelecanos and Dennis Lehane write for the show which in part is presented in a novelization format.  If you enjoy Lehane you’d enjoy Pelecanos for those who read mystery. I love reading them both.

I also bought Philip Pullman’s  Sally Lockhart Trilogy and His Dark Materials Trilogy. Both are classified as YA novels and I’ve been lucky of late of enjoying these types of books. I’ve heard great things about this author.

What are you planning to get? What are you anticipating this month?


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13 Responses to Recent Purchases

  1. Jane says:

    I am on the lookout for New Moon as well. I can’t wait.

  2. Marg says:

    New Moon is on my radar as well! I’ve read two of the three books in the His Dark Materials trilogy. Must get to the third one!

    I’m really wanting to buy The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde, but I haven’t seen it available anywhere yet.

  3. Kailana says:

    I think I am going to preorder New Moon from Amazon. I have no faith in my bookstore as they just got Twilight the other day….

  4. Dana says:

    I really liked the first Sally Lockhart book. The BBC is making a mini series based on those books.

  5. LFL says:

    I liked Twilight but not enough to get a new copy of New Moon in hardcover. I will probably get it either used or in paperback.

    I am looking forward to Pam Rosenthal’s The Slightest Provocation and crossing my fingers that it will be as good as “A House East of Regent Street.”

    There are lots of other books I want to buy, too. I’m so greedy that the list is pretty long. But I really have to work on that TBR pile first.


  6. Avid Reader says:

    Dana and Marg: thanks for the feedback on Pullman. I plan to start his trilogy soon. A mini-series, hmmm, interesting.

    Kailana: Hi, are your expectations high or what? I’m keeping my own pretty low. I read the blurb on Amazon. It sounds really good.

    LFL: I forgot, yes, I am buying Rosenthal’s next book based on how much I enjoyed “House East of Regent Street.” I hope it’s good. I even entered the contest for a free copy. Guess I didn’t win 😦

  7. Marg says:

    I’m not sure if the miniseries is the Sally Lockhart books or the His Dark Materials. I though the HDM one was a movie…maybe it’s both! Who knows. I do know that Nicole Kidman is signed up to play one of the main characters for the HDM movie…and I think it is a pretty good casting choice!

  8. Kailana says:

    I am not sure if I am keeping my expectations high, but I just finished Twilight last night, so I want to know what happens next. I also read what it was about on Amazon. Twilight isn’t out in paperback in Canada, so my copy is hardcover. I figure if I have book 1 in hard, why not get both books the same. Not to mention, it is a young adult book so a hardcover copy is the same price as an adult trade. 🙂

  9. Avid Reader says:

    Kailana – my copy is hard as well and it just makes sense to get the series in hardcover since, IMO, it deserves it and yes, the big secret is revealed: hardcovers for YA novels are way cheaper.

  10. Kailana says:

    Yep, so all the reasons why I will have her new book as soon as it comes out!

  11. Dana says:

    The Sally Lockhart books are being made into the BBC mini series and His Dark Materials is being made into a big budget Hollywood movie.

    I cant’s wait for the Sally mini series. It’s starring Billie Piper from the new Doctor Who series. I’m gonna miss her a lot on Doctor Who but at least I’ll get to see her in something else good. Here’s the news story on the series:

  12. Cece says:

    Lolly Winston’s Happiness Sold Separately!

  13. Jane says:

    New Moon has been spotted at Barnes and Noble per posts at AAR.

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