REVIEW: Seduced in Twilight by Anya Bast

Seduced in Twilight by Anya BastAfter reading and enjoying Ms. Basts’s Seduced in Twilight , I realized that this is the first book of the series and that I should have started with  Tempted by Two which introduces this world and its characters. One thing about Ms. Bast’s books that keeps me reading is that her world is unique and her stories are always character driven. Love that.

In Seduced by Twilight we meet Olivia who has been seeing ghosts for sometime now. The author nails down the scary parts of this book very well.  She had me getting chill bumps whenever Olivia would have these “visits” from the other-side that come seeking her in the middle of the night. She doesn’t understand why she is seeing ghosts. So, she goes out with her best friend Miranda and tries hard to keep her mind off these anomalies.

Will and Mason are Gaelen warriors sworn to protect the Tylweth Teg fae  from evil. Evil in the form of goblins. It’s been a long ongoing war between the fae and goblins. Thank goodness for the gift or curse of immortality or long life-spans of the fae. This added gift gives them the ability to continue to fight. Other creatures who inhabit this world include vampires and werewolves but the fae are only concerned with fighting the goblins. Goblins are everywhere and humans can’t see them for the glamour they use to disguise their true features which are described as being quite horrid. Goblins usually don’t attack humans but they can be violent.

Theo (who has his own story in Tempted by Two) tracks down Mason and Gaelen and tells them that he has located the “seer” for their Triad. Triads are powerful unions for the Tylweth Teg. The more Triads formed, the stronger they are against the enemy. However, their “seer” turns out to be Olivia, who is mortal and knows nothing of their world so they are cautioned to take it slow.

The men track down and contact Olivia. They take Theo’s advice and take it slow. She is wary and skeptical but can’t seem to understand why she feels bonded to these two men. One night, while alone at home, Olivia hears footsteps around the corner of her kitchen. She fears another ghost visit but finds a monster instead. Will and Mason feel her distress and come rushing over only to learn that a goblin has broken into her home. They convince her to move in with them and begin to explain to her that she has some fae blood in her gene pool. 

After living with Will and Mason and feeling protected by the two men, Olivia is soon threatened against joining the Triad. Thus lies the suspense of the story which was pretty good, I must say. The story actually had a plot and it was good. The characters were well fleshed out and of course the love scenes were hot and more importantly, I couldn’t put the book down.  

This was a B+read for me. If you’re interested in reading Ms. Bast’s work, I recommend starting with Seduced in Twilight or Winter Pleasures. Enjoy.


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  1. Anya Bast says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂

  2. Avid Reader says:

    You are so welcome and in return: THANK YOU.

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