REVIEW: Tempted by Two by Anya Bast

Tempted by Two by Anya BastTempted by Two by Anya Bast was a very good read. This is my fourth foray into her Ms. Bast’s paranormal novels. If you enjoy novels where there are two hot heroes that are fated to be with one woman, then you would enjoy this novel. Or not. Hopefully, you will if you enjoy such stories. I know I didn’t at first.

This story is apart of an established series that centers around the Tylwyth Teg fae. I started with this title since it was a new release and didn’t feel lost. Our protagonist, Miranda, while out to dinner with friends sees something rather unusual. One of her dinner friends, Theo, happens to be there when Miranda finds herself seeing things that shouldn’t exist like…goblins. Opportunity presents itself for Theo to explain to Miranda what she truly is and her connection to him and another man, Marco. However, Miranda isn’t having any of it. Miranda carries some heavy baggage and for these anomalies to present themselves now is rather disconcerting. Being the concerned friend, Theo tries to help Miranda understand her heritage or her Fae blood and her eventual role in the lives of not one man but two.

Meanwhile Theo tries to keep Miranda’s existence from Marco, the other important person in their Triad. Theo is possessive at first but eventually things work themselves out in the end as all things do. The men try to be patient with Miranda and end up convincing her to spend the weekend with them. A weekend of total sexual submission. I really liked Marco more than Theo but both men are hot. Marco is just the type of hero I like who is rather passionate and a bad ass. Theo is the more romantic, level headed one.

Again, this novel is apart of an established series. The paranormal aspect of the story went right over my head. The culture, behavior, heritage of the Tylwyth Teg fae is told briefly but seems rather weak to me. Both men had been desperate to find their third for years and when they finally find her in Miranda, they try to convince her of their love and combat her fear of commitment. Miranda’s parents were not perfect examples of happily ever after as  her mother was a victim of domestic violence.

I stated earlier that menage a trois stories are not my thing but it just goes to show you that in the hands of a talented author, you’ll read almost anything. This was a B+ read.

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4 Responses to REVIEW: Tempted by Two by Anya Bast

  1. Jane says:

    The world building is weak, at best, but strangely that didn’t bother me. The focus of the story is on the relationship between Miranda and her men and so that is where my attention was placed. I really liked it and am really excited to see Bast’s Berkley works.

  2. Avid Reader says:

    What was the name of the first book in that series, Jane? And I did email you the file, btw.

  3. Anya Bast says:

    Hi! I just found your blog this morning and the reviews of Tempted, Winter Pleasures and A Change of Season. Thank you so much for taking the time to review them. 🙂

    You’re absolutely right about the worldbuilding being not so strong in Tempted (it’s the same for Seduced in Twilight). In this short series, I deliberately focused in on the development of the relationship between the heroine and the two heroes. I boiled things down to pretty much just the romance.

    Thanks again. Now that I know your blog is here, I’ll put it on my weekly blog hop. 🙂

  4. Avid Reader says:

    Another fan of yours told me that the worldbuilding is not the focus. Sometimes I do get ahead of myself. Thanks Ms. Bast for stopping by and I’m actually reading Seduced in Twilight right now where we get Olivia’s story.

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