REVIEW: The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

I am a huge fan of Connelly’s Det. Hieronymus Bosch. His motto is always: “everyone counts or no one counts.” This is the first book that introduces us to Harry Bosch and here we have a dead man found in a tunnel. No motive, no clues. Just a body. Gripping story.

Harry recognizes the man as a fellow Vietnam vet who was a “tunnel rat” just like Bosch in Vietnam. The case is personal. The story moves swiftly. Connelly has a way of writing that makes you visualize the world he creates. There’s a heist that goes down that was very well written and very suspenseful.

As for romance, there really isn’t much of one. Harry does eventually fall hard for another detective but that relationship is cyclic throughout the series. I thought I’d review most of the mysteries that I’ve enjoyed reading in the past. Reviewing the first book in the series. I’ve yet to read all the books in the Harry Bosch series. I had started with Blood Work which was a page turner then moved on to The Black Echo and went on to read all the way up to Angel’s Flight and that’s where I had stopped, crashed and burned.

It’s time for me to continue reading this series. Alas, so many books and so little time. Here are all the books in the series thus far. Violence isn’t your thing? Skip these. Gripping stories with well fleshed out characters, great writing and dialogue? You’ll enjoy these novels. My grade for each book in parenthesis for the books I’ve read.

  • The Black Echo (A)
  • Black Ice
  • The Concrete Blonde (B+)
  • The Last Coyote (A)
  • Trunk Music (B)
  • Angel’s Flight
  • A Darkness More than Night
  • City of Bones
  • Lost Light
  • The Closers
  • Echo Park**forthcoming (10.6.06)

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