The Best Of…

All Night Long

Jayne Ann Krentz

Ms. Krentz has several pen names and you may know her as Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick/Stephanie James. I’ve read maybe one or two titles under each name. Why all the pen names, you ask? I can’t answer that question for you but will say that most fans know what to expect when they read a Krentz, Castle or James title.

For instance, under the Jayne Anne Krentz name, she writes romantic suspense and with the Amanda Quick name, it’s historical romance. Jayne Castle is more paranormal romance and Stephanie James featured more of your series romance titles.

Most fans view Ms. Krentz as a comfort read. The author tends to stick to formula and her characters are usually stock characters with zany names/quirks. Whenever I get into a reading funk, I pull out a Krentz/Quick novel. Just what is it about her work that makes her a comfort read? The familiar h/h interaction, the zaniness of her characters. Plots. There’s a familiarity to her work. Alas, I haven’t really read many titles under her contemporary name of Krentz but have read various titles under Quick. Historicals tend to be my favorites and I love her snappy dialogue.

My Favorite Quick titles:

  • Scandal (1991)
  • Surrender (1990)
  • Ravished (1992)
  • Mistress (1994)
  • Seduction (1990)
  • The Paid Companion (2004) *the last good read for me*

Have in my TBR pile:

  • Dangerous (1993)
  • Reckless (1992)
  • Mischief (1996)
  • Mystique (1995)


  • Desire (1994)

Favorite Jayne Anne Krentz titles:

  • Absolutely, Positively (1996)
  • Trust Me (1995)
  • Gift of Fire (1998)
  • Gift of Gold (1989)

Read and unsure if it’s still any good and too lazy to reread them to find out:

  • Perfect Partners (1992)
  • Silver Linings (1991)

Favorite Castle titles:

  • Shield’s Lady (1989)

What are some of your favorite and least favorite Quick/Krentz/Castle titles? Any feedback on the ones that I’ve missed or haven’t read? What would you recommend to someone who’ve never read Quick/Krentz/Castle? Is she a comfort read for you or do you find her constant use of formula off-putting? How does her work today compare to her earlier novels? Is she burning out or is she still on top of her game? Curious minds would like to know what her current/former fans think of best-selling author Jayne Ann Krentz.


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10 Responses to The Best Of…

  1. sybil says:

    never read her

    will one day… the one I currently own that I picked up at a library sale is, you guessed it

    Desire 😉

  2. Keishon says:

    Why am I not surprised….I’m sure you’ll just LOVE it.

    You’ve never read her? She’s the most popular author out there and still writes with some consistency. When you read it, let us know how you like it.

  3. Marg says:

    I’ve only ever read one of hers and that was Smoke In Mirrors. Wasn’t the best book I ever read!

  4. sybil says:

    lol no clue why I have it… guess it isn’t cuz you recc’ed it 😉

    I still haven’t read nora, so many books too lil time.

  5. Suisan says:

    I only ever read The Paid Companion and wasn’t exactly floored. I didn’t hate it either, but never got around to reading anything else.

    And I am still a Nora Virgin as well.

  6. jmc says:

    I used to read her Amanda Quick books — they weren’t bad. I stopped reading them after awhile because they all started to seem the same. I think I’ve read at least one of the Jayne Castle books too — I remember being irritated by the transparent world building: nothing new or different, all just earth transplanted. Even an animal called catdog IIRC. Recently picked up Silver Linings, but I haven’t read it yet.

  7. Kristie(J) says:

    I haven’t read her lately, but she used to be an auto-buy. I’m so terrible at titles so I can’t remember then, but my favourite Quick book is the one where he comes from (gee surprise) a pirate family. He’s the white sheep of the family and goes under cover as a tutor for the nephews of the heroine.

    My favourite Krentz one – again I forget the title – is the one where the hero grows ferns. And the heroine buys this books to help slow him down in their love life.
    I also really enjoyed the two Gift books you mention.

    As for her futuristics, my fave is Sweet Starfire too. I don’t really care that much for her latest ones.

    OK, OK ’cause I couldn’t stand not knowing the titles I looked it up
    Amanda Quick – Deception
    Jayne Ann Krentz – Wildest Hearts.

    Another Krentz I really liked was Midnight Jewels. In fact I really enjoyed most of her older titles. She started loosing me with the Eclipse Bay books.

    I really miss the style her older books had *sigh*

  8. Keishon says:

    The Paid Companion didn’t floor me either but it had been awhile since I’d read anything by her at the time. I graded it a B read. I am a bit surprised that many people are not reading her much anymore. Hmmm. She’s an author I can’t read back to back otherwise, they’d start to read the same and then you have burn out.

    KrisiteJ – I don’t think I’ve read the titles you mentioned.

    JMC- catdog? How original – not. I agree that her sci-fi stuff tends to be pretty weak in the worldbuilding arena. It’s like she’s just transplanted earth to another planet and made up some weird names.

    Thanks guys.

  9. ag says:


    I went on to read Wait Until Midnight, Reckless and I Thee Wed after The Paid Companion.

    Must agree that when read in succession, three books is a little bit of an OD.

    I like Mistress but can’t remember Dangerous now. The only other author I know of who’s been putting out books regularly is Julie Garwood.

  10. Keishon says:

    Hi AG–I’m no big fan of Garwood but I have enjoyed two novels by her: Saving Grace and Ransom. I find her voice too modern for the historical setting and Garwood has acknowledged that she didn’t care if her characters voices were too modern. I would classify her books as fantastical historicals – because they are truly fantasy novels set in a time period that doesn’t matter.

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