The Trials and Tribulations of Self-Publishing

Ms. Joy’s trials and tribulations as a self-published author is a cautionary tale. Dear Author has a great topic up on Authors Behaving Badly: Dara Joy. I have a lot of empathy for the 100 or so hardcore fans who supported Ms. Joy during her dispute with her publisher. Many fans dipped into their pocket to support her and now they feel scammed.

I’m not a Dara Joy fan. I tried reading her most popular title, A Knight of a Trillion Stars and she seem to have been a breath of fresh air for some readers. As for me, I couldn’t complete the book and moved on to Higher Energy and had no luck with that one either. So, like any reader who’ve tried to read the same author twice with no luck – I quit.

To add insult to injury, Mrs Giggles recently did a review of Ms. Joy’s second self-published novel – The Amazing Tales of Wildcat Arrows (wow, what a title). It’s a futuristic. Not only is the author allegedly stealing people’s money, she doesn’t deliver.

I must admit that I am not that kind of devoted fan, sorry, to follow you to self-publishing? I don’t think so. Unless it was available in ebook format -I’d take a pass. I’d cheer in your corner, send you daily advice to keep the fire going but my pocketbook wouldn’t be involved. In my letter to Ms. Joy–

Dear Ms. Joy,

The fans that supported you feel scammed. Why not address the issue directly to your fans rather than hide from them? I think you should personally email each and every fan that purchased your book with an apology and give them their money back. That would be my advice. Good luck to you and whatever your future endeavors might be as long as it’s not publishing because I don’t think you have a future there. Oh, right. I forgot. Only the online community were scammed. Scratch that.


Avid Reader

Note: Info on who to contact if you haven’t recieved your book yet from Ms. Joy is in the link above at Dear Author.

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4 Responses to The Trials and Tribulations of Self-Publishing

  1. Karen Scott says:

    Apparently, all this shit started in the first place because she’d opened her mouth too loudly, and slagged off her own publishing company. Cautionary tale is right.

  2. Dee says:

    I’ve never seen a blog post with extra pages before. *wide-eyes* The whole thing is screwed up.



  3. sybil says:

    LOL why would you write a letter to an author you don’t like or read *g*.

    I have to say I have liked all her stuff save RoP and I have High Energy to read. But I didn’t follow her to self publishing… cuz uh I forget.

    Regardless I wouldn’t buy her now.

  4. Keishon says:

    Sybil, LOL, hey, we readers must stick together!

    As an outsider looking in – like Dee said, this is f. up.

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