Mood Swings

I’ve been having some serious reading mood swings of late. One moment I want to read romantica, then want to read a historical then want to read a YA novel. I finally settled into the YA novel and after reading Karen Scott’s review of Betting Hearts by Dee Tenorio, I want to read that right now, too. I promise that Betting Hearts will be next because I did read a few pages and didn’t want to stop. I love the friends to lover’s theme. Love them but I’m engrossed in another novel, more on that later. Meanwhile–

Before I leave the celebrity rags behind, can you all guess who this is on the cover? OK. Yes, I’m joking. I heard that the reason why Ms. Britney Spears dyed her hair was because of something shallow like she didn’t want to be recognized. Verdict? Awful pic, aptly titled: Bazaar. I think Demi did a better job. I know she did. I bought that cover a long time ago when she was married to whathisname, Bruce Willis.


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13 Responses to Mood Swings

  1. Shannon says:

    It may sound weird, but I don’t think she’s showing enough yet. It’s the curve of the ginormous baby belly that’s attractive.

    I guess.

  2. Dee says:

    ROFL, I didn’t realize Britney was in this post! LOL! Too funny. When did she dye her hair? Oy ve…which reminds me, I gotta get my hair touched up! LOL!


  3. raine says:

    I remember Demi’s cover. She WAS quite a bit more pregnant, and her pose was that of a beautiful, mature, proud woman.

    No offense, Britney, but this looks more like a little girl going, “tee-hee…see? I’m doing something naughty!”

    But then, I guess that’s about right…

  4. CindyS says:

    Raine – that’s it! She’s got this look that says ‘ooops, I got knocked up again’. I can’t even imagine the airbrushing that had to take place – I saw her for a few seconds on dateline or something and she had some chub on her – not that I can throw stones but she looks lean on this cover.


  5. Keishon says:

    Raine, LOL! That’s it. I thought the photo was a bit immature too…

    Dee, got ya.

    CindyS – she will always look slutty to me. Airbrushing is apart of the job for any celeb on the cover. You almost can’t believe their the same person.

  6. Cece says:

    Brittany needs a spanking. Sorry–she just irritates me and Raine hit it on the head.

  7. Keishon says:

    Dammit, I used the wrong “their” it should be “they’re.”

    Hola, Cece! I don’t know WHAT the appeal is but her voice is like nails scratching on a black board for me.

  8. Dee says:

    LOL, and I was worried I might offend some Britney fans over here, lol!

    Howling at the “Ooops, I got knocked up again!”


  9. AAR Rachel says:

    Ack – Baptist girl gone WRONG. Attention seeking, much, Britney?

    I thought she just wanted everyone to leave her alone.

  10. Kristie(J) says:

    When I first saw that pic – I thought it was Katie Holmes only I was puzzled that Tom would let her pose that way. Then I realized it was Brittany. She looks a little less slutty as a brunette. And notice the caption next to her – “Nothing to wear?” I got a chuckle out of that one. I guess the answer is “Wear nothing”.
    And I can relate to reading mood swings. Sometimes I start as many as 3 or 4 different genres before I settle on the one I want.

  11. Keishon says:

    Yeah, she kinda does look like Katie Holmes.

  12. Suisan says:

    It’s the crossed legs.

    No Lookie! No Entry!

    Aren’t you supposed to forego hair dyes when you’re pregnant? Oh, wait. She’s blonde, so she’s already been dying. Ack. Head hurts.

  13. Jay says:

    Supposedly she used a vegetable dye on her hair, but I wouldn’t put it past her to grab a bottle of clairol, baby’s health be damned.

    It looks nothing like her though. That person actually looks respectable. Except for the whole naked part.

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