Beyonce Gets Ambushed

H-town native, Beyonce gets ambushed in a trendy New York restaurant by PETA. They attacked her for her clothing line that features fur. How did the two meet for dinner you ask? Well, it seems that VH1 had a Ebay auction going for fans to win a dinner and meet Beyonce in New York. PETA outbid many for the honor. You’d think VH1 would check to see who was coming to dinner right? I mean, did anyone ask or do a check to see who was coming?

Anyway, had the undercover video that PETA brought with them but I was disappointed. Sorry to say that the fur didn’t fly. Beyonce didn’t say a word. Her family did most of the talking back and the lighting was awful. Of course, PETA protesters was eventually escorted out and Beyonce and the rest left somewhat shocked and stunned by the whole incident. It made the local news here.

Was PETA right in doing this? Did they go over the line here? I’d have to say that Beyonce came out on top on this one. She didn’t utter one word or make a scene. Everybody has the right to voice an opinion sure, we see this everyday online. But no one should be subjected to this kind of harassment should they? She obviously knows that the fur she is wearing came from a animal that is dead, OKAY?

After reading all of this and since I didn’t have much to say or a book to rip apart of gush over, and you find yourself asking: Who is PETA? Just – forget you were here.


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14 Responses to Beyonce Gets Ambushed

  1. Jane says:

    Um, I can’t say much because I have my very own fur. In my defense it was my grandmother’s and it is kind of like an heirloom. And I only wear it in the winter when it is cold and. . . .

  2. Karen Scott says:

    God I hate PETA. They’re bunch of effing hypocrites. In fact, I hate all of these tree hugging do gooder type organisations! On the one hand, they campaign against cruelty to animals, but yet they think it’s perfectly acceptable to do heinous things to humans.

    It’s enough to make a person wanna go out and buy her very own mink coat!

    Those anti-abortion people are just as bad. Amoeba’s, the lot of them!

  3. Dancechica says:

    See, the thing with these activist groups is that some of them get just a little too extreme. I didn’t like the way they ambushed Beyonce. I can understand believing in a cause and yeah, fighting against animal cruelty is a good cause, but there’s line to drawn and IMO they crossed it.

    Nice blog, BTW. 🙂

  4. Dancechica says:

    The typos, the typos…my eyes, my eyes! LOL. That last sentence should be:

    “…but there’s a line to be drawn…”

    I swear no matter how long I look over a message, my eyes will still gloss over some mistakes.


  5. Kristie(J) says:

    They are one loony group that’s for sure!!! They have a lot of very strange ideas but one of the worst ones is protesting outside schools and telling kids they have bad parents if they drink milk. I guess they figure its cruel to the cows or something.

  6. Dee says:

    Good lord, having BEEN a cow for two years when I was breastfeeding, cows would NOT be grateful if the world suddenly stopped drinking. It’s unpleasant to say the least. Plus, really, why not?

    Eh, I grew up as a farmer’s grand daughter. Very clearly taught that animals help with work and make good dinner. They also make good coats. (I’m also a California Indian, so if I’m gonna kill an animal, I’m going to use all of it, lol).

    That was just completely over the line, to ambush her in the guise of a fan. I mean, really. And yes, VH1 should have been more careful about who they were feeding her to. I guess I’ve just never had a yen for extremists of any kind. Protesters of any kind seem to fall under that list. Siiigh…


  7. Keishon says:

    I agree, they were wrong for doing what they did. For ever cause, there are those who are EXTREME in their beliefs. I have no opinion one way or the author about wearing fur – I just felt that PETA crossed the line there. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. jmc says:

    Disclaimer: I’m not a member of PETA, and I don’t have a moral objection to fur or leather or eating meat.

    How did PETA cross the line? Is behaving discourteously the same as crossing the line?

    My opinion: while it was in poor taste to harangue her at dinner, unpleasant companions are a risk when you offer something like that on eBay. I am more inclined to be unimpressed by VH1 and Beyonce’s entourage than by PETA’s behavior. Beyonce individually came out well, simply by being quiet.

    Beyond Beyonce, I think any celebrity (or any business person, forget celebrity) getting into clothing production is going to be a target of groups like PETA, right or wrong. Questions about the materials used and the source of labor are going to come up, and a smart business person needs to anticipate them and be ready to answer them.

  9. Keishon says:

    Hi JMC-

    Well, they were coming to the dinner under false pretenses….it was supposed to be a auction given to a lucky fan…not protestors who wanted Beyonce to answer for her clothing line. I would be pissed that they took this opportunity to attack like this. Whatever their motivations – the money they spent to heckle her, I hope it was worth it to them. There are ways to voice your opinions but some activists just go too far and I think PETA did just that.

    As always I do respect a different perspective. Many probably don’t see what PETA did as anything wrong but I do. Maybe this may make her think twice about wearing fur, maybe not. But your right, when you do something that is not popular – you have to be prepared to deal with your detractors.

  10. Dee says:

    Also, they must have spent a lot of money to do this, counting on Beyoncé’s name to get them press for their cause. I know there “no such thing as bad PR”, but if they really cared about animals, I’d think that money could have gone toward helping a few of them instead of on an ineffective dinner date with a star. It makes me decide NOT to support PETA because the way they choose to spend support funds is not something I want a hand in. So, while that’s not crossing the line specifically, it does cost them support.

    For me, the crossing the line was pretending to be a fan, and then continuing the premise during the dinner until the ambush. 🙂


  11. Keishon says:

    Thanks Dee and welcome!

  12. Suisan says:

    First up, I have a problem with PETA, and I always will.

    But what gets me about these “protests” is that they’re not done very well. They sit down at a restaurant, and before the food evencomes they’re trying to back Beyone into a corner; after two sentences they’d like her to admit that furs are bad and evil, and “gee thanks, guys. I never thought about it before.”

    When that doesn’t work they whip out a DVD player with Pamela Anderson??

    If you really *wanted* to change her mind, wouldn’t it be more effective to get Beyonce into a long conversation about her life, her values, her ideals, and her fashion line, and then see if you could get a few quotes (“I’m not sure how they kill them, but we try to research every farm who sends us furs”) throughout the evening which you could later use?

    PETA just has a way of jumping on your head which doesn’t seem to actually WORK.

  13. Keishon says:

    Pamela Anderson is their spokesperson? Are you kidding me?

  14. LFL says:

    I’m in sympathy with PETA’s cause, but I often disagree with their tactics. They alienate a lot of people, but I suppose they also get publicity. Maybe they figure that negative publicity is better than none, but I know that they get very little support from me because I don’t agree with the way they go about spreading their message.

    Just in general, I think animal rights (a term I don’t like for an issue that’s important to me — I prefer to think of it as human responsibilities toward animals and to their natural habitats) deserves a lot more attention than it gets, but one it is a complex issue and can’t be easily summed up on a bumper sticker or a protest sign.

    That said, I probably wouldn’t wear as fur coat unless I needed it to keep from freezing to death.

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