Blah, Blah, Blah

 Dear Author is doing another segment on epubs, check it out. Speaking of ebooks, when I purchase them I often like to look at bestseller  lists to see what everybody else is reading. I am in uncharted territory here when I am purchasing these ebooks and often the blurb sounds nice but the book itself might be otherwise, so I miss seeing it on epub websites. Samhain LTD’s My Bookstore does utilize this tool and I do appreciate it. So, I hope more epub’s will do this. I miss it and it’s great for new readers.

Moving on to other subjects like THE WEATHER; It flooded some today. I was like two hours late getting into work this morning but get there I did through hell and high water. Think the customer appreciated this?

Oh, hell to the no. Anyway, hope your day was better than mine. I’m going to go bury myself in a good book and be grateful that I’m off the next three days.


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5 Responses to Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. Jane says:

    I like the “bestseller” list too. Pick up some Anya Bast (newer stuff). I think you’ll like it. Change of Seasons and Seduced by Twilight were both very good imo.

  2. Keishon says:

    Hey, thanks! Just downloaded a few skins for my ubook 🙂 Nothing new. Just the same ones that’s been there. I’m just now getting to it.

  3. CindyS says:

    Sorry for your crummy day. At least you are off for the next few days and hopefully read to your hearts content!


  4. Keishon says:

    Thanks CindyS. I do have a bone to pick with you guys who loved Kresley Cole’s book, A Hunger Like No Other. You all didn’t tell me that it had a big ole boring spot and I’m right in the middle of it. My tech read it and said that it does have a couple of boring spots, I’m like what? Anyway, I’m setting it aside for now. I am anxious to read Lisa Marie Rice since so many lurve her.

  5. xina says:

    Hey Keishon, Sorry about your weather. Here’s hoping that it will improve. About the Rice book..I liked Midnight Run and Woman On The Run slightly better than Midnight Man. Still, a pretty good book.

    I’ve got that Kresley Cole book from the library. Boring in spots? That’s not what I want to hear. I’ve almost finished Early From The Dance and really loved that book. I bought Back To Wando Pass too.
    After EFtD I’ll be reading Baby Proof. Only one book at a time these days.

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