DNF – Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

Touch the DarkI had such high hopes but they slowly dissolved away into disinterest as I continued to read Ms. Chance’s debut novel, Touch the Dark. I am somewhat overwhelmed with paranormals at the moment so maybe that’s why my eyes glazed over and I kept putting it down.

There are only so many different ways you can do an Anita Blake clone. Yes, they are all Anita Blake clones if the heroine is a necromancer/necromancer/sorceresses who raise the dead (this one sees the dead, neat twist) and everybody wants to bone her. I read Bam’s review and it sounded like I should give Touch the Dark  a pass as it sounded like something I didn’t want to continue to read. Of course I fell for the Patricia Briggs cover quote (shame on me) but hey, cool cover and interesting plot aside – I wasn’t gripped. I wasn’t all that gripped by the Kresley Cole either but I’m still reading it. What can I say….I am a contrary reader.  Shit. This book is good.

Must admit my reading moods have been swinging lately.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed Touch the Dark….why? What made you keep reading? Problems I found were the laws/traditions didn’t quite jive to me. Bells went off when the heroine’s introspection/fear/paranoia were repetitive for example the heroine has been found by some rival group and wants her dead. Things started to click in my mind like the heroine has a roomate (check) and needs to run away and hide quickly (check) and of course, leads them to her roomates place of employment (bad move). I stopped there.


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16 Responses to DNF – Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

  1. Jane says:

    That cinches it. The book is going back to the bookstore. I might pick up the Edith Layton book instead.

  2. Keishon says:

    Sh*t, I’m still searching for my receipt.

  3. bam says:

    dang, i don’t want people not buying Karen Chance’s book because they read my review. My Catholic guilt is going to kill me.

  4. Keishon says:

    Your off the hook, my eyes glazed over well before your review went up.

  5. bam says:

    Aww, Keishon, you’re a sweetie! Thanks!

  6. Jane says:

    Think of it this way, Bam. You are supporting a different author. It’s not like I am returning the book and not buying a new one!

  7. Angie says:

    I was going to buy this book from Amazon this week, but it was on special order, so I chose something else instead. Are you telling me I should just wait for a copy from Paperback Swap?

  8. jaq says:

    Ironically, this is how I felt with Blood Ties, starting off with a bang, trailed to a whimper. Didn’t finish it except to scan the the last chapter or so. It’s in the UBS bag at the mo’.

  9. Keishon says:

    I read the first chapter of Blood Ties and set it aside for right now. Talk about g-o-r-y stuff but I do want to finish reading it but the first chapter was very gripping. I stopped where she’s at the hospital (as I was reading something else at the time). Guess that’s where things started to slow down…bummer.

    Angie dear, you might want to wait for that swap. Seriously.

  10. sandy l says:

    Damn! I have both of these. And no receipts!

    Personally, I think the paranormal market is oversaturated at the moment.

  11. sybil says:

    I personally have no problem with you returning this book *g* as I see no need for it to go into the box.

    LOL what you weren’t concerned… heeee

    market saturated – hmmm – could be but I think some of the best books can come out of that. If you have 220000894.5 people all rushing to do the same thing shouldn’t that make you think harder to come up with something that will STAND out?

    Of course I just read the blurb for the new Anita book and hmmm preggers? And ha ha ha seven possible baby’s daddy, gosh isn’t that a laugh. I have no issue with the sex but really that just screams ‘ho doesn’t it? Of course I haven’t read her since NiC and blah 1000 pages? To me that says edit the book please!

  12. Keishon says:

    LOL – Sybil – I didn’t find the receipt. I would have love to have exchanged for another book. I had bought this book right when it came out. If you want it’s yours ’cause it’s sitting in the box now.

  13. sybil says:

    ok I was just thinking of you 😉 oh if you get purge any SEP I need her. heeee it is like shopping but not *g*

  14. jaq says:

    Maybe Anita will end up on MAURY: Jean-Claude…… you are NOT the father. Jean-Claude: “Yeah! Yeah!” ::Pumping fist, dances around the stage:: Didn’t I call it? How can an undead babies? Audeur my ass. Beyoitch is a straight up skanky Ho.

    lol. 😉

  15. Angie says:

    Ahahahaha…now THAT was funny, jaq.

    Is that book really going to be 1000 pages? Holy shit. And isn’t it time to put us all out of our misery and end that series? Jeez. I went from LKH fangirl to scornful, reluctant reader. It’s like a train wreck now, in that I just can’t look away.

  16. Keishon says:

    LKH – anyday now. My pocketbook and many others will be CLOSED.
    Yep, anyday now. Sigh.

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