REVIEW: Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee

After reading and posting my less than favorable review of Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee, I decided to read another book by her as I did like her voice/style and I am happy to say that I did enjoy Opposites Attract from Venus Press much, much better.

Kelly is a pretty reserved person. She adheres to routine and rarely does anything spontaneous. She plays her cello and lives a pretty normal life of routine. Enter Ren, our friendly hero, who plays guitar for his band Loose Ends and has the eye stud and a few tattoos of rebellious youth to support the stereotype. He lives next door to Kelly. I liked Ren a lot. Very talkative fellow, manages to bulldoze himself into Kelly’s apartment and fires off all kinds of questions. The getting- to- know-you-type questions. Then things get serious when they start to play a game of Truth/Dare leading to a night of white-hot passion. After their one night stand, Ren knows that he wants to get to know Kelly a little better (like he doesn’t already?) and Kelly is unsure if she wants Ren in her life (should of thought of that before you let him in the bed, eh?). Anyway, the romance is hindered with the morning after feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and misunderstandings. This is a pretty quick story but it’s not without it’s problems.

Again, ran into some editing issues for example the color of the hero’s hair. One moment it was described as brown and next, spiky black? It may seem petty to some but editing errors does throw readers such as myself out of the story which is not a good thing. Another is the usual contrivances that plague romance novels – Kelly’s feelings were quite contradictory. Such is love, right? Also, this author’s favorite word phrase seems to be “crotch clutching” and I will never get use to the p-word. The other p-word. That’s just my personal issues. Le sigh.

However, there were many  good points like great character development especially for Ren, the hero. I really liked him which was the biggest draw for me to this story.  Dialogue was great. Seems the author has a good ear for dialogue and the plot while not original was nice. Despite this being a quickie romance, it was somewhat believable that they would be happy together if Kelly doesn’t decide her fate on the horoscope. Also, I was able to believe this despite how their relationship initially started with a one-night stand.

Another negative is the pricing of this novella at $4.98. Ouch. But for me, I would love to see this author promoted more and read more, so I bit the bullet. I plan to buy her back list and read the rest of her books. I really like her voice. Did  I say that already? And plus, since I’m shallow like that, I did buy it since it features a heroine who was an Aquarius like moi.

Anyway, Opposites Attract was unputdownable. My grade, B-.

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4 Responses to REVIEW: Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee

  1. sybil says:

    hmmm sound interesting… I love how much you are enjoying reading ebooks!

  2. Keishon says:

    I am enjoying it very much 😉

  3. Jayne says:

    Is it possible to read the hero’s name without mentally appending “and Stimpy” to it? 😉

  4. Keishon says:

    LOL. I never watched the cartoon so it didn’t bother moi. There was another book that had a hero named Ren, in Breathing Room by SEP, I think. I seem to have difficulty with names that are similar to my family – ayaah.

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