REVIEW: Undead Men Wear Plaid by Marie Treanor

Undead Men Wear Plaid by Marie Treanor (Triskelion)

Marie Treanor’s Undead Men Wear Plaid was a fun read and available from Triskelion Publishing. Ms. Treanor is definitely an author to watch and her backlist I plan to purchase after I do this quick review. Her newest tale is a novella so it was a very quick read for me as I couldn’t put it down.

The story takes place in Glasgow and our narrator Jenny was a librarian by profession, recently hired four months ago as a dubious psychic at the Centre. Jenny questions her ability and thinks that the Centre will eventually fire her because she doesn’t seem to have any psychic skills. Well. While at her best friend’s wedding, she feels a few chill bumps along her spine but reluctantly dismisses it. She’s too busy checking out the good looking stranger in the Scottish kilt. There was another good looking fellow at the wedding as well, Davie Nicholls. Jenny later goes looking for him and what does she find?

“The glass fell from my nerveless fingers, shattering on the ceramic floor at my feet, splashing house red over my strappy white sandals. At the sound, the stranger raised his head from nuzzling Davie’s neck and looked straight into my eyes. God, he was beautiful. I knew what he was just from his eyes. I saw his cold soul, older than time, and the awesome power of his destructive evil.

He was a vampire.

After this recognition, Jenny is assured that she is indeed a psychic in that she’s able to recognize what normal people can’t feel: anomalies that exist in our society (poltergeist, vampires, etc).  Jenny and her 500 year old Romanian Vampire Charlie, clad in his Scottish kilt, strike up a discourse that eventually leads to the necessary chase and hot romance.

This was a fun read despite the few editing problems I ran across. It’s a bit humorous in places and hot in others. Thrown into the mix were a few suspenseful moments and thus you have, my friends, a very entertaining read. I like the author’s voice/style of writing. I was impressed with the first person narration as the author’s writing just sucks you right into the story. Jenny made a good narrator and the Vampire? Sexy and a rogue who loves to tease Jenny while eluding capture. This was a very good read and a strong recommend.


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3 Responses to REVIEW: Undead Men Wear Plaid by Marie Treanor

  1. Jane says:

    Cool. I am putting this one on my to buy list. As if I need another book.

  2. Jayne says:

    Keishon, if I might ask, what editing issues did you run into? I noticed a few in the Treanor book I read, THE OTHER SEA.

  3. Keishon says:

    Issues were a missing period at the end of a sentence, mispelled words, clarity of sentence/meaning, a couple of times you would have say, at the end of one sentence, there would be a incomplete sentence or other, probably that needed a period. A little jarring at times but as a whole, it was still a good story. It just needed a good editor to make it a keeper for me. But I am just impressed with her writing. It is a short ebook and a quick read. I hope you all like it.

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