Share Your List of Buried Treasure Reads

I love buried treasure reads. You know—-those gems that you don’t hear a lot about but are very good? Some authors just don’t get the recognition that they deserve and they write great stories! It’s often frustrating as a reader not to find them as easily as I would many other blockbuster authors.

Share your list of buried treasure authors/reads that you’ve enjoyed. Dig through your data sheets and share some of these author’s names! Criteria: We’re talking authors and books that go below the radar. Not even a blip on the map. We’re not talking only mid-list but off list authors of any genre. Meanwhile here are a few of mine. Some of these authors still write but anyway, some of these titles don’t get mentioned much as well as the author. If you read any of these books, share your feedback.

  • One on One by Tabitha King
  • Remember The Time by Annette Reynolds
  • Night Into Day by Sandra Canfield
  • Ondine by Shannon Drake
  • A Taste of Heaven by Alexis Harrington
  • The Love’s of Ruby Dee by Curtiss Anne Matlock
  • Love In a Small Town by Curtiss Anne Matlock
  • Stranger By Her Side by Susan Sizemore
  • A Charmed Place by Antoinette Stockenberg
  • Beyond Midnight by Antoinette Stockenberg
  • Hand in Glove by Anne Stuart
  • Keepsake by Antoinette Stockenberg
  • The Older Woman by Cheryl Reavis



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18 Responses to Share Your List of Buried Treasure Reads

  1. Maili says:

    Hm, I have heard of all those authors. Sandra Canfield is a goddess. I mean, honestly, her books are out of this world. I was devastated when I heard that she’s passed away a couple of years ago. A major loss.

    It’s a fun topic, though. I’ll have a look through my old book journals and see if I don’t find any. 🙂

  2. Bev (BB) says:

    You know, I hate questions like this. Not because it’s not a good question but because it’s too good to pass up but I can never figure out what to answer.

    Off to stare at my shelves. ;p

  3. Keishon says:

    I specialize in buried treasures – those books that are just so good. I would other authors like Kathleen Gilles Seidel but thanks to Rachel-AAR for doing reviews on her books and also there was Laura Leone but she got some exposure recently as well.

  4. sybil says:

    A Taste of Heaven by Alexis Harrington is great. I emailed with her recently, shall blog about it soon.

    As well as another author I see as a BT. Must run put for a bit but shall try to update when I get back.

  5. AAR Rachel says:

    I still think of Seidel as a buried treasure author because, outside of the online romance community, no one I’ve recommended her to in my real life has ever heard of her.

    She one of the only authors whose books I will buy even though I already have all of them. I can’t stop myself. I always think, “Well, here’s a copy I can give away and introduce someone to the wonders of Seidel.”

    I’ve read The Older Woman by Reavis and enjoyed it, but my favorite one by her is The Prisoner. It’s pretty far back in her backlist but really good.

    I’d also recommend these:

    Sorry, Wrong Number by Patricia Ellis
    High Stakes by Dana Warren Smith
    A Debt of Honour by Diana Brown
    Whose Baby? by Janice Kay Johnson
    Regency Sting by Elizabeth Mansfield

  6. Maili says:

    Diana Brown! Oh, God, yes. I second that rec.

    I’m trying not to panic, but I can’t find my old book journals. If these are truly lost, it’s the end of an era for me. Oh, well, it gives me another excuse to move furniture around. 😀

  7. Willa says:

    Sandra Canfield gets my vote. Love, love love her stuff especially Voices On The Wind and One Lavender Evening that she wrote as Karen Keast. With Maili, I too was very sad to hear of her passing.

    The Portrait by Megan chance was also a keeper.

  8. Keishon says:

    The Portrait by Megan Chance, I think I read that one. Isn’t that where the hero is bipolar? GREAT book.

    Add me to the list of saddned fan of Sandra Canfield. Night Into Day was just an awesome read. I have several Karen Keast books in my pile including the titles you mentioned, Willa, thanks.

    Thanks Rachel for your list, I appreciate.

    Maili, I hope you find those journals. Would love a peek.

  9. LFL says:

    My prolem with the portrait is that I knew Jonas would only get worse, since medication for bipolar disorder did not exist when the story took place. But I love some of Chance’s other books.

    Here are some of my buried treasures:

    Rule Breaker by Barabara Boswell
    The Wild Hunt by Elizabeth Chadwick
    A Candle in the Dark by Megan Chance
    The Way Home by Megan Chance
    Merely Married by Patricia Coughlin
    Madensky Square by Eva Ibbotson
    A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson
    One on One by Tabitha King
    The Dominant Blonde by Alisa Kwitney
    The Duke’s Wager by Edith Layton
    A Man to Slay Dragons by Meagan McKinney
    Heaven’s Fire by Patricia Ryan
    Silken Threads by Patricia Ryan
    Again by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    Mirrors and Mistakes by Kathleen Gilles Seidel

  10. Keishon says:

    I have Madensky Square by Ibbotson. Ibboston is interesting. I read the Morning Gift and while it was good, it was not great. I have a few more Megan Chance’s books in the pile. I agree with the titles you mentioned by Patricia Ryan. Her historicals are very good. I think I may already have most of these titles….off to search.

  11. LFL says:

    The Morning Gift is my least favorite of the four Ibbotson books I’ve read. I think Madensky Square and A Countess Below Stairs are much better. A Company of Swans is better too, but not as good as the other two.

    My problem with The Morning Gift was that it didn’t feel dark enough for a book dealing with escaping the Holocaust. I also wasn’t that keen on the heroine. It was actually a big disappointment for me, even though it’s not a bad book, because I had loved Ibbotson’s other books so much. I have a couple of other Ibbotsons TBR but I’m saving them for a rainy day, and I hope I like them better than The Morning Gift.

    Re. Megan Chance, I forgot to mention Susannah Morrow. That one is also very good. And I liked Chance’s Fall from Grace also.

    In addition to the Ryan books I mentioned, I also liked Secret Thunder and Wild Wind, but not quite as much.

    I also forgot to mention Susan Wiggs’ Lord of the Night. It’s older but quite good.

  12. AAR Rachel says:

    Oh, goodness, I loathed Fall from Grace. Once upon a time I made a message board post on this book that I wished I had saved because now I can’t remember specifics, only emotions. Basically, I recall both the hero and heroine as being morally bankrupt, completely self-involved, homicidal yet unapologetic, and completely unworthy of their HEA, such as it was.

    I also had problems with the HEA in The Portrait. While I think mentally ill people are just as worthy of happiness as anyone else, I could see years of caretaking in the heroine’s future. Jonas was pretty d*mn disfunctional part of them time and I wondered how she would navigate the roller coaster of his bipolar disorder given that there was no way, except alcohol, to medicate it.

    I like Chance’s prose, but think her books are flat out bleak sometimes. Well, okay, all of the time.

  13. Keishon says:

    For some odd reason, I don’t mind bleak stories 🙂 Go figure. But I can’t…seem to recall the ending of this book. Hmm.

  14. LFL says:

    I felt a lot of sympathy for the hero and heroine of Fall from Grace because IIRC they were more or less forced into a life of crime in childhood (the heroine after the murder of her parents) and never knew anything else.

    Rachel, have you read Chance’s The Way Home? IMO it’s the least bleak of the Chance books I’ve read (and I’ve read all of them except A Season in Eden and An Inconvenient Wife).

  15. AAR Rachel says:

    Rachel, have you read Chance’s The Way Home? IMO it’s the least bleak of the Chance books I’ve read (and I’ve read all of them except A Season in Eden and An Inconvenient Wife).

    I don’t think so. I stopped reading her because after about three of hers, the bleach was looking tasty – if you know what I mean. I read romance for the lift.

    After I posted about FFG, I remembered the scene that pushed it over the precipice for me – the scene where she robs the train and kills the guard after he tells her he’s got a wife and family at home. And she just shoots him anyway. And I thought, he’s dead, his wife’s a widow, his children have no father, there’s no one to feed this family. And she’s alive and moving on. That is NOT justice. He’s dead. His children are fatherless. She’s free to go her merry way. She doesn’t turn herself in. She doesn’t try to make any sort of restitution to her victims. She’s just…movin’ on.

    It still really bothers me to think about it. I might expect that of literary fiction. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d be armed for it. That’s not what I expect from a romance.

  16. AAR Rachel says:

    Well, okay, I lied. I just checked my database, and it appears I did read The Way Home. In June of ’03. I gave it a C+. I also read The Portrait and Fall from Grace

  17. AAR Rachel says:

    Huh, that cut me off. I wanted to say that I gave Portrait the highest grade (a B), but felt troubled for the couple in that I saw a lot of sorrow for them in the future. So while I liked the book, I don’t think I would read it again. It wasn’t a keeper for me.

  18. LFL says:

    I don’t remember that partuclar scene from Fall from Grace, but it’s a sign of how good an author Megan Chance is that she was able to make me care for her characters even when they were doing horrible things.

    I should also add that I don’t judge characters in fiction the same way I would people in real life. There are many fictional characters I like that I would have nothing to do with if I met them.

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